Nimble is introducing a new fabric softener, as Cuddle Lover hits the shelves (and web pages!) this Autumn.

The 100% allergen-free fabric softener is the newest product from leading plant-based cleaning brand, Nimble. Powered by naturally derived cleaning ingredients, Cuddle Lover leaves clothes super soft and is ideal for sensitive skin.

The thoughtfully designed formula safely softens fibres without using harsh chemicals, which can aggravate sensitive skin. By avoiding ingredients derived from animal fats or silicones that many leading fabric softeners use to soften the cloth, Cuddle Lover has harnessed the natural power of rapeseed plants, to get the job done.

It’s also fragrance-free, so no chance of any nasty skin-irritating residues being left behind on fabrics. Cuddle Lover provides up to 70 washes from a single 1 litre bottle. Costing just £5, it’s great value for money, as well as being kind to skin.

Nimble has cleverly (and consciously) chosen not to include a dosing cap with the product in order to reduce the use of plastic, although one will be available to purchase from their website if required.

Speaking about the new launch, Nimble founder Von Sy said, “I’m so thrilled to introduce Cuddle Lover to the product range. We’ve been developing it for quite a while, and I’m so proud that we can now deliver a plant-based fabric softener – laundry is truly sorted with Cuddle Lover and our classic Laundry Lover.

In addition, Nimble is also re-launching their much-loved laundry detergent Laundry Lover, in a bigger size. Now in 1 litre bottles, the Laundry Lover combined with the new Cuddle Lover, means family laundry needs can be fulfilled in one go.

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