Weaning, Feeding and Bibs

eaning is that time when baby moves from being fed with a bottle to gradually eating more and more recognisable food. But they’re not ready to use the crystal and bone china just yet!

Because baby is usually a few months old before these things are born, mums don’t necessarily buy them in the same place as they bought the pushchair and the cot. And because they are not expensive items, they are often bought as an impulse buy. Mum sees something she likes and buys it without any further thought.

This means that one of the biggest outlets is the supermarket where Mum will pick things up as part of the weekly shop. The pharmaceutical trade is another important outlet – somehow the clinical feel of the local chemist reassures mum.

All this means is that the features of a particular item need to be obvious. Colour and price usually stand out and are often the main prompts to buy. Other features need to be highlighted. Sometimes this is done by means of the packaging or POS material but in other cases, it is up to the retailer to point them out.

However for cups, other mothers are one of the most important sources of information. If one Mum in a group sings the praises of an item, then often the others will also try that particular brand – often buying from the same outlet.

When talking about weaning items, many retailers think only of the obvious – training cups and bowls. But bibs are also an important purchase – again often driven by impulse. Few mums will make a special trip to buy a bib however good or attractive it may be. And there are other items – a baby cooker which steams and blends is not only useful to Mum but is an item with a healthy margin, or specially shaped cutlery.

There is a lot of innovation in this market sector. See the various entries for details. Maybe it’s time you changed your supplier for something with a difference!

For weaning, think Vital

Having been in the “game” for over 40 years, it’s no wonder that Vital Baby is one of the most trusted weaning brands in the UK.

With a wide range of bottles, cups, weaning and feeding products as well as a Health & Safety Range, Vital Baby really do have everything needed to start the journey into parenthood. Having won numerous awards over the years, the Vital Baby brand continues to have great new ideas and products, with many new lines due to be added in the next few months.

When parents are due to start weaning their little ones, they can be assured that Vital Baby are on hand with bright, vibrant, innovative designs such as our Steam and Blend and Super Suction Unbelievabowl. With a variety of storage solutions in many sizes and selection of travel bowls, such as our On The Go Weaning Set and Prep ‘n’ Go Food Pots with the option of eating at home or when out and about! Vital Baby really has thought of everything.

The multi Award Winning Unbelievabowl is a Super Suction bowl that really works, in four easy steps, ensuring that mealtimes remain a fun time but are much less messy! Vital Baby’s Unbelievabowl is now available as a travel set, complete with spare bowl, lid and spoon for ultimate convenience.

For further information on our products please contact info@vitalgroup.co.uk

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Bibetta creates beautiful Ultrabib range for Annabel Karmel

With babies, mess goes with the territory! However, with Bibetta’s soft feeding and weaning products, everyday family life can be less stressful and more fun!

New for 2018 is an exclusive range of Bibetta’s hugely popular neoprene Ultrabibs for Annabel Karmel, featuring the iconic AK ‘apple’ print. Made with neoprene (wetsuit material) they are super-soft, stretchy and have the added benefit of a useful flip-out pocket to catch all those bits of food little ones drop!

Bibetta’s bib range is growing constantly and our engaging and fun Dinosaur, Cars and Safari UltraBib prints have been a roaring success with customers. These popular prints are also featured on our amazing Placemat with Pocket; with its large size and non-slip backing, it is particularly great to use for baby-led weaning and when eating out at cafes and restaurants. It keeps mess off the table and is hygienic to use, as it folds up into a carry clutch pack for easy carrying and washing later at home.

All of our weaning products are easy to clean and can be washed both by hand or in the washing machine.

Bibetta UltraBibs and UltraBibs with Sleeves retail at £6.99 - £11.99, and the Placemat with Pocket at £14.99.

All Bibetta’s designs are born out of its Cambridge based office and mix clever ideas with high performance fabrics. Many are made with neoprene, which is naturally waterproof, soft and stretchy, easy to clean, tough and durable, perfect for messy mealtimes. The stylish and contemporary range of products for feeding and weaning includes feeding bibs, dribble bibs, placemats, burp cloths and bottle insulators.

For more information visit www.bibetta.com, e-mail enquiries@bibetta.com or call 01223 840236.

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ClevaMama® ClevaFeed™

Hygienic and easy to use, simply screw open the top of the feeder, place the food into the silicone teat, screw shut and present the feeder to the baby knowing only small pieces will pass through the holes.

Cleaning takes seconds and every part can be washed or sterilised.

Features include:

  • Perfect to introduce baby to fresh solid foods
  • Reduce the risk of choking
  • Hygienic silicone teat that is easy to clean

The ClevaFeed™ is a great way to introduce new flavours and textures to baby whilst also ensuring excellent nutrition.

Suitable for six months+, the ClevaFeed™ can be used with both fresh and cooked foods.

The product also comes with an extra silicone teat.

RRP: £6.49

Contact: info@clevamama.com
+353 1 8770724

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Double Up with Beaba’s Babycook® Plus

Since its original launch in 1989, the award-winning Babycook has revolutionised traditional infant feeding by offering parents an easy, safe and well-designed way to cook healthy and tasty food for babies and families.

The Babycook Plus has all the great features of the Babycook – with double the capacity! This 4-in-1 food processor steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats, plus it has two bowls with a combined 2,200ml capacity, enabling parents to cook even bigger batches of food in less time.

The Babycook Plus cooks in just 15 minutes, while preserving those essential vitamins and minerals. It has the capability to steam cook, blend, defrost and re-heat food, so this multifunctional kitchen buddy can be used for pureeing, baby-led weaning and cooking solids. Parents can create a larger quantity of their baby’s favourite meal, or cook two different meal combinations in one go. Plus, after baby grows, parents can still use it to cook any purees or blend sauces!

It requires no supervision and stops automatically once the food is cooked, leaving parents free to get on with other daily tasks. Plus, it can cook a wide variety of foods including fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, rice and pasta, so baby can eat the same meal as the family, which makes it the ultimate product for keeping meal times simple for the whole family.


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Baby&More’s weaning wealth

Baby & More has a wealth of products to help parents as they embark on their child’s weaning journey. From bibs to cutlery, the distributor is a one-stop shop for everything a parent needs at this stage.

The Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs will make any mealtime as mess-free as possible, keeping baby clean and dry as well as protecting their clothes. Available in an array of bold and pastel colours the standard and sleeved wonder bibs are the ideal choice for weaning. What’s more they also grow with baby with adjustable poppers as well as a choice of sizes going up to three years.

As well as offering mum-inspired parenting solutions, Baby & More also understand that parents want to find products that are not only functional but also on-trend and this summer they introduce a new grey sleeved Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bib in a shade that will match outfits with a modern fresh look.

Weaning involves a lot of mess and it’s not just baby that parents need to keep clean. The SplatMat is a versatile, multi-purpose 52” round floor mat that can be used under baby’s highchair or anywhere you need extra protection from food spills. The wipe-clean SplatMat easily folds away and can be used when out and about with babies and toddlers too. The grey SplatMat features a muted chevron design to complement any interior.

As baby progresses and it’s time to introduce cutlery, the Baby & More own brand Clever Grip Training Cutlery are the only first utensils you will need. The award-winning collection includes a moulded edge knife, fork and spoon each featuring contoured finger guides encouraging the child to hold the utensils correctly for self-feeding. The handy spoon rest also stops the spoon sliding around a bowl to make feeding easier and less frustrating for little ones. BPA-free and from 24 months plus.

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Babycup – the First Cup that experts recommend!

Babycup™ First Cups - “The little cup that’s kind to baby teeth”- is the ‘go-to’ for health experts when recommending weaning cups, and, with over a million mini sippers and counting, the brand is helping make smiles across the globe!

Supporting oral, dental and childhood health by encouraging open cup sipping, Babycup is a well-respected and trusted British brand that continually receives 5-star rave reviews from consumers at home and overseas.

“When we started weaning I realised (my daughter) needed some water with her meals and offered her some of mine which she took but as the cup was large, it wasn’t ideal. These on the other hand are absolutely perfect. Ideal for her little hands and mouth, she has taken to them so quickly… Definitely recommend!” - Natalie, Babycup customer April 2018

With much of the developed world seeing a childhood oral health crisis, Babycup™ First Cups are championing a healthy approach from the start, which is a message that resonates with professionals and parents.

Babycup™ First Cups are a high quality, multi award-winning product, including the ‘Made for Mums’ Editor’s Choice Award 2018 – an accolade given only to four brands! Babycup have firmly established themselves as an essential weaning brand both at home, with leading retailers such as JoJo Maman Bébé and Waitrose, and now internationally with distribution in over 30 territories.

Beautifully designed and perfectly-sized for little mouths and hands, Babycup’s mini open cups are the First Cup that experts recommend and is the little high chair must-have that offers big benefits.

“We always recognised it could take time and patience to change mindsets, and we weren't afraid of that “says Sara Keel, Founder of Babycup. “It was just a shame that along the way that meant some little ones weren't yet benefitting. But a million mini sippers later and we can truly say the tide has turned. Patience, belief and the desire to play a part in improving childhood oral health. We are pleased to say health is not a niche issue and we are truly delighted at the public demand for Babycup First Cups and the excellent retailers we are working with.”

To find out more about stocking this best-selling product, contact Sara and the team at – hello@babycup.co.uk 01483 86601 www.babycup.co.uk

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Giving baby their First Feeding with Bumkins

The First Feeding Set is the newest edition to the fabulous Bumkins range of feeding accessories, best-selling bibs and waterproof jackets distributed by Hippychick.

Available in a variety of colours, the strong suction base helps hold the bowl in place making it the perfect accessory to help a baby’s transition through to self-feeding.

Also available with the Bumkins feeding range is the must have for babies and toddlers of all ages, the Grip Dish! With a strong suction base, plates thrown on the floor will be a thing of the past. These plates make learning to self-feed easy and help more experienced eaters use utensils. The plates are made of food grade silicone, are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The grip dishes come in a wide range of colours and are available from www.hippychick.com

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Feeding on the go made easy with Fill n Squeeze!

Look no further! Fill n Squeeze who have recently celebrated five years of trading have become a household name in the UK and exporting to over 20 countries worldwide.

Following on the initial launch of the patented pouch filling system, a further six products have been added to the range.

The original Weaning Pouch Starter kit now includes a cleaning brush with the pouch system and five reusable pouches, making pouches easier to clean than before.

A clever pouch spoon with a back handle to support the weight of the pouch and also aids in single handed feeding has sold over 20,000 units in one year. Further products, such as the long awaited pouch cleaning brush now makes getting to the far reached corners of the pouch easier to clean.

We all know weaning can be messy and the Probiotic Stain Remover removes stains on all clothing, pushchairs, beddings etc within minutes. Simply spray onto the stain and watch how the active bacteria become alive and eat away at the stain.

Fill n Squeeze extends beyond weaning and now with the Smooth Snack pouch aimed for children aged 3 to 10, makes this an exciting and fun pouch to store healthy smoothies, yoghurts, fresh milk, jelly and even as a water bottle. The pouch has a “Spot the Difference game” on both sides, keeping kids busy.

The imminent launch of the much-awaited recipe book is now available to purchase in with over 70 recipes from weaning, stage 1 and 2 through to toddler snacks and smoothie and yoghurt ideas for snacks on the go and for lunch boxes. The recent launch of the Double Zipper Pouch means this pouch can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The new Pouch Topper means no more messy feeding with baby led weaning. Babies who can feed themselves can now squeeze a pouch to their little hearts content, as the topper controls the overflow of food out of the pouch.

Not wanting to leave the adults out to enjoy a bit of a squeeze, Nutripouch offers this option for storing surplus fresh smoothies, drinks and more and replaces big bulky containers when on the school run, at work and even at the gym. Further information can be found at www.nutripouch.co.uk

For all trade enquiries please contact rifat@fillnsqueeze.co.uk


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Babymoov: Weaning solutions for babyhood and beyond

Babymoov provide the ultimate solution to stress-free baby weaning and family cooking, too, thanks to a selection of food prep and feeding products that help make the transition to solid foods easy for both baby and parent!

The award-winning Nutribaby(+) (£139.99 RRP), is a true kitchen genie that caters for the crucial early stages of a child’s development; for the pregnant mother to the moment baby is born, through to weaning and beyond. This unique multi-function processor with the largest cooking capacity on the market is an unrivalled solution for time-restricted parents who want to prepare homemade baby meals and family meals quickly and easily for home feeding or in advance to take on-the-go! Available in dark grey and white, the Nutribaby(+) can also be customised to match the kitchen too, with a choice of five removable and stylish coloured covers!

The Nutribaby(+) multi-function features include:

  • Steam cooking to maintain optimum nutrients (perfect for pregnancy and baby-led weaning)
  • Blender to prepare soups, purées and smoothies (perfect for spoon-fed-weaning)
  • Warming AND sterilizing bottles, jars and accessories (use from birth)
  • Defrosting small meals prepared in advance
  • Separate baskets to cook different meals, simultaneously
  • Automatic timer to set multiple cooking times

A dedicated recipe blog and app (www.cooking-baby-food.com) provides parents with useful cooking tips and hundreds of nutritious recipe ideas to get optimal use of the benefits of the Nutribaby(+).

Have you discovered our complementary feeding range?!

  • BabyBols (£4.50-£8.99 RRP) – conveniently sized 2-in-1 airtight food bowls for storing, transporting and preserving baby meals. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer-safe. 
  • Up & Go Booster Seat (£34.99 RRP) - an ideal travel companion for weaning on-the-go
  • Compact Booster Seat (£44.99 RRP) – Ultra compact with multiple height positions as they grow and folds away to just 20cm!

For further information contact Babymoov on tel: 01823 772995 or email: sales@babymoov.com

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