Practical Media Services Ltd

68 Rochester Way
East Sussex

Tel: 01892 667314

Practical Media Services is owned and run by me, Nick Butler, and I pride myself on offering bespoke, responsive, no-nonsense and affordable solutions to marketing issues that companies of any size face on a regular basis.

I believe that nothing is that difficult to achieve, just sometimes it needs a little outside help, another pair of eyes and sometimes an ‘outside the box’ or an outsiders views and opinions.

A strong background of almost 25 years in publishing followed by 16 years running Practical Media Services has taught me many things that I can bring to the table to assist companies when they need a little extra help.

My key business is PR, putting businesses and their products in front of consumers in the press and online. PR coverage is vital for almost all organisations regardless of size. Press coverage that is seen almost as a recommendation by the journalist and will undoubtedly result in achieving increased brand awareness and increased sales.

I have a unique system for handling clients PR, essentially it’s a ‘pay on results’ service which includes writing as many press releases as necessary and distributing them on a regular basis to a continually updated and carefully selected list of journalists. With Practical Media Services there are no scary retainers or hideous monthly fees involved, just a set fee each time something appears in the press and a small monthly management fee which covers overheads.

Marketing encompasses many skillsets and requirements, many of which I can help with and these include; ascertaining product appeal, product presentation, helping to sell your products, product descriptions, creating web site content, correcting and improving current web site content, helping you to adapt to online sales, advertisement design, media planning, outsourcing, promotional items, brochure writing, blog writing, product testing, product review, running web site press pages and fixed price web audits.

I really do appreciate that there are cost restraints on every businesses when it comes to marketing and I have created an amazingly simple approach to tackle this. There are no restrictive long-term contracts or expensive retainers, in fact there are no contracts or retainers at all, just a simple pay-on-results service for PR, with a small monthly management fee and a fixed fee structure for all other projects, fees that are based purely on time and agreed in advance so there are no nasty surprises when the post lands on your desk. I won’t want to be coming to your office once a month, or even once a year. I currently have clients that I have never met, but we work using email and the phone, resulting in reduced overheads with no travelling expenses being incurred.

Nick Butler
01892 667314

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