Bradley Appel, Joint CEO of iCandy talks exclusively to Nursery Online about iCandy’s Peach 7th generation stroller which recently launched at the BabyShow ExCel. We started by asking him what sets it apart from its predecessors – and from its competitors:

“Just one push of any iCandy product immediately demonstrates like a volt of electricity the uniqueness of 89 years of British Family manufacturing and innovation experience. The Peach as iCandy’s signature product, yet again refined and relaunched once again, this time in its 7th generation, is the embodiment of the iCandy brand.”

Who is the ‘Peach 7’ designed for?

“Any parents that will settle for nothing less than the absolute best in terms of British innovation, nine decades of experience, optimum future proofing, performance, and quality, all backed up by a unique iCandy 5 year guarantee.”

How can retailers become stockists of iCandy and how do you support or train independent retailers who want to stock your products?

“Go to our website application form and a whole amazing and universally acclaimed team of experienced Account Managers, Customer Support and Services will assist in every step of the iCandy journey.  Post Covid we will have relaunched by the time this interview goes to print our extremely popular iCandy University Days here in Bedfordshire and supplement these with the most regular personalised visits in the industry to retailers, particularly when days out of the business can be time challenging.”

When it comes to prams, strollers and travel systems, today’s parents are more discerning than ever – how does iCandy stay in line with current fashions and trends?

“With iCandy’s unique in-house British Design Team we have proven our credentials over and over again, for each and every iCandy product launch as the fashion and trend leaders within our industry. Visits, attendance and consultations with a myriad of trend shows and bibles maintain iCandy’s fabulous award-winning creativity.”

What three words would you use to describe iCandy?

“Innovation, Futureproof, Fashion.”

For first time parents, choosing the right stroller is a huge (and often expensive) decision. How would you convince them to choose iCandy?

“I would quote the old adage, buy cheap, buy twice. Invest in the time to make a visit to your local iCandy stockist and just one touch alone will reveal the iCandy difference and how this one purchase is such a unique investment that will never be regretted.  You will understand precisely how we are able to offer iCandy’s unique 5 year guarantee.”

iCandy has products to suit a wide range of (mainly premium) budgets. What are the key differences from £££ to £?

“Essentially from a pushchair for 1 single child through to a pushchair for use with multiple children.”

Can you share any specific plans or developments for the year ahead?

“An exciting, innovative, ground up world first pushchair product shown to the trade at Harrogate will be launched this summer named the iCandy Core.”

iCandy Peach 7’s features include:

Bigger Vent Panel
Pip/Zip Pocket Bag
EasySlide Adjustable Harness
Soft Seat
Adjustable Calf Rest
Premium Fabrics
5 Year Guarantee

The iCandy Stockist Finder tool helps parents to locate local retailers.

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