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PR is about communicating with people. Only after truly understanding what makes mums and dads tick and why they purchase particular products or choose particular brands, can you find the right way of reaching them.

That’s why Kindred takes a people-centred approach to communications. It’s why we talk with, listen to and learn from the people our campaigns are aimed at. By doing this, we generate big ideas for our clients, to connect with the people that matter to them.

We’ve used this approach to help launch a wide-reaching PR programme, securing over 500 pieces of media coverage in 2015 for the UK’s number one parenting site, BabyCentre. Four years ago, we were asked to enhance the profile of BabyCentre to support the work of the sales team. We knew that marketing professionals were interested in insights that taught them more about how to connect with modern mums, so our tactics focused on uncovering developments such as popular baby names, media consumption habits and views on how mums are portrayed in advertising. Through our work we're reaching marketeers but parents too.

Growing awareness among marketing managers saw BabyCentre strike a deal with John Lewis to promote its nursery products – the first time the retail giant has ever entered into such an arrangement.

Kindred is also the agency entrusted to tell new parents about Shared Parental Leave and we've just increased Snufflebabe’s social media reach by thousands. We have many examples of our audience-first approach to parents, so do get in touch if you would like to a have a chat about your communications and marketing plans.
Contact: Lorraine Galvan 020 7010 0800

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