BeSafe Stretch B Awarded Sustainability and Safety Award

Norwegian Car Seat company BeSafe is thrilled to announce they have been awarded the prestigious Baby Innovation Green Award 2023 for the launch of their newest seat the Stretch B. This award recognises products that have been developed with sustainability in mind, and BeSafe are honoured to have been given the accolade.

The Baby Innovation Awards are held every year by a panel in the Netherlands. Their mission is to find and recognize the best in innovation and design in the baby-product market.

The Stretch B is a car seat that is suitable from birth to 7 years, providing families with the option to only have to buy the car seat once. Not only is the Stretch B a sustainable choice, but also one that doesn’t compromise on safety or quality. By using long-lasting materials and making the changing of parts a lot easier, they have extended the lifetime of the car seat all the way to approx 15 years.

Durable materials for maximum usage

The reason the Stretch B can last for much longer is because of the use of durable materials such as aluminium and exchanging the more vulnerable EPS with the sturdy EPP. In addition, they have managed to make the changing of parts a lot easier, so that the seat can be repaired if needed or given a refresh after having been used for many years. This enables Stretch B to keep many children safe throughout its usage time all while keeping children rear facing, which is 5x safer¹.

The jury’s motivation for announcing Stretch B as the winner:

“It’s a special car seat because it is rear facing, and it can be used until the age of 7 years. It is unique that you can also use it from 0 months in combination with the baby insert. It is a one time purchase with a usage of 7 years; this means you only have to buy a good car seat once. The installation with the car belt is a distinctive feature, because this means that it is suitable for cars without ISOfix connectors. Through the use of durable materials such as aluminium, the seat’s lifespan is extended from 7 to 15 years. This car seat is built in a modular way and parts can be easily swapped.”

The BeSafe Stretch is not only easy to recycle, but it’s also one of the safest car seats on the market. BeSafe are delighted to share that the Stretch has been awarded Best Car Seat for Safety by British newspaper, The Independent, in their latest review of car seats. This adds to the testimony of the Scandinavian brand’s ethos of enabling families to travel at ease, with the knowledge that their children are safely secured in the car.


BeSafe launched the Stretch in 2022 which quickly became not only a test winner but also a favourite amongst parents all over the world. Stretch won «Best in test 2022» in Sweden and Norway, it also performed really well in the safety category in the ADAC autumn test 2022. After such great success, BeSafe decided to launch a “B” version that could be used from birth (The Stretch can be used from approx. 6 months) up to 7 years.

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¹ Children are especially vulnerable in the event of a car crash. Their heads are disproportionately heavy in relation to the rest of the body and the neck muscles are not yet fully developed. Frontal impact tests show that the strain on the neck is five times greater when the child is sitting forward facing compared to when sitting rear facing.

When sitting forward facing, the child’s body is pushed out of the seat. But as the child car seat’s internal harness holds the child’s upper body in place, the majority of the forces are placed on the child’s neck as the head is thrown forward with tremendous force. In addition, the child risks injury from hitting the front seats.

If the child is sitting in a rear facing child car seat, the seat shell will act as a protective shield and absorb the impact energy. The forces of the impact are spread over the whole large area of the child’s back, neck and head, thereby significantly less strain is put on the child’s neck.