And the winner of the 2021 Baby Products Association Concept and Innovation Awards is….

Stuart Kingswell – Squirrel®

Stuart’s innovative instant feeding dispenser can be ‘squirrelled’ away inside most wide neck feeding bottles, allowing for quick and convenient formula feeding. Its impressive ability to prepare formula in just seconds, with no mess and no separate dispenser required, has earned the Squirrel® a great deal of praise from judges and retailers alike. 

The dispenser was born as a solution to a problem all too familiar to parents; with a hungry baby crying out, and formula to quickly prepare, feeding time can be stressful. Being able to whip up a meal to satiate their little one in a matter of seconds is a welcome solution for families everywhere.

Speed and convenience are at the heart of this innovation, and it’s clear to see why it’s earned this prestigious award.

Other finalists, which were both highly commended by the judges are:

Nicky Bateman – The Qudo Soother™

The Qudo Soother™ is a natural, easy and proven solution for parents to help their young infants struggling with persistent crying, colic, reflux, GORD, general discomfort and pain. The Qudo Soother™ delivers therapeutic relief to infants through the patented teat design.

Rachel Wood – Bibado, Dippit

The Dippit Stage 1 Weaning Spoon is intended to help babies tackle their early weaning journey in an engaging and empowering way, working in harmony with the development of their motor skills and fosters an interest in food and handling of cutlery.

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