Plant-based, baby-friendly cleaning brand, Nimble, is excited to announce its crowdfunding initiative is now live and open to the public.
Now in 900 supermarkets in UK & ROI, Nimble is an established name in the baby sterilisers segment of some of the UK’s major retailers. They’re now raising capital to launch in to more retail chains, enter European markets and explore a new product category. Developed by chemist and parent, Von Sy, who came up with the idea when his sister told him how hard it was to wash baby bottles safely, the unique vegan brand provides safe and effective cleaning solutions for every family moment, to support with feeding, play and laundry from birth. Inspired by the messy moments parents face every day, Nimble prides itself on providing safe cleaning solutions, thanks to the plant-based ingredients and no harsh chemicals, without compromising on the results ensuring a powerful clean parents can count on. The range includes the bleach-free antibacterial surface cleaner, Sticky Stopper, patented Baby Bottle Cleaner, Milk Buster, allergen-free fabric softener and non-bio liquid detergent, Cuddle Lover and Laundry Lover. Since its initial launch on Amazon in 2015, the brand has created more plant-based cleaning solutions that are effective, safe to use around babies and have sold 500,000+ units in the UK and overseas. Standing proudly at the forefront of creating child-friendly, natural cleaning products that are free from nasties. Nimble is now delighted to welcome its community to purchase shares in the plant based cleaning brand, for the next generation.
Committed to providing safer, greener and effective cleaning products, Nimble believes that all families deserve better than heavy-duty chemicals and is encouraging like minded families to be a part of the brand’s future and own a share for tiny humans!
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