We touch base with Silver Cross to find out more about what they stand for, thoughts on the market, and what they have planned for the next few months.


Tell us a bit about you and your company

For more than 140 years we have been dedicated to providing the very best start in life for babies. Our knowledge comes from years spent listening to, understand and working with families to create award-winning, innovative products that make family life that little bit easier. We know families come in all shapes, sizes and dynamics. That’s why our products do too, so parents can choose the best travel system, stroller or car seat for their lifestyle. Today, our beautifully crafted British designs are trusted by millions of parents and loved by families worldwide.

What are the foundations on which your company has been built and how does this translate into everyday business?

We have three very simple values that are reflected in everything we do at Silver Cross. Crafted, Trusted, Loved. These are the foundation of the brand and we use them to measure our products, or service and ourselves every day.

What has been a standout moment for your company over the past 6 months?

One of the biggest moments of the past 6 months and in-fact in the history of Silver Cross was being awarded the best score ever achieved by an infant carrier in ADAC’s 2020 testing. Our Dream car seat launched last autumn as part of our Car Safety Made Simple collection. This was our first car seat collection with solutions from newborn to 12 years old. To have had a Silver Cross car seat recognised as one of the safest baby products in the market is a huge achievement.

What do you love about being in the baby market?

The best thing is knowing that what we do brings so much joy and excitement to expectant parents and families. When you see a parent with a Silver Cross product, you know that they have trusted you with the most precious thing in the world. That is a powerful feeling.

How has your company dealt with the “new normal” and how are you turning it into positive opportunities?

The “new normal” for Silver Cross has meant strengthening our communication with retailers and consumers. It has meant reacting quicker, ceasing every opportunity and working closely with our retailers to ensure we continue to fulfil the needs for parents and families. It is exciting to see how what we have learned will strengthen us in the future.


Can you tell us about any exciting products that are in the pipeline?

Through the UK lockdown we have launched six new products, all of which have seen a great reaction. The response to our Eclipse collection has been incredible and there is still more to come in this range. We also have new launches on some of our most loved products later this year and there is something very exciting coming very soon.

The “New Normal” has meant that potential customers have had to tune in online. What have you done to encourage digital traffic?

We have seen a huge increase in traffic as expectant parents turn online to research products and seek advice. We have also seen a big increase in engagement across our social media channels, where our mission was to keep followers informed and entertained during lockdown. At every opportunity we have driven traffic to our retailers’ websites as we know shopping locally is important to a lot of our customers. We have tagged retailers into our social media posts, called them out of live demos and sent weekly emails to encourage our customers to find their nearest store.

What has the response been from customers and retailers?

The feedback we have received from customers and retailers during the lockdown has been overwhelming. To know that we have continued to offer great service, launch new products and fulfil the needs of parents amidst a crisis is something we can all be very proud of.

What advice would you give independent retailers/brands to get them through this difficult time?

React, adapt and do it quickly. Cease every opportunity and don’t be afraid to try something you may never have done before. We’re in a very robust industry and the needs of expectant parents and families haven’t changed, we just have to find new ways to fulfil them.