waddling babies dates back to time immemorial – even baby Jesus was traditionally swaddled. And swaddling has come back into fashion in recent years as it has been shown to help baby settle and sleep.

Mums can choose to swaddle their baby in almost any piece of fabric and muslins are perfect for this. Soft and breathable, a muslin can also offer a variety of colours and prints. Indeed, mums often chose what muslins they want on the look alone.

Muslins are also useful as burp and dribble cloths; one draped on the shoulder of whoever’s carrying baby can save many a spoilt top!! I would have thought that virtually every new mum should buy a selection! Or be given them as a gift. Muslins are often packed attractively making the ideal gift.

However, swaddling a baby is not that easy, especially if mum has no one to demonstrate! In this case, the ‘ready-made’ versions are ideal. Designed to make swaddling simple, there are a number of versions – just read on for more information!

L'il Fraser...coming soon!

Dedicated to quality and excellence, L’il Fraser is a proudly owned Australian company which has paved its way as the go-to brand for baby swaddles and toy comforters.

Designed to accommodate babies of all shapes and sizes, L’il Fraser swaddle wraps are as soft and gorgeous as they are practical. Designed to enable easy and hip-healthy swaddling of all sizes, the L’il Fraser baby swaddle wraps allow for a natural sleep position but can be also used as an ideal feeding shawl, light cot blanket, security blanket or play rug.

Made from pure cotton jersey, the L’il Fraser swaddle wrap is both light and breathable making it warm in winter and cool in summer. With many gorgeous designs available the L’il Fraser swaddle collection is ideal to compliment any nursery.

For further enquiries or to find out about our product range email: hello@bloomandgrowuk.com

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Drifting peacefully to sleep

Iconic sleep brand, Love To Dream™, distributed in the UK by Cheeky Rascals, helps all little ones drift off to a peaceful sleep with its pioneering and revolutionary swaddles and sleeping bags.

Thoughtfully designed, the brand’s award-winning Swaddle UP encourages children to drift off to the land of nod in the natural sleep position with their arms up. The one of a kind swaddling solution, suitable from new-born up to four months, features the patented ‘wing tip’ design, enabling little ones to bring hands to face and mouth to self soothe, helping to establish positive sleep patterns from day one.

Just as the cold snap is setting in again, we are excited to announce that the 2.5 TOG Love To Dream Sleep Suit is back in stock and available to order now. A sleeping bag with a quilted blanket for added warmth, the Sleep Suit means parents can do away with blankets knowing their little ones are comfortable, safe and snug all night long.

Love To Dream was founded in Sydney in 2009 by entrepreneurial first-time mum, Hana-lia Krawchuk, who noticed that her son kept on ‘breaking out’ of his traditional swaddling cloth. After extensive research into the history of swaddling, and supported by medical research that suggests if babies can self soothe then they tend to sleep better and for longer, Hana-lia created the world’s very first ‘Swaddle UP™ - a simple to use swaddling suit that allows a baby to safely sleep in the natural arms up position, while also allowing them to self soothe. Eight years on and with an ever-growing collection of styles, colours and gender-neutral prints, Love To Dream is fast becoming the world’s leading sleep brand.

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Super soft swaddles from MuslinZ

An oversized muslin makes for a perfect swaddle; cosy yet light and breathable it is the ideal fabric with which to wrap a little one.

There is a beautiful simplicity to the nurturing process of wrapping your baby in a swaddle which leaves them secure and relaxed, so aiding a peaceful sleep.

MuslinZ offer a range of swaddles in both 100% Cotton muslin fabric and a blend of 70% Bamboo thread with 30% Organic Cotton thread. Both are soft and yet robust enough for practical use and to be washed and washed!

The soft pure Cotton Swaddle Range are 100cm x 90cm and available in a two-pack in five different colour combinations, including the bestselling Unisex Mint Green Star and Spot design. This co-ordinates perfectly with other items in the hugely popular MuslinZ range.

The luxurious Bamboo and Organic Cotton Swaddle Range are a great choice if parents are keen to take advantage of the properties of bamboo; an eco-friendly fabric which is naturally anti-bacterial and gentler on skin than many man-made fibres. These are 120cm x 120cm and also available in a two-pack with a choice of prints and plain white. One of the prints is the gorgeous Cloud Print which features in White and Pink Lavender, White and Blue Lagoon or White and Grey Mist.

The MuslinZ range also includes muslin squares, dribble bibs, hooded towels, pre-fold nappies, nappy wraps, wipes, and terry squares.

For more information please contact MuslinZ on 01295 810008, by email at info@merrygorounduk.co.uk or visit http://muslinz.com

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Natural swaddling comfort from Petite Piccolo

Petite Piccolo's Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets are made from 100% prewashed cotton and large in size at 120cm x 120cm. Each of the blankets are prewashed so that the soft texture of the product can be immediately felt.

The pack of three provides two different prints and one plain option.

Swaddling is a way of snugly wrapping up baby in a blanket to help them feel warmth and security. It’s a great way for helping them keep calm and prepare for sleep. Baby can be swaddled from birth up to 5/6 months.

Parents can also half swaddle baby if they prefer their arms out. The Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets can be used in many different ways such as swaddling, burp cloth, nursing blanket, breathable stroller cover to block out the sun, lay on the changing table and tummy time mat.

The benefit of swaddling a newborn can prevent them from making any sudden movements. By keeping their arm in the swaddle they tend to sleep longer and sounder. It makes them feel secure and safe as it reminds them of being in the womb.

The Petite Piccolo products are natural, and made from 100% prewashed cotton muslin. The range offers a selection of breathable fabrics that absorb wetness, but are both multi-functional and versatile.

Our collections are defined by the foundation pieces every baby needs. Crafted for baby’s well-being and comfort, and perfect for enjoying those precious moments together.

Each piece from the collection is crafted from a 32s yarn count, to achieve the softest touch against baby's delicate skin.

Core pieces include: Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets, The Luna Blanket, Baby Muslins and Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Set. All carefully artworked in pretty, neutral, unisex prints for style conscious parents.



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Cheeky Chompers enters the swaddling market with MultiMuslin

Cheeky Chompers, the multi award-winning brand behind the iconic and original dribble bib, the Neckerchew, is proud to enter the swaddle market with its MultiMuslin, yet another ingenious product with a cheeky twist to make parenting a little easier.

The MultiMuslin is one beautiful organic muslin, with six clever uses. A beautiful cosy soft swaddle is just one of the clever uses of this innovative product that cleverly brings together six baby essentials in one. The MultiMuslin can be used as a swaddle, nursing cover, burp cloth, attachable shade for pushchairs, blanket or baby’s teether (with two soft silicone teething rings attached).

Cheeky Chompers MultiMuslin is created using 100% organic super soft muslin. The MultiMuslin is available in four gorgeous prints, which have been especially designed for Cheeky Chompers muslin range. The prints include Silver Stars, Zebra Dreams, Rosy Days and Cheeky Hippo, which features the brands loveable Chewy. All with soft shades and adorable prints, and like all products from the brand, the MultiMuslin is made in the UK and seamlessly makes every day parenting easier.

A fantastic innovation, the MultiMuslin eliminates the need for six different products in your changing bag as it brings together six solutions in one essential product.

Also in the muslin collection:

  • Neckerchew – the award winning chewy dribble bib
  • MultiMuslin – one beautiful muslin, six clever uses
  • Comforter – the stay-in-place comfort blanket
  • Neckerbib - super-soft dribble and milk catcher


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