Bumble Beez, manufacturer of the Twin Bath, has appointed bébélephant as their UK distributor. The Twin Bath is the brainchild of Laura McGlade and we caught up with her this week to find out what prompted her to set up Bumble Beez in the first place – and which other baby/nursery product she wishes she’d invented!

“I am a 29-year-old mother of 3: my eldest is 6 and my twins, 4½. I developed and created the brand ‘Bumble Beez’ after discovering that the product I so desperately needed was unavailable and not yet invented. At the time, my children were 18 months and my twins were just 2 months old. I was on maternity leave from a paediatric nursing degree, so my hands were (and still are!) extremely full and so I wanted to create a brand for parents who have multiples or more than one. Parenting twins is a challenging task but without the right equipment, it becomes an even harder task. I feel that the product I’ve worked to create will benefit these parents’ lives in so many aspects.”

What parenting issues does Bumble Beez hope to tackle?

“Two babies, one pair of hands! Bath time plays a huge role in establishing routines and prepping for bedtime in particular. Without an extra pair of hands, bathing twins is an extremely difficult task. The Twin Bath is designed to promote independence, safety and routine for both parents and babies alike. If I’d had such a product when my babies were newborns, I think my experience of bathing twins would have been 100% more efficient, less stressful and overall, a more enjoyable task!”

The Bumble Beez twin bath claims to be the first of its kind in the world: how have parents of twins managed before?

“Prior to the launch of the ‘Twin bath’ the majority of twin parents have either had an extra pair of hands at bath time, bathed one after the other or used single baby bath aides if their bath is big enough to fit 2 in. Mine unfortunately wasn’t.”

What 3 words would you use to describe Bumble Beez?

“Innovative, Practical , Efficient.”

Bumble Beez goes beyond the twin bath – tell us about your other products

“Other products include a variety of dynamic, silicone stacking toys. Suitable for wet or dry play, they can even be frozen to aid with teething and to enhance and develop fine motor skills. The products are all in gender neutral colours so parents needn’t purchase twice. There are other items, such as the buzz bath towel, which compliments the ‘Twin Bath’ and is suitable for 0-2 years,the Bumble Jumble Bag which is ideal for storing all bath time items and toys, whilst not taking up too much space! The washable and durable mesh fabric prevents mould and mildew by increasing air flow. Complete with a zip fastening to keep toys contained, tidy and off the floor!”

Why should a retailer stock Bumble Beez products?

“The ‘Twin Bath’ is the first in the world and will appeal to all stockists wishing to welcome and support parents of multiples.”

Which (other) baby/nursery product do you wish you’d invented – and why?

“The Tommee Tippee prep machine! This product was one of my favourites when I had the twins. It saves so much time and is quick and easy to use.”

Can you share any specific plans or developments for Bumble Beez for the year ahead?

“I would like to go back into manufacturing to produce another variant of the bath, accommodating single babies as the front facing design is exclusive to the Twin Bath. I would also like to further develop ‘The Butterfly Cot’ a design I created 2 years ago but was put aside whilst finalising the bath. We have just appointed a Distributor (bébélephant) so that will give me more time to focus on these plans.”

Commenting on their appointment, Elliot Bishop, Managing Director of bébélephant noted: 

“This is a great hack for parents and one its hard to believe didn’t exist before now! One cannot be blown away by the work ethic and drive of the creator, Laura, who would make a great case study, were one needed – on how to launch a product. The Twin Bath has been met warmly by the trade and launches with Toys R Us when they re-open shortly.”

The Twin Bath featured on BBC’s Look North on Thursday 23rd June 2022


Contact details for retailers to find out more:

Elliot Bishop | Managing Director | bébélephant | elliot@bebelephant.com | 020 8202 1467

Laura McGlade | Director | Bumble Beez | info@bumble-beez.com | 07490 238302

Website: www.bumble-beez.com
Email address: info@bumble-beez.com

Facebook & Instagram: @Bumblebeezuk

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