As BabyBjörn celebrates its 60th anniversary, we caught up with Jonas Pettersson, Sales Manager EMEA and Annika Sander-Lofmark, Head of Communications, to find out how this iconic Swedish brand has weathered nearly six decades in the nursery industry.

We started by asking how they would convince first time parents, who have never used a baby carrier, to choose BabyBjörn:

“The enormous positive impact babywearing can have on the bonding and attachment process for a newborn baby is crucial. BabyBjörn developed its baby carrier, together with parents, for different situations and it’s loved by many families all over the world. The benefits of being hands-free and able to walk around or to get things done is important – and from newborn to toddler, baby can be cuddled up in a comfortable and ergonomic position close to its parent.”

BabyBjörn is a long-established brand: how does the brand keep in line with today’s parents and current trends?

“We are celebrating 60 years of simplifying everyday life for families with small children. Ever since the start we have been listening to parents, studying babies and working with medical experts in order to develop products that are safe and practical. Our passion is to create everyday products that last for generations. We will always continue having close contact with families in order to be able to support future parents in the best possible way.”

Why should a retailer stock BabyBjörn baby carriers – and what support can they expect from the brand?

“First, it means that the retailer will stock the market-leader in baby carriers with a range covering all the specific needs of parents and babies and products that stand the test of time. They will be supported by a dedicated account manager, a detailed commercial plan for the full year and provided with all the assets and content they need to maximise sales online and in store.”

It’s been a challenging time for retail (and continues to be); how do you think the next year will be, for the nursery sector in particular?

“We have seen over the last 18 months that as a brand you have to be able to quickly adapt to market changes, new trends and challenges. Brands and retailers with a digital first mindset will be the ones driving the sector forward, although, as we move into a ‘new normal’, quality products that fit the need of parents will always be sought after.”

What advice would you give anyone currently setting up in the nursery industry today?

“That your products need to be safe, simple and useful for parents over time – not just a week or two. For retailers we have found that identifying your consumer base to pick the best possible range for you is essential as not every product is right for every retailer. Think online first to understand trends and opportunities.” 

What three words sum up BabyBjörn?

“Safe, caring and enjoyable.”

For more information:

“We often receive positive feedback from parents who enjoy carrying their child close to their heart in one of our carriers. Nothing makes me happier or prouder.”  Björn Jakobson, founder of BabyBjörn

About BabyBjörn AB

Since 1961 BabyBjörn, a family-owned Swedish company has developed high quality, innovative products for infants and toddlers. Best known as makers of baby carriers, BabyBjörn has 20 products in its portfolio. All BabyBjörn products are tested and certified in Sweden. The company works extensively to eliminate substances that are hazardous to health or the environment in the materials used in manufacturing BabyBjörn products. BabyBjörn is available in more than 40 countries around the world. The company’s commitment to quality, safety and style has resulted in numerous awards.

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