Kezi Levin, Founder of Sock Ons tells Nursery Online how the idea for her innovative product originated – and what retailers can expect from stocking the “clever little things that keep baby socks on”….

“We were at a family wedding one winter, I was struggling to keep my youngest son’s socks on – and I was worried that he would get frozen toes. In fact I was getting so desperate that I nearly made him wear a pair of tights but my elder sons wouldn’t let me embarrass them! The idea behind Sock Ons came to me as I was trying to fall asleep one night; coming from a background in design and knowing there is a creative solution to every problem in life, I got up, cut up my own tights, made a prototype and it worked. That was the easy part. It then took years of incredibly hard work to file IP rights, design, manufacture and create a market for a product that was so needed but which had never existed before.”

Why should a retailer stock Sock Ons?

“Sock Ons are an ingenious invention that solves the problem of lost socks and cold toes. They are worn over socks and they gently lock them in place and are a simple solution to such an annoying problem that actually works. They make perfect baby shower gifts, look fabulous and have a low RRP making them great impulse buys. Sock Ons have become an essential baby item and we have a number of customers who buy a whole stack at a time to give away to all their new mum friends.”

How do you support retailers wishing to stock Sock Ons?

“We have a dedicated PR team working on the account, celebrity and influencer endorsements and advertising. We also have in-store counter top displays available for all our products so that they can be picked up at the till.”

What do you enjoy about being in the baby business?

“I love the fact that it is an ever-evolving industry and there are so many creative minds out there working hard to make parenting a little easier.”

What 3 words would you use to describe Sock Ons?

“Ingenious, funky, practical.”

What role does social media play in the success of your business?

“The power of social media never ceases to amaze! New mums are a very captive audience with many hours spent finding different mum hacks online. Given that it is a fast-moving audience, we need to keep finding new products to grow with them as they develop through different stages and we hope we can keep finding innovative solutions to annoying little problems.”

Can you share any specific plans or developments for Sock Ons for the year ahead?

“We have some very exciting new developments that will be revealed in the new year. Our company is taking over distribution of some brilliant new products so stay tuned!”

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