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ottle feeding has long been the preserve of chemists and supermarkets but it doesn’t have to be so! Not only are there feeding bottles to sell, but also teats, bottle warmers and sterilisers!

Since 1989, there has been a ban on advertising baby bottles and teats in order to promote breastfeeding. This means that getting information on bottle feeding is not easy. Parents have to rely on advice given by midwives and health visitors or by asking retailers – an opportunity but it does mean retailers need knowledge about the various features. Most bottles are made of polycarbonate but there are concerns about Bisphenol A – often referred to as BPA – a chemical found in polycarbonate. Most suppliers are now using alternatives and advertising them as BPA-free.

Bacteria just love milk - even more if it is warm! So, making sure that all baby's equipment is thoroughly clean is important. Essentially there are two ways of sterilising – using a sterilising fluid via the cold water method – or steam generated either by a microwave or an electric steriliser. These days nobody seems to boil anything to sterilise!

There isn't the one 'perfect' steriliser for all your customers. They need to be able to choose between microwave and electric steam or Cold Water. Then there's size. Large if they are bottle feeding, small if only occasional sterilising is needed.

Parents need to understand the pros and cons of each type, and who better to explain than a good retailer?

Self sterilising bottle – travel made easy!

Travelling with the MAM Easy Start Anti Colic bottle is made easy with the Self-Sterilising feature! Ideal for parents on the go!

This smart and innovative bottle ensures that from now on parents are mobile: the MAM Anti-Colic sterilises itself. Simply heat in the microwave with water and it’s done! Whether on holiday, visiting friends or just out for the day, the smart Anti-Colic bottle is ready for use.

Our MAM Anti Colic bottle with skin soft silk teat takes the standard of excellence to a new level. The MAM Silk teat has an astonishing 94%* acceptance rate, as well as retaining that familiarity that mums around the world have come to recognise as a benchmark for real and best quality.

Indeed, one of the key benefits of our MAM Anti Colic bottle range is the exceptionally high acceptance rate amongst babies. The unique silk teat surface and the innovative flat shape and flexibility of our MAM Teat gives babies a familiar sensation close to breastfeeding: it’s no wonder then, that our smart teat is accepted by 94%* of babies as shown in numerous market research tests in Austria, Germany, UK and the USA over the past years.

For all those other items that need sterilising...

BabyCentre mums chose the MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser as the best steriliser for all five attribute categories: looks, ease of use, quality, value for money and space-saving/winning brand.

Managing Director, Lisa Parkhill, said: “We are delighted that MAM’S commitment to developing products with technological innovation, outstanding function and inspiring designs has been recognised and rewarded with a mums picks. We will continue to develop in this area to ensure the parents have everything they need to help them feed their babies.”

*market research 2009-2014, tested with 1349 babies

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Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Award-Winning Range

Nûby™ Natural Touch™ has an award-winning range of newborn products designed to make feeding easier, however mum decides to feed her baby!

For Mums that are expressing and feeding breast milk: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Digital Electric Breast Pump - the winner of four Awards!

This is ideal for mums that are planning to express every day, it has both stimulation and expression functions: the stimulation phase helps to encourage milk let-down and the expression phase (which can be adjusted at the touch of a button for extra comfort and control) helps to collect breast milk. The digital control panel is easy to read in daylight and at night-time and has five settings for both suction and speed, to adjust to the flow rate.

The horn is made from soft silicone for added comfort (measuring 27mm diameter). The pump is a closed system, quiet and discreet, powered by electrical mains adaptor and you can purchase a separate battery pack for use away from home! And comes with the award-winning Natural Touch Bottle for easy transition between breast and bottle.

For Parents of babies that feed easily: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Easy-Latch bottles with SoftFlex™ teats 6 pack, with free Snoozie and Ûber Soother. Natural Touch™ bottles are the winner of four Awards!

Nûby™ Natural Touch™ 6-Pack 270ml Bottles (with slow flow teats) comes with a super soft teat inspired by the shape, texture and natural flex of mum’s breast encouraging babies to latch-on more easily for a less stressful and happier feeding time.

With its wide breast like shape and unique skin like feel, the Easy Latch teat makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding, three advanced valves allow air to flow back into the bottle for a continuous feed and contented baby.

The set includes six feeding bottles (9oz/ 270ml) with breast like slow flow Easy Latch teats and free cuddly Snoozie and Ûber Soother (its orthodontic cherry baglet shape is easy for baby to hold in the mouth, with textures that comfort).

For Parents of babies that suffer from reflux or colic: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ 360˚ Anti-Reflux and Colic bottles

We all know how stressful it can be, trying to feed a baby that is suffering from reflux and colic symptoms. One tip from the NHS website encourages parents to “prevent your baby swallowing air by sitting or holding them upright during feeding”. But with most baby bottles it’s impossible to feed in the upright position, without tipping baby back into a reclined position, to get to the last drops of the feed.

However, help is at hand, with the launch of Nûby Natural Touch™ 360˚ that:

Reduces RefluxL as the weighted straw allows baby to feed in the upright position until the last drops of the feed.

Combats Colic: with three advanced anti-colic valves which help prevent vacuum build up inside the bottle and avoids baby swallowing air.
Allows 360˚ Any Angle Feeding: baby can latch-on at any angle around the teat and parents can feed in any position or hold that feels right.
9/10 Baby Accepted Teat: compatible with the baby-accepted multi-award winning* Natural Touch breast-like teats (2 pack at just £5.19).

In user trials 95% of Mums would recommend Nuby Natural Touch 360˚ to help prevent colic and reflux symptoms.

For sterilising all breast pumps and bottles: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer

Other electric steam sterilisers simply kill germs, leaving parents to air-dry, towel-dry or shake-dry condensation from their bottles before use. So Nûby have developed a new steriliser that also dries the bottles, at the press of a button for improved hygiene and total convenience.

Simply choose from three cycles:

  1. Sterilise (5 minutes) – using natural steam sterilisation method, 99.9% of germs are killed and the five bottles remain sterile for 24 hours (as long as the lid is left closed).
  2. Sterilise and Quick-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 15 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised and quickly dried . Great for time-pressed parents. 
  3. Sterilise and Super-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 30 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised, super-dried and ready-to-use!

Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer has a totally convenient auto drying function and saves time versus air-drying bottles on a kitchen work surface or the hassle of shake-drying bottles.

As you would expect from a steriliser it is compatible with all bottle brands, uses natural steam (not chemicals) to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and can be used to sterilise bottles (5-bottle capacity), breast pumps, soothers and other baby feeding accessories (that are suitable for steam sterilisation). It also makes a great baby shower gift!

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Dr Brown's Options™ Feeding System

The Dr Brown's Options™ Feeding System is a baby bottle range that grows with a child and is the only feeding system a parent need during the bottle feeding stage.

The Dr Brown’s Options™ Bottles also help to alleviate the symptoms of windy colic, and are recommended by Healthcare Professionals. In addition, the Dr Brown’s Options is also the first convertible bottle of its kind and can be used with or without the unique green vent system.

The innovative Dr Brown’s internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles in the feed, so helping reduce colic and burping while Options™ grows with baby, allowing easy removal of the vent as baby develops, or no longer experiences feeding problems. The vent system also helps to preserve vital milk nutrients and the fully vented bottle design also prevents teat collapse allowing baby to feed comfortably, like breastfeeding.

The silicone teats work together with the internal vent system to control flow so babies can feed at their own pace: these teats are highly engineered to provide a consistent milk flow.

Bottles come in different sizes including preemie, 150ml and 270 ml and the range also includes a Deluxe Starter Kit and a Gift Set which feature different sized bottles and teats. The Dr Brown’s Options Feeding System is also accompanied by a Steam Steriliser.

Once babies reach weaning stage, there are also two different styles of soft spout trainer cups available – with and without handles. Each features a one-piece, spill proof silicone spout valve that makes sipping easy for tiny mouths.

For further information, please contact Dr Brown’s on: 01538 399 541 or e-mail

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Stress-free feeding with Lilypad

Lilypad bottle bib is the new, smart and innovative product designed to make bottle feeding completely stress-free. Small in size and easy to use, the bottle bib provides a unique way of feeding baby.

Lilypad was designed by UK first time mummy Clair, who chose to bottle feed. Clair found bottle feeding stressful at times with leaking bottles and excess dribble constantly coming from her daughter’s mouth during a feed, normally resulting in milk gathering in baby’s neck due to the traditional bandana bibs not fully stopping these problems and along with milk rash developing this became stressful.

Made from 100% cotton with 19 different patterns and new colours now available to buy online at The Lilypad bottle bib is machine washable and takes considerably less time to dry than a traditional bib. It is totally unique and makes bottle feeding easy whilst also keeping baby perfectly dry. Suitable from 0-6 months, Lilypad provides parent and baby with a variety of patterns and colours to help make baby focused through a feed.

Lilypad is the personal, smart choice for bottle feeding to help parents and baby enjoying a stress-free feed.

Clair: 07825414988

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Haberman Suckle Feeder

The multiple award-winning Haberman Suckle Feeder is designed for paced feeding, to complement breastfeeding and to provide a better alternative for those who bottle-feed.

Now babies can suckle actively just like natural feeding and don’t have to learn a different way to feed.

Patented technology means that the air the baby can swallow during a feed is significantly reduced. But that’s not all. The innovative Haberman Suckle Feeder is recommended by lactation consultants because it also:

  • Encourages and prolongs breastfeeding
  • Supports responsive, baby-led feeding and natural pausing
  • Reduces gas, colic and reflux
  • Eliminates guzzling and overfeeding for better weight control
  • Encourages active peristaltic suckling action, to stimulate the respiratory system, increase oxygen supply and help develop the oral cavity for better speech development
  • Enables nutritive and non-nutritive suckling
  • Makes feeding in an upright position possible
  • Suckle Feeding means Paced Feeding

No other baby bottle works like this. #itsbetterthanabottle

"Highly-recommended as a bottle that's ideal for breastfeeding mums who also want to bottle feed." -

“Paced feeding prevents a baby from guzzling and is helpful in the effort to reduce childhood obesity. The Haberman Suckle Feeder is a great solution. The design is superior as air is completely eliminated from the teat.” - Lactation Consultant

Age: 0+months

Product Information:
Trade enquiries:

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