UK baby monitor brand, Bluebell, was founded in 2016 with the sole mission of making parenting simpler, with the three founders of the bestselling brand combining their years of healthcare expertise and experiences of fatherhood to bring the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor to life. Since launching to retail in 2019, Bluebell has gone on to win several baby awards and accolades. We caught up with Romi Mathew to find out more: 

What prompted you to set up Bluebell in the first place?

“When I had my first baby, he suffered from allergies and eczema, resulting in many sleepless nights for all of us. We would be checking in on him constantly. It was then that I thought a monitor that offered full monitoring, proactively alerting you if there was a problem, would really help parents on their journey with a new baby – reducing anxiety and providing the right kind of support to track baby’s vitals, manage their routine and care for parent’s wellbeing too. All three founders have a background working in the NHS, two of whom are doctors who designed the product. We knew we wanted to get involved in developing a product that would support people’s wellbeing. And so Bluebell was born.”

What sets Bluebell apart from its competitors?

“Bluebell takes baby monitoring to a new level. Not only does it track baby’s vitals, including breathing rate, temperature, movement & crying but also alerts parents through a unique wristband if there is any cause for concern. It’s the only monitor to include a wristband which allows parents to get on with their daily tasks without being attached to their phone. The monitor has a nursery hub for charging, which also provides two way audio, temperature monitoring, night light & lullabies, all  adjustable through the app. The app also provides tracking of your baby’s feeds, nappy changes and details around their sleep to help parents to build a good routine and unlike any other baby monitor, it also tracks parent wellbeing – sleep and steps. An all-in-one solution for baby, parent and nursery – one of a kind!”

Today’s parents are more discerning than ever, especially when it comes to new technology – how do you keep your brand in line with current trends?

“We have a dedicated team of tech experts who are continually striving to develop new software updates, product developments and improvements to ensure we are always ahead of the game. We also have a dedicated customer support team who are continually gathering feedback from customers to help inform our product development to ensure we are providing the best possible product to meet and exceed parent’s expectations.”

How would you convince first time parents, who have never considered a baby monitor, to choose Bluebell?

“Bluebell is the next generation in baby monitors, offering a holistic approach to monitoring. You can buy a monitor to monitor the basics, or you can buy a Bluebell and get an ‘all in one’ wellbeing solution for your baby, nursery and you.”

It’s been hard to engage with both retailers and customers while stores are closed – does that matter so much to a tech brand, or have you had to adapt the way you operate during the pandemic?

“It has been a difficult time for many retailers, especially those who have not had an online presence. We have continued to do well despite store closures and perhaps that is the nature of having a tech brand that appeals to those who are comfortable buying online. The key for Bluebell is to be available wherever the customer is, some will continue to buy online, whilst others will go in store to see the product for themselves and to get face-to-face advice. Our priority is making it as easy as possible for customers to see our product and to understand its many features and benefits.”

Why should a retailer stock Bluebell?

“Bluebell is the latest in baby monitor development and is leading the way in the smart monitoring category. Not only is our monitor designed by doctors but it is a UK business with dedicated UK customer support. We have won multiple awards and excellent ratings. I would hope that would convince any retailer to stock Bluebell.”

Can you share any specific plans or developments for Bluebell for the year ahead?

“The team are working on some exciting developments around both software and product extensions. It is all under wraps for the moment but we look forward to announcing these in the coming months. So watch this space!”

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