hese days most women are encouraged to breast feed and there are a number of products out there to help them do so.

Breast feeding bras tend to be stocked only by the largest stores and even in many department stores they are to be found with the lingerie rather than in the nursery department. There are also a variety of tops which are cleverly designed to help mums feed discreetly in public. Few mums are aware of these and are unlikely to come looking for them but when they do find them, they often spread the news amongst other mums!

An unfortunate side effects of breast feeding is the tendency to leak. For this, there are breast pads. Disposable ones are often the first choice but these are sometimes not as comfortable as the washable ones, but shops should offer a choice.

One important product in this category is the breast pump. These vary in complexity and therefore price. For many mums, a simple hand breast pump is sufficient. For Mums who return to work whilst still feeding need something a little more efficient and an battery operated ones is best. At the top end of the scale are powerful electric pumps designed for the Mum whose baby is in Special Care and who needs to pump each feed so that her baby gets the best possible start in life.

Buying a breast pump is a very personal thing and many mums appreciate expert advice and guidance – and of course a bit of privacy!

Ameda going strong

After nearly 60 years of trading, Ameda’s passion and quality of products continues to be acknowledged with a number of industry recognised awards year on year! Representing true value for money for breastfeeding mums.

The secret to the success of the Ameda Breast Pumps is due to the two CustomControl™ dials, speed and suction, which allows each mother to tailor the pump’s performance to her own personal needs. There are two pumps available, offering single and double pumping solutions.

From new mothers looking for help with engorgement or simply increasing their milk supply, the chance of a new mother breastfeeding effectively and comfortably is increased with Ameda CustomControl™, CustomFit™ and Airlock Protection™.

Vacuum and cycles can be adjusted to the mother’s personal preference, offering optimal results every time - increasing milk supply and reducing pumping time.

Seven funnel sizes are provided to ensure optimal convenience when breastfeeding - giving new mothers greater comfort and better milk flow.

Airlock Protection™
Our unique anti-viral barrier helps to protect the breastpump and breastmilk from bacteria and viruses - giving peace of mind.

These unique features have been developed to ensure every mother and baby can use the Ameda Breast Pumps with confidence knowing their pump will guarantee them; Customisation, Comfort and Convenience.

Tel: 01785 503 305

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