Whilst now a staple in most babies’ wardrobes, with a pair of Bobux Soft Sole shoes bought somewhere in the world every 60 seconds, it was Kiwi brand, Bobux, that created the world’s first leather Soft Sole shoe nearly 30 years ago. 

In 1991, Bobux’s founders, Chris and Colleen Bennett, took to their garage, armed with leather and suede, and made their first pair of Soft Sole shoes for their daughter, Chloe. Revolutionary when they were first designed, a new footwear category was born, and the Bobux Soft Sole is now firmly established as a cornerstone of healthy foot development.

Babies’ feet are so pliable that even tight-fitting socks can stifle their development – let alone restrictive shoes. Bobux Soft Sole shoes are made from artisanal leather that moves like a second skin on baby’s delicate feet. With that natural flexibility, babies’ feet are free to bend and move like they would barefoot, and their legs are free to kick without any added weight on their feet. 

To put it simply, wearing a Bobux Soft Sole provides the freedom required for a little foot to do all the things it should through this stage of development, while providing protection from the environment.

The new collection includes:

Wild Things – The Wild Things mini collection showcases the spots, stripes and shapes of the wildest characters in the Bobux universe.   Available in ‘Giraffe Print’ (fall leaf and milk), ‘Leopard Print’ (gold and caramel) and ‘Zebra Print’ (white). 

Paw Pals – The loveable characters in the Paw Pals mini collection are smiley and simple for a subtle touch of cuteness. The classic Soft Sole base ensures a soft, comfortable and secure fit, perfect for everyday wear. Available in designs ‘Hop’ (blossom and silver), ‘Cub’ (milk and chocolate) and ‘Woof’ (caramel and gull grey). 

Varsity – Taking inspiration from collegiate sport apparel, the Varsity mini collection boasts a range of sporty Soft Soles. The classic design fits snug around chubby ankles while allowing full freedom of movement, and ultra-soft leather and suede is gentle as can be on delicate feet. Available in ‘Sport Classic’ design (blossom, caramel, cobalt, fall leaf and red).

The collection is priced £22 and is available in small (3-9m), medium (9-15m), large (15-27m) and XL (2yrs).

For further information or stockist details visit www.bobux.com /www.bobux.co.uk.