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Securing valuable coverage for your press release or news story, relies on it not only being relevant and newsworthy; but also well written and easy to understand.

Every day, magazine and website editors receive hundreds of press releases from companies that are seeking publicity. A succinct and well-constructed news story is more likely to be picked up and featured, but effective copywriting is a skill not everyone has; so a large percentage are ignored.

Many companies are realising the benefits of hiring an expert to handle their communications, but taking on a new member of staff to manage this, is an expensive investment. Instead, businesses are increasingly turning to a communication agency to look after this side of their marketing.

Freestyle Marketing Communications is an agency that can provide this service. The Freestyle team are experienced at managing all aspects of marketing and public relations, from writing and distributing well written press releases, editorial and advertorial copy; to creating eye-catching adverts, brochures and websites. They work for brands across several sectors, including baby & child safety, healthcare, sport and leisure.

Their fee structures are flexible depending on the requirements of each client, making it an affordable way to have sharp and effective messages distributed; increasing your chances of being published and helping to put your brand where it belongs - in the spotlight.

Freestyle Marketing Communications

For more information, contact Chrissie Rowell, PR & Communications Account Executive on 0115 9690 180 or email

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