Thule gave retailers and press a first look at both the brand-new Thule Shine compact pushchair and the updated Thule Sapling carrier at Harrogate. We caught up with Emma Peak, UK Sales and Marketing Manager of Active with Kids, to tell us more about the brand’s heritage, how it supports retailers – and what Thule has learned from the challenges of the pandemic.

Thule is a long-established brand, synonymous with car products. Tell us a bit more about it – and how it diversified into the baby and child market.

“The Thule brand was established in 1942. Our strapline is ‘Bring Your Life’, and today we are known as the go-to global brand for premium products which allow consumers to bring what they love with them, wherever they are, whatever they might be doing, safely, easily and in style. Today, we boast an impressive portfolio of products for all lifestyles.  From roof racks to bike, water and winter sport carriers, roof boxes, computer and camera bags, sports bags, suitcases and backpacks, Thule provide products for consumers to take what they need with them. In 2011, we launched the Active with Kids range, which includes child-related products such as baby joggers, child bike seats and bike trailers. Our products are now sold in more than 140 countries worldwide, making Thule is the largest brand in Thule Group.”

Are Thule baby & child products best suited only to active/outdoorsy families?

“Everyone is active in their own way, and we create products for all types of adventures. We like to think of it more as having an active lifestyle together. Whether a consumer lives in the city, or they enjoy the great outdoors of the countryside, Thule products give them the ability to savour every day adventures and travelling with family and friends. The Active with Kids range lets parents and kids share their passions, whether that’s simply walking to nursery, shopping around town or a walk in the woods with the dog. Whatever the season and wherever you want to go we have a product to suit all consumer needs.”

With the retail industry back up and running – what has Thule learned / how has Thule adapted after the challenges of the past 18 months?

“To order lots and lots of stock early! We literally sold out of most products during the lockdown months as we saw more and more people enjoying the great outdoors.  In all seriousness though, it has become very important to Thule as a brand to support every retailer’s individual needs, from bespoke displays to social media campaigns. No request is too big. We are as passionate about this sector as our retailers.”

How do you support retailers who wish to stock Sapling/Shine?

“As a dedicated Sales and Marketing Manager for Thule UK, I endeavour to support every retailer’s individual needs. From bespoke displays to social media campaigns, no request is too big. We are as passionate about this sector as our retailers.

Thule also has a UK based warehouse with EXCELLENT stock holding across the whole Active with Kids range. So, retailers can sell the Thule range with confidence.”

When it comes to strollers, carriers and and travel systems, today’s parents are more discerning than ever – how does Thule stay in line with current fashions, trends, and safety measures?

“At Thule, design and functionality are king. Our products don’t just look stylish, they need to be multi-functional to suit the needs of the modern parent. However, you will notice that we have added more and more colour to our range. This is all selected to be in-line with current trends and fashions, giving consumers a lot more options in our already slick product line.

As a brand, we pride ourselves in the fact we test our products above and beyond the stated industry standard. We have our very own  Thule Test Center™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden.  Here, products go through extreme testing. That means exposure to everything, from desert heat to arctic cold, water resistance, drop tests, and wind tunnels to tensile, shock, and crash tests. The Thule Test Program™ includes over 25 Thule Test Standards that far exceed the current ISO standard. As part of our product testing, our products are used by Thule Crew, who can test them to the extreme in real life. Every single day.”

What plans does Thule have for the year ahead?

“I can’t say too much but what I will say is this this is only the beginning of a very exciting journey for Thule…”

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