We had a chat this week with Lia Murrain of Buggysnuggle™ to find out why she acquired the award-winning brand in 2018 and how she’s stayed true to its founding principles…

What prompted you to set up Buggysnuggle™ in the first place?

Buggysnuggle™ is a British brand that was originally founded in 1998 by two mums. The first of its kind, Buggysnuggle™ started from an idea at a baby show to a dining room business, to a small factory in Salisbury, England where it grew quickly to supply retailers such as John Lewis, Mothercare and Babies R Us.

Having been in the nursery goods industry for over 17 years myself, I had long been a fan of the multi-award-winning brand. On a professional level I admired the brand and products, the ethos, the consumer following and love and the impressive retail channels they had succeeded in. As a mum, I always smiled when I was stopped in the street (globally!) to be asked what that snuggly footmuff my daughter was in was called.

In 2018, as the company celebrated its 20th birthday, and I reached out to the original owner knowing that I wanted to take Buggysnuggle™ to its next phase. A few weeks later I acquired Buggysnuggle™.

What sets Buggysnuggle™ apart from its competitors?

Our brand is very well loved and trusted. We produce goods with top quality fabrics, finishings and zips for long-term reliability and great customer satisfaction. We often receive messages from consumers expressing their eagerness in purchasing the new collection and their love for our brand. Many of our fans have been using our products for over 22 years, first with their children and now with their grandchildren, which is a testament and achievement in itself.

Today’s parents are more discerning than ever – how do you keep your brand in line with current trends?

We design all our products and fabrics exclusively in-house and we always take into consideration our customer’s feedback, likes, wants and market trends. We grow from the love of our customers.

How do you stay true to your original founding principles AND embrace growth?

Our philosophy remains the same, even after 22+ years, to produce ‘snuggly stuff; original products made from soft, cuddly fabrics that will be loved by parents and baby’. Keeping our core values in every product we design, yet evolving with the ever-changing market enables us to have strong foundations for growth.

Why should a retailer stock Buggysnuggle™?

We are a trusted brand with a loyal consumer fan base and have a highly engaging social media following.  We love our retailers and work closely with them in all aspects from product development ideas, ongoing marketing, social media promotion and most of all consumer satisfaction. Our stockists can enjoy high customer satisfaction and low returns as a result of our design expertise, product quality and performance.

Our products are stocked in the UK and we provide next day delivery with small MOQs… oh and we’re easy going and fun to work with!

Can you share any specific plans or developments for Buggysnuggle™ for the year ahead?

My team and I have been working hard at the re-launch of our brand since the acquisition. We have set up a new factory and warehousing as well as a powerhouse team comprising of designers, international sales managers and distributors. Furthermore, we gave the brand a complete makeover to include new logos, packaging, our brand’s voice, a new website, social media presence and so much more; complete with a new collection of bespoke designs and prints. We re-launched last month and have been positively overwhelmed by the response.

Our goal for this year is to further secure global distribution in territories where we don’t currently have a presence; through international distribution partners and to widen our network of retailers.

Retailers can email to find out more at info@buggysnuggle.com
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