World-leading probiotics brand, BioGaia, hits shelves in independent pharmacies and retailers nationwide.

Award-winning Swedish probiotics specialists, BioGaia, introduced their range of supplements to the UK market just over a year ago. In this time, the company’s success and popularity has skyrocketed, receiving numerous awards and nominations, glowing reviews, and countless new stockists nationwide.


BioGaia’s probiotics are currently distributed in a number of independent retailers, pharmacies, and wholesalers, including an impressive 700 independent pharmacies. In the past year, they have spread the word about probiotics and their benefits, attending professional conferences, such as The Pharmacy Show, and working alongside industry professionals such as Dr Marc Bellaïche and Prof. Flavia Indrio.


Dedicated to education, BioGaia provides stockists with staff training from BioGaia’s Sales team, and in-storepoint of sale information for customers to help both sellers and consumers understand the benefits of probiotics.

At the forefront of microbiome research for more than 30 years.

BioGaia’s probiotic products have undergone rigorous tests and thousands of clinical trials which have proven that the bacteria strain L reuteri DSM 17938* is able to safely regulate the microbiomes of infants, children and adults.

BioGaia’s product range includes:
  • Protectis Tablets – suitable from 3 years to adulthood. These chewable, daily dose tablets contain the bacteria strain L reuteri DSM 17938, and have been clinically proven to help maintain digestive health, increase bowel movements and ease abdominal pain. RRP £15.99 (30 pack).
  • Protectis Baby Drops – suitable for infants. Just 5 drops per day can help to regulate the gastro-intestinal functions of babies and toddlers. Clinical trials have proven that these drops can help to reduce regurgitations, and regulate baby’s bowel movements. RRP £14.99 (5ml).
  • Gastrus Tablets – suitable from 3 years to adulthood. These tablets are an advanced adult probiotic dietary supplement that contains 200m live bacteria. They contain two strains: L.reuteri DSM 17938* and L.reuteriATCC PTA 7475. They have been shown to help reduce the growth of less beneficial bacteria, and support good gut health. RRP £24.99 (30 pack).

Both the Protectis Baby Drops and Protectis Tabs are available with additional vitamin D, also helping the immune system. The range is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

Available by subscription and online at, and at independent pharmacies and retailers nationwide.

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