Breastfeeding brand, Medela, continues to support all new mums thanks to the extensive range of breastfeeding essentials.

Best known for its award-winning breast pumps (including manual, electric and even hospital grade), the brand also offers all the key products any new mum will need to embark on her breastfeeding journey – from nursing pads, Purelan Lanolin cream, microwave sterilising bags and even maternity wear, Medela has new mums sorted.

Supporting from day one, no hospital bag is complete without the iconic Purelan Lanolin cream. Recently redeveloped, the latest formulation locks in 60% more liquid than the leading competitor, aiding the skin to absorb 210% water, creating the ideal condition for natural healing. Perfect for dry and cracked nipples, skin and lips, Purelan is 100% natural and is safe for both mum and baby. Medela’s Disposable Nursing Pads are also a must have in any hospital/changing bag.

For mums choosing to express, Medela’s Pump and Save bags will come in handy when storing milk, whilst the Quick Clean Microwave Bags make sterilising pumping equipment simple and straight forward.

Keeping things simple, Medela has pulled together its key accessories into a handy Breastfeeding Starter Kit, ideal for getting prepped for the new arrival, but all items are also sold separately on Mums can also find further essentials, including Contact Nipple Shields to support with latching, Hydrogel Pads for sore nipples alongside so much more.

Alongside Medela’s breastcare essentials, the brand supports expectant and new mums sensitive and developing bodies, with its collection of maternity wear that will give mum confidence as she approaches birth and beyond. The newest bra to join the collection, The Ultimate BodyFit, adds a touch of seamless luxury to any maternity wardrobe. Comfy and supportive, the Ultimate BodyFit stretches and grows with mum, whilst the easy to use drop down cups keep things simple when the breastfeeding journey begins.

Additionally, the brand’s Easy Expression Bustier is an innovation any pumping mum won’t be able to live without. Keeping hands free, the bustier comfortably holds any Medela pump in place, enabling double pumping with ease – ideal for those using a Symphony Hospital Grade Pump from day one.

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price commented: “At Medela, we know that every woman’s breastfeeding experience is completely unique, and so we are proud to be able to offer an abundance of accessories to support the early steps – including all the essentials for any new parent’s hospital bag. Alongside our award-winning breast pumps and expert advice on our website, we hope that any new mum can feel supported by Medela before, during and after any breastfeeding journey.”

About Medela

Medela have been supporting breastfeeding mothers for over 50 years, and thanks to their extensive research into the science of breastfeeding their breast pumps are trusted and loved by parents, celebrities and healthcare professionals across the globe. Their breast pumps have won countless awards, including a Which? Best Buy, and are found in 75% of UK hospitals.
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