The current lockdown and shopping restrictions as a result of COVID-19 has meant new and expecting mothers are finding it difficult to source their baby essentials.

With everyone spending an increased amount of time at home, priorities are inevitably shifting from the usual purchases, such as strollers and car seats, to adapt to this new way of life.

Leading baby-retailer, Kiddies Kingdom, outlines the must-have essentials for those who have just given birth or have a little one on the way.

Baby monitor 

There are several reasons why you should invest in a baby monitor during lockdown. Not only will it allow you to observe the sleeping habits of your baby, it may also come in handy when you are tending to older children and don’t want to miss if your baby cries. Baby monitors range in price and complexity, so if you’re unsure whether it’s a worth while investment, you can opt for something cheaper to trial how often you use it. 

BT Baby Monitor

 BT Video Baby Monitor

Changing equipment 

Although this seems fairly obvious, changing equipment is potentially the most important essential for new and expecting parents. New-born babies will require around 12 nappy changes a day, so it’s vital to always be stocked up1.

It is strongly advised to purchase a changing matt or station to place your baby on whilst changing. Consider one with a safety strap or raised edge to prevent any falls if your baby rolls around.

For those struggling to get to the shops regularly, it may be worth while checking to see if your council runs a reusable nappy scheme. This offers new parents free supplies and sometimes even vouchers or promotional offers. Shopping online can also offer some great deals on wipes and nappies, with various brands and styles to choose from.

Changing unit

OK Baby Changing Unit

Baby bath 

You will need to bathe your baby within the first couple of days after returning home, so it’s important to have a suitable strategy for this in place. Bathing your baby for the first time may be slightly unnerving, so having a suitable baby bath will help put your mind at ease. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that sponge baths are recommended until the umbilical cord is healed, so you will want to prevent submerging your baby’s body in water completely. Specialist baby baths range in price and will have a seat or ledge to prop baby on securely. This will free up your hands for sponging water over them and distracting them with toys.

Shnuggle bath

Shnuggle Baby Bay In Grey

Feeding equipment 

Whether you opt for breast feeding or formula milk, you will inevitably need a range of feeding bottles and bibs at some point. When picking out a feeding bottle, there are various styles available to buy online and unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when it comes to what babies prefer. It is therefore recommended to avoid buying in bulk until you’ve trialled feeding time with your baby.

If using a breast pump to express milk, it is advised to opt for the same brand for both the pump and the feeding bottles, as these will be designed to be compatible. Sterilising new parts in boiling water for five minutes before the first use, and wash regularly in hot, soapy water from there on. Bottles and sterilising equipment vary in price depending on the brand, so it’s important to do your research depending on your budget.

Borrn feeding bottle

BORRN Ultra Wide Neck Feeding Bottle

Slings and Carriers 

Slings and carriers are proving increasingly popular at the moment and will prove a godsend during the lockdown. This will allow parents to take baby on their daily walk whilst also having hands free. Slings are a great alternative to strollers for short distance walking as it prevents the user looking down constantly as well as introducing skin on skin bonding. With increased time spent at home, slings and carriers will allow parents to walk from room to room with their baby in tow, meaning they can be much more productive during the lockdown.

Ergo baby carrier

Ergobaby Lightweight Aura Wrap