ne of the delights of expecting a baby is the chance to turn the muddle that is the spare room into somewhere delightful for baby – the removal of all those old packing cases and other assorted junk and the arrival of cute wallpaper and a pile of toys.

Some paint on the walls, a carpet on the floor, but it is the little things that count. Does the furniture all match or is it cast offs from the family? Is it a single lightbulb with an old shade or is the lighting designed to help baby sleep.

Showing products for the nursery all together in a room set makes a big difference, and it is often the little extras that they add. I'm told, customers often say "I'll have the whole lot!" Fine – but it does mean that the retailer has to stock everything on display – no odd little items from B&Q or they'll be round there doing the shopping.

Careful thought needs to be given to the displays to ensure variety. You may not like bright colours but somebody does. You may find pastels a bit insipid – but it might just be perfect for another mum. The key is to have a choice which covers the main areas. But not TOO much choice! If they can't decide between this or that, they'll often end up choosing neither. The ideal is to give them choice but that one of the styles is an outright winner!

The final advantage of the "I'll have the lot" sentiment is that once mum has fallen in love with that look, she'll buy it! She's unlikely to go around checking on prices of this and that to find the cheapest.

The secret is to find and display the right products in the right way!

That’s clever! Stylish nursery solutions from NSA

moodelli is a cleverly designed and stylish babies’ nursery collection that includes a unique extendable cot with an adjustable sleeping platform that grows with baby from birth until around two years old.

BabyBox adjusts in size from a mini-cot (0-3 months), to an interim size (3-12 months) and then finally a larger cot (12-24 months). After it has been outgrown, the cot reverts back to its initial dimensions and can be used as a chic toy/storage box. BabyBox is perfect for parents living in small apartments or those short of space. It comes with a three-stage mattress, and is also fitted with castors, so it’s effortless to move around. For a quick overview watch here.

Equally stylish is the award winning BabyBay Bedside Cot, a fully height adjustable bedside cot that is compatible with most beds. Widely recommended by midwives and HCPs, it provides all the benefits of a co-sleeping environment without any of the associated risks. The full BabyBay collection includes: BabyBay Convertible which adapts and grows with a child to meet their changing needs, BabyBay Maxi for Twins and BabyBay Boxspring for high divan beds.

Both products are extremely versatile, have a longer lifespan than regular cots and therefore offer parents exceptional value for money. Find out more here.

Contact NSA for more information on the full collection from both brands www.nsauk.com t: 01483 527799 sales@nsauk.com

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An amazing year for SnüzPod

It’s been another incredible year for the SnüzPod, as the already multi award winning bedside crib wins new awards including a Platinum Junior Design Award, gains a bigger celebrity following with fans including Giovanna Fletcher and Sam Faiers, a

With this in mind, it is no surprise the SnüzPod remains at the forefront of the bedside crib market and is in more demand than ever before. The team will celebrate an amazing year and look forward to an exciting 2017.

The innovative bedside crib is suitable from birth to six months and has been thoughtfully designed with lots of clever features to make the early days easier for parents. Thanks to its striking design and being made from high quality wood, it is not only stylish, it’s incredibly functional too, ensuring the SnüzPod stands out from the rest. SnüzPod attaches to the parents' bed allowing them to be close to baby to feed, comfort and settle. The unique zip-down mesh wall provides parents with easy access to baby without having to leave the bed, and can then be simply zipped back up to create a safe sleeping space for baby.

Not just a bedside crib, the 3 in 1 product can also be used as a rockable stand-alone crib, and during the day the lift-off bassinet can be removed so baby can nap around the house in their own familiar sleep environment.

The SnüzPod is available in four core colours, including Natural, Eco White, Dove Grey and Espresso, all of which have been especially selected to complement every décor. This year the team also unveiled three additional colours, including Putty, Sherbet and Blush, a stylish collection of shades, which have been hugely popular with parents and retailers alike.

For trade enquiries, please visit www.snuz.co.uk or email trade@snuz.co.uk

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Pabobo, smart solutions for peaceful nights

It’s acknowledged that good sleep is a key element to good children’s growth. A good sleeping baby makes a happy family! That’s why Pabobo focuses on efficiency and simplicity with solutions that make bedtime easier and allow children to sleep

Answering to two main needs, “Easy Bedtime” and “Good Sleep”, Pabobo will launch next January some groundbreaking innovations.

Calm Ocean & Milky Way are a new kind of dynamic projectors, really efficient to soothe children thanks to their two bedtime sleep programs that fit all children, from calm to restless ones.

Each preset scenario uses various parameters to help each child to fall asleep: dynamism, rhythms, light intensity, sound volume and the optional “baby cry sensor” that automatically turns-on the projector in case of night wake-up. At the first use, parents can choose the best program to fit their child needs and after that, they just have to do a simple press to launch the sleep routine.

Another amazing new product is the LumiBlo. Inspired by the traditional lantern, LumiBlo is a contemporary version of this attractive lamp. LumiBlo is magical… It turns-on and off with a simple blow!

It’s perfect to reassure children at bedtime and to help them finding their way in the dark. It’s also useful for parents to watch over their kids or to feed their babies during the night. Lumiblo’s handle is also practical to grab the night light or clip it anywhere, on mom's belt or even on a door for example.

UK & Ireland Distribution:
Clever Clogs
UK - www.cleverclogstrading.co.uk, free phone: 0800 0518080
Ireland - www.cleverclogs.ie, phone: +353 1 828 4823

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Crane cool mist humidifiers

Crane’s cool mist humidifiers are designed to appeal to newborns and children with lots of color and friendly animal faces. Not only are they ‘Adorable’, but they are pediatrician recommended.

Newborns are obligate nasal breathers meaning they breathe out of their nose for the first 4-6 months. Crane humidifiers help them to breathe easier so they sleep and eat easier and with less frustration. Cool mist humidifiers are safe to use around children since there is no heating element, nothing but cool mist, and the cool air is recommended to help relieve croup. Newborns also lose the moisture in their skin twice as fast as adults do; running a humidifier will help to keep baby’s skin soft and healthy.

The Adorable and Drop Humidifier collections from Crane are made with BPA free plastic, do not require a filter and are energy efficient using less energy than a standard household lightbulb.

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The Bordeaux room set by BabyStyle

The stunning Bordeaux nursery set by BabyStyle will give any nursery a modern and stylish look with its natural wood finish and clean lines.

The wardrobe features soft close doors and an integral drawer unit, while the robust cot bed has a three-position base and teething rails.

The three-drawer dresser can be used as a changer with the addition of the detachable changer top with screwless fixings, leaving no marks when removed.

A bookcase style shelf unit completes this beautiful furniture set offering additional storage for those special items.

This BabyStyle room set can be delivered direct to a customer’s home free of charge.

BabyStyle UK Ltd www.babystyle.co.uk

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