Babylimo, the stylish baby/toddler carriage system that offers parents a ‘to your door’, personalised test drive’ service has launched in the UK.

Babylimo is providing a series of innovative and unique features including a test-drive service where the carriage system is personally delivered to prospective buyers’ homes to drive before they buy.

Inspired by the automotive sector, Anna’s concept for Babylimo is based on innovation and evolution taken from the car manufacturing sector. “Think about it”, says Anna, “When you drive a car, the manufacturer has considered the different shapes and sizes of their customers, so why wouldn’t the same principles be applied to baby carriages?”

“When I was looking for a pram for my first born I simply couldn’t find a system that catered for the different heights and builds of my immediate family. I’m tall and have long arms but my mom is shorter and has back problems – does that mean her physical health should be compromised when taking her grandson for a walk? I think not!”

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of the Babylimo service is the ‘direct to your door’ test drive service currently being trialled by the company. “Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on people’s ability to go to the shop and try out baby carriages prior to purchase. We remove that problem by delivering our 3-in-1 system directly to prospective customers’ homes for them to try for themselves. We are so confident in our product that we are willing to make this investment in order to drive sales,” concluded Anna.

Baylimo is an integrated 3-in-1 system which includes pushchair, stroller and car seat. The system has been designed exclusively for the UK market and includes a range of innovative features including five point suspension, ventilation grills, adjustable back support and 23inch gel wheels for off road driving.