Annabel Karmel MBE, has announced a new early years catering partnership nursery and primary school caterer, with Yum Yum Food Company. 

This venture allows Annabel Karmel to use her knowledge of weaning and toddler foods to provide food solutions for early years settings.  

With experience of designing menus for nursery chefs to prepare, Annabel Karmel will now support early years settings by delivering her recipes directly to nurseries.

Annabel Karmel

The Yum Yum Food Company delivers menus to early years settings, specialising in catering for allergies, intolerances and special diets.  

Founded by entrepreneur and mum-of-two Abigail Simon, the company aims to provide an affordable hot food service to enable every child to flourish. 

Annabel Karmel says; “Eating habits and tastes are formed from an early age, so it’s crucial to introduce a good variety of foods at the earliest possible opportunity. Nurseries and primary schools play such an important role in ensuring that children receive the nutritional balance they need for their optimum development and long-term health. That is why I’m so pleased to be working with the Yum Yum Food Company and their team of passionate and experienced chefs.

“Nutritious food also needs to taste good. Serving up something super healthy to a child that doesn’t tick the ‘tasty’ box is likely to be returned to sender. And that’s where my 27 years of expertise comes in; every meal I’ve prepared for The Yum Yum Food Company’s menus is filled with flavour and goodness. There is no compromise.”

The Yum Yum Food Company’s new Annabel Karmel rotational menus will be available to UK nurseries and primary schools from January 2020. Complying with core nutritional standards and guidelines, settings can choose from frozen, chilled or hot deliveries depending on their requirements. 

Commenting further, Abigail Simon says; “The Yum Yum Food Company has an incredible infrastructure in place to support early years settings. We can reduce all kitchen labour costs by negating the need for large numbers of kitchen staff, and because we have a bespoke ordering system in place to allow settings to easily order the correct meal quantities based on the number of children they are catering for each day, we reduce food waste.

“Now, with the most recognised and respected name in the UK for children’s food on board to give children the very best nourishment, we believe we are pushing the boundaries of nursery and primary school catering to become the ultimate one-stop solution” says Abigail.

Visit Yum Yum Food Company for more information.