Bump PR

6 Hermitage Road

Tel: 07737 431511


The team at bumpPR love learning about fantastic brands they can tell press and bloggers about (and bump’s Director loves finding cool products to show her nieces and nephews!).

Whether you are still in the midst of designing your first product at the kitchen table, you are in your first year of trading, or your brand is already a hit with parents worldwide, we can support you.

The bumpPR team is truly passionate about supporting great family brands and have developed a unique and flexible approach to support the individual needs of each client.

Many brands want an all singing all dancing PR package and that is where bumpPR comes in, but for those just starting up the multi award-winning agency created minibumpPR to offer a back to basic PR service. This option supports smaller brands that need to keep budgets low. For those who want to manage all activity in house bumpPR recently launched Pay as You Bump - a unique concept that gives clients the tools and guidance, as well as bucket loads of enthusiasm, to tackle their own PR campaign.

They’re a friendly team and always happy to advise so give them a call – if nothing else they are bound to put a smile on your face!

You can join the #bumpdaily discussions, try your luck with the #BumpprBlogTrail, or put your bets on the next celebrity baby to arrive!

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