No-one could have predicted or prepared for what 2020 had in store, so there is no doubt that many well-made plans have had to change.  However, from speaking with influencers and families across the UK daily, leading family-specialist PR Agency Azaria knows that the UK’s households want to hear from brands like never before.

Our audience of parents – most now at home with their families all day every day – are consuming digital and social media more than ever.  Brands that can get their communications right, can continue to not only entertain and engage but also support and add value.

Azaria offers advice to any brands who are unsure of how to tackle this unprecedented time:

  • Don’t be afraid to stay in regular touch with your audience through digital channels – they want to hear from brands they can relate to.
  • Keep your brand voice but scrap the usual plan and adapt your approach to reflect how people are feeling; albeit concerned, anxious or just bored.
  • Utilise any experts you might have to give tips and advice and show you are the experts at what you do.
  • Don’t try and sell – just engage to develop brand rapport.
  • Monitor and respond to social channels to create conversations.
  • Try and spread positivity whenever you can!  Despite the sadness, there are many positive stories out there to share, so let the news state the facts and use your platforms to focus on the good.

Managing Director Amber Steventon says; “It’s at times like this that PR comes in to its own. Adapting brand voices to resonate with the end consumer in an appropriate way is at the core of what we do.  By engaging with our audiences on a different level, we can try to support our UK families and keep our industry as buoyant as possible during the weeks ahead, so when we come out of this – which we will – we will be as strong as we possibly can be.”

Team Azaria sends its best wishes to all the business out there in the nursery community.  /