Babycup becomes the first infant open cup to get the seal of approval from the Oral Health Foundation.

Babycup First Cups have gained accreditation from the prestigious Oral Health Foundation (OHF) and their expert panel. The charity has given its seal of approval to Babycup First Cups, which help aid good oral health in infants by encouraging healthy sipping and natural drinking as well as supporting oral development. This is a momentous moment for Babycup as the cups become the first free drinking cup for tiny hands to be approved by the panel.

The cup is designed for infants from birth to 2.5 years, whether express feeding, using formula or a combination of the two. It’s considered better for oral development than a traditional Sippy cup because it encourages natural sipping instead of prolonged sucking.

Proper oral healthcare is important for everyone – including babies. Milk teeth control the development of the jaw muscles and the jaw bones so that they are properly developed – they give the face its shape and form. They also help keep the space open for adult teeth until they are ready to grow in, stopping them growing in crooked.

Made in Britain and loved around the world, mini open cups are a hit for cup-feeding, first sips, weaning and beyond.

Dr Nigel Carter, Oral Health Foundation CEO and dentist for over 40 years welcomes this partnership. Dr Carter says: “We welcome this new partnership with Babycup and are happy to provide them with accreditation for their cup product. This is the first free drinking cup for tiny hands to be approved by the panel. Developing proper drinking habits at an early age is vital for oral development. Primary [milk] teeth are crucial to jaw development, speech development and adult teeth placement. Not taking care of primary teeth can lead to adult teeth growing in crooked, chewing difficulties, facial asymmetries and, most importantly, tooth decay.”

Founder of Babycup Sara Keel is delighted by the Oral Health Foundation’s accreditation. She says: “Receiving the seal of approval from the Oral Health Foundation is a great achievement and recognises the importance of our mini open cups in the eyes of oral healthcare experts. It provides a strong message to parents to choose an open cup when introducing fluids during weaning and gives assurance that Babycup First Cups are perfect for this important stage. Good oral health starts early and we’re pleased that this has been highlighted with this accreditation.”

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