After a turbulent two years in the industry, we’ve been asking key players within the nursery sector what they think are the key trends to watch out for in 2022 – as well as any other predictions for the industry.
Here’s what Jonathan Feingold, UK Director of Inglesina had to say:

“I think we’ll see a divergence of the UK market continuing from the rest of the world. One key trend is the uplift in the birth rate with mothers-to-be feeling liberated to have a child as the Covid situation hopefully begins to ease.

In terms of predictions, the ‘iPhone generation’ continues the ‘look good’ purchasing over practicality (this 2D thinking for a 3D world is fairly unique to the UK) and, as store vs online continues its separation, the ideal stroller will become ever more stylish and luxurious as technological developments creep in more and more.

In between, we have the pocket squeeze of high inflation which is causing a stutter in the price point and affecting independent retailers, in particular. Wages haven’t increased in line with inflation, so we’re seeing customers whose budget means they now struggle to afford top end travel systems, especially in certain parts of the country.”

Elliot Bishop, MD of UK nursery distributor, bébélephant commented: 

“Sustainability and eco friendly will be the watch words. Already this year, we have seen some great new products with these badges on – and the importance will only grow as today’s new parents are far more conscious of these issues than their predecessors.

Given the recent move away from bricks to clicks, and our national love affair with online shopping (enhanced by lockdowns), perhaps against the trend I am also seeing a return to traditional forms of shopping with both major retailers and small independents seizing opportunities with depressed commercial rents and empty properties to re-engage with the high street. There is clearly demand for both and as long as we see increased growth in our sector, we should be content.”

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