Tiny Love™ has launched its new and innovative Wonder Buddies™ toy range.

Created for toddlers aged 1+ years, the Wonder Buddies are three smart friends designed to aid little one’s growth and imagination. Each buddy toy features seven fun activities created to match developmental stages, making it a perfect first playmate.

Ergonomically designed for little palms and fingers, Wonder Buddies helps aid motor skills all while enjoying play time!

Bounce or shake them to hear the rewarding wobbling sounds, tickle their tummies to make their hearts glow, press their noses to make them sneeze and feed and put them to bed. The smart sensors mean that little one is learning cause and effect as they play.

Tiny Love Water Buddies bath toy

The range of bath toys developmental features include:

  • – 7 interactive activities innovatively designed to develop 1+ year olds.

  • – Complimentary developmental cards to give parents tips for fun and learning.

  • – Play patterns promotes understanding of cause and effect as well as daily skills.

  • – Perfect for independent or mutual playtime.