We were very honoured to recently visit Inglesina in their beautiful showroom in Vicenza, Italy, where we were treated to a factory and showroom tour. We spent time with all the team and Luca Tomasi, Inglesina’s owner, who talked to us about the launch of their new lightweight travel system, the Electa, and the Baby Wellness brand philosophy.

What was the inspiration behind the launch of the new Electa?

What we’ve seen in the market, is that, typically, reduced weights and dimensions of strollers imply a sacrifice of the comfort of babies.  So, the big challenge with the new Electa was to create an extremely light and compact stroller without compromising on the comfort of the baby – not even by one millimetre!

Our vision is that parents needs or habits should always be compatible with the needs of their newborn.  For parents that like to stroll in town and do not have particular concerns over space, we offer APTICA, a product we’d define as a crossover, the ideal product for versatile use.

Its all-terrain sister, the Aptica XT, was designed for parents who enjoy the great outdoors, who need a high-performing product that will take them beyond their immediate neighbourhood and enjoy an ‘all terrain’ experience of being with their baby.

While serving different functional and aesthetic needs they both offer the same state-of-the-art level of comfort, thanks (amongst other) to their generously sized carrycot equipped with a special mattress – the Welcome Pad-, the roomy seats and the full covering hoods. 

So it couldn’t be different for Electa. While brilliantly satisfying the specific functional needs of urban, always-on-the go parents, thanks to its compactness and lightness, it provides the same level of baby comfort as the Aptica and Aptica XT, with the same carrycot and seat, but with a lighter , more compact frame and wheels!

For us, no matter if the stroller is used in the city or in the countryside, it must always provide the same level of baby wellness.”

Tell us a bit more about Baby Wellness

“Inglesina is known for providing mobility solutions for babies and children – quite often we’re responsible for that first trip back home from the hospital to start a new life as a family! We’re here to support the whole family but it’s these tiny ‘passengers’ who are the inspiration behind our initiative – Baby Wellness – providing the best solutions for babies.

While ‘baby wellness’ is a broad term and is different for all babies, there are many common traits and, with the help of doctors, paediatricians, scientists and other medical professionals, we can understand more about the physical and cognitive needs of newborns, which are transformational and ever-changing, especially across those first few weeks and months.

Not only do we provide functional products for newborn babies, we want to make them aesthetically pleasing too – after all, parents have to like the way a product looks, in order to buy it. We’ve started out with our special baby mattress, the Welcome Pad ®, designed in conjunction with neonatal doctors here in Italy – and we will be launching further innovative solutions soon. “

What are your hopes for the UK market?

“We want our expansion to be not only quantitative, but qualitative too.  We’d love to find partners who share our values and spread the baby wellness philosophy.  In-store retailing in our industry is not just about explaining how to fold a stroller or install a car seat.  It’s about teaching new parents that even the choice and correct use of a nursery products contribute to the harmonic development of their child. Together, we witness their greatest life adventure, and the help we give as an industry gives customers the added value they just can’t experience online.”

Why should UK retailers stock Inglesina?

“It’s fun to work with us – and it’s a pleasant experience as we support our retailers in every way.  After-sales service, for instance, is priority for us. We know how important it is to quickly support a customer when a replacement part or repair is needed, and we are very well equipped to deal with that. On top of that, thanks to our dedicated attention to the quality of the products and the production processes, our defectiveness rate is next to zero. That is a pretty nice prospect from a retailer’s point of view. Our products are made here in Italy and we physically control the whole manufacturing process. We don’t have our products made, we make them!  

We are in a fortunate position to carefully select our sales channels.  We don’t sell to the mass market, and as such, we commit to protect our retailers from any price wars.  We guarantee great margins for our retailers.

We realise we are relatively new to the UK market, and that our brand is not top-of-mind just yet, but with the support and professional enthusiasm of our retailers, I am sure we can reach our ambitious goals.”

What three words would you use to describe Inglesina?

“Caring. Passionate. Elegant.”

Are your products adapted for the UK market?

“What’s inside our strollers is universal – the same colours, patterns and fabrics, seat size and level of comfort – all babies have the same needs after all – but on the outside, it will differ. We understand that not one product suits every market and so we adapt certain features for local markets. For instance, we recognise that some of the fabric types and colours that suit the UK don’t work as well in Spain or Italy as they’re too stiff or dark – and vice versa.  Although tastes are becoming more and more globalised, there are still differences.”

What’s in store for Inglesina?

“We’ve got a great team here at Inglesina and there’s a real sense of progression with constant innovation and lots going on in the pipeline. More on that soon!”

Further information

For more information on becoming an Inglesina stockist, contact service@inglesina.com

Website:  www.inglesina.uk

Instagram: @inglesinauk

Facebook:  inglesinauk

Luca Tomasi, Owner of Inglesina, pictured with Michela Raoss, Inglesina Brand Marketing & Communications Manager

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