How was the brand created?

Nearly 10 years ago, Tula was started by new parents and avid travellers who were on a quest to find a baby carrier best suited for their adventurous lifestyle. It needed to not only be ergonomic and comfortable, but more reflective of their personal style. Feeling confident and supported made it easier to continue exploring the world. Baby Tula has blossomed into a global company working towards connecting and empowering families of all kinds throughout their unique parenting journeys.

Baby Tula has blossomed into a global company working towards empowering families of all kinds on their individual parenting journeys and since 2016 as a new member of the Ergobaby family. Today, we continue create many opportunities for families to bond with their babies. But what has grown since our beginnings is a vibrant community of parents and families, who share the same enthusiasm for Baby Tula and are able to connect with each other. It has catapulted us to a global brand and drives us to continue to create and innovate new ways to bond and explore the world.

As Ergobaby’s stylish little sister, what differentiates Tula from Ergobaby and other Baby Carrier Brands? 

Many of our users fall in love with Tula because they have spotted a unique print they love and reflects their personal style. As a baby carrier brand, we are in the lucky position to be able to offer new styles a few times a month so there is always something for everyone. This also means that as a retailer you have the choice to list an assortment that exactly meets the needs of your audience!

We are proud to say that our carriers are not only of ergonomic but also very intuitive and easy to use. They are comfortable for both wearer and baby and made from soft cotton fabric. Tula carriers are often described as a game changer by our customers that have tried other carriers before which we can often read in our reviews. This not only makes us happy and proud but also reassures us in what we do. We offer a wide range of different carrier types for extended babywearing and toddlers that still need and enjoy the cuddles. 

Apart from the product related differences, Tula has the one of the largest and very supportive online babywearing communities of all baby carrier brands, the Tula Love groups. Users can reach out with any question to the Tula communities and get first hand advice from experienced Tula users.


Why would you list and why would someone choose a Tula carrier?


The Tula customer is different from an Ergobaby customer. By listing Tula you are extending your selection to appeal to an additional target group. The “typical” Ergobaby Customer goes more for the functional aspect and features of the carrier, laid back colour options and the mesh versions speaks a lot to the dads. Tula customers are most likely to be mums that really want to express their style when babywearing. A carrier doesn’t just have to be functional; we offer a large variety of prints to choose from to help you find carriers and accessories that reflect your unique and diverse style. Whether its rainbows and unicorns or classic neutral stripes, we embrace and celebrate whatever brings you confidence and joy.

How do retailers benefit from Tula being part of the Ergobaby company?

By being a part of Ergobaby with our years of experience and success in the babywearing market, Tula benefits from the same focus on innovation and product updates as well as high quality standards.

Not only do we share the same experienced customer service team and Account Managers with Ergobaby but we also share many processes which makes ordering easier for you


What is your most popular product and why?

Definitely our Explore carrier! Explore is the only Tula carrier that offers the possibility of world-facing when baby is about 5-6 months old and has full head and neck control. This carrier is especially loved by parents because baby can start exploring the world with their parents, as they get naturally curious at this age. The support pillow is there to support baby’s head and neck, and folds up easily to a higher panel when baby grows. This carrier can be used from birth to toddlerhood and also comes in a mesh version called ‘Coast.’

The Tula product family is expanding. What awaits us in the coming years?

At Tula, we are always working on something new, and can’t wait to introduce more exciting prints and stylish carriers as they come off production.  Our next product release will be our Preschool carrier option, designed to hold our growing children and launching in late Summer 2020.  We are already working on more innovations, but it wouldn’t be fun without a little surprise!

Is there anything special you can offer your retailers?

Customers have the unique opportunity to create their own Tula Exclusive Print with us. It is a great chance to stand out from the crowd and develop a design that you and your specific customers will love! Your account manager will gladly discuss with you what conditions should be met to launch your own customer exclusive Tula.

What are the main values you would like to share with your users through your brand? 

Tula is designed for all kinds of families looking for baby gear that fosters self-expression, inclusivity and community. With our wide variety of prints, there is a carrier for everyone to express their individual parenting journey. We celebrate diverse families and communities that bond parents around the world over their desire to be seen and heard.  

As we strive to provide items that give families confidence and support, we are honoured to be by their side…even if just for a moment.  We love hearing their stories and we are excited to be alongside them from chapter to chapter, and empower them in their individual parenting journey.

For more information, please contact:

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