Keeping Baby Quiet

abies are generally not born with any notion that they should sleep during the night! And some don't even appreciate that they should sleep at all!!! We're here to help.

Products that help baby settle to sleep is a growing market. Not because babies sleep less nor because parents of sleepless babies are any less tired but because they have easier access to what is available. If baby won't sleep a mum (or Dad!) can still browse the internet; no longer do they have to make themselves presentable and make the effort to head for the nearest nursery retailer. They can simply order online or at least know what to go out and buy.

Getting baby to sleep is often a case of establishing the right routine; getting the message across that it is bedtime. A warm bath, a soothing massage, a calm environment. There has been quite a bit of work to suggest that baby sleeping bags help settle baby. A nightlight in the room enables mum to check on baby without needing to switch on a light.

Talking of light, one major problem with slightly older children is they often need to settle to sleep when it's still light outside. And being light means they can see their toys and want to play. A blackout blind can make a big difference. It can also help keep toddlers in bed in the early mornings when it gets light early.

A soother is another popular way of settling a baby. Babies naturally like to suck and find it comforting. So a soother will often help a baby go to sleep. But that's not all. Recent research suggests that the use of a soother reduces the risk of cot death.

Noise is another surprising help. Some babies won’t settle because it is too quiet! The womb is a very noisy place. Traditionally, mothers used to sing lullabys and music often helps, although the latest research suggests pink rather than white noise is best – a variety of sounds but with a sort of swooshing feel to it.

A soft toy (or even as one friend's child insisted – a pair of mum's silk knickers!!) can be an essential to a baby's sense of well being. One useful tip with these is that Mum should sleep with the toy for a few days, so it carries her smell – babies have a very well developed sense of smell. The second important tip (perhaps more so for retailers) is that parents should buy two identical ones. One can so easily end up lost or left behind and a baby conditioned to sleep with a comforter rarely settles without it.

Lack of sleep is a form of torture. Let's help new parents avoid it!

Leopards and pandas from Nattou

Meet Lou Lou the panda, Lea the snow leopard and Hippolyte the hippopotamus – the latest collection from Nattou.

The whole range of cuddly characters, comforters, soft toys and nursery accessories will fit into any nursery theme with their neutral soft grey colour palette.

Nattou’s comforters or ‘doudou’s’ are the best sellers across all the Nattou collections, along with the hugely popular rockers – and the wonderful characters bring them to all to life. Suitable from birth, each doudou has soft ties that can be attached to their dummy for added security, or pushchair so they will never get left behind!

Nattou are experts in nursery décor and making a nursery come to life. From plush growth charts to musical toys and mobiles, Nattou have it covered.

Visit the Hippychick website to view all collections including current favourites Lili, Jade and Nina, Alex and Bibou and Max, Noa and Tom or call 01278 434440 to place an order.

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The innovative Whisbear

Over 100 000 worldwide parents cannot be wrong! Multi-award winning Whisbear® - the Humming Bear is a perfect sleep aid choice.

Whisbear, the Kind + Jugend 2016 Innovation Award Winner, features revolutionary and innovative sound device with CrySensor function, which activates automatically when baby starts crying. How does it work?

After an initial 40 minutes of shushing, when the baby is fast asleep, the shushing sound gently fades away and the device switches to a standby mode. During the standby mode, the device analysis the surrounding sounds and as soon as it recognises baby's cry it switches on automatically for additional 20 minutes. The CRYSensor function can also be switch on omitting the initial 40 minutes of shushing.

The Soft Start function gently switches the device on gradually adjusting the volume to the level it was switched off the last time. The volume can also be manually adjusted to suit the baby's needs.

Whisbear helps with:

  • Smooth transition from pre- to postnatal life 
  • improving baby’s bedtime routine, 
  • extending sleep time, 
  • feeling more rested

Whisbear is:

  • suitable from birth, 
  • Washable,
  • TUV Rheinland certified,
  • OEKO-TEX certified 
  • Filled with hypoallergenic stuffing, 
  • Available worldwide in 16 countries including USA and Australia 
  • Approved by the Mother and Baby Institute,
  • Recommended by the Sleep experts and by the paediatricians,
  • Used on maternity wards and recommended by the midwives

It is more than just a sleep aid!

Whisbear has been designed to encourage sensory and fine motor development by the use of the three different fabric textures and rustling elements inside paws and ears.

Whisbear design follows safe sleep guidelines, and for that there are magnets sawn in sawn in to the Bear paws to safely attach it to the side of the cot, Moses basket, car seat, pram handle or a changing bag.

For more information please contact
and visit

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ewan® the dream sheep is baaaariliant for sleep!

SweetDreamers® flagship product ewan the dream sheep® hit the market in 2010 and since then his popularity and acclaim has sky-rocketed, culminating in numerous award wins and sales of over 500,000 units to date!

Not only is ewan® uber cute and irresistible, he has magical powers too! ewan’s actual womb and heartbeat recordings, combined with natural and household sounds are emitted at the low base frequency that babies predominantly hear in the womb which is why he’s so effective. The soft pink ambient glow is again reminiscent of the womb and together these factors combine to produce an incredibly effective sleep aid.

ewan® has been joined by the adorable ewan snuggly® comforter. The snuggly® has already scooped up the Loved by Parents Gold Award, highlighting the brand can truly be trusted when it comes to comforting little ones!

Since SweetDreamers® launched their new grey fleece for ewan® and the snuggly® in July 2015 sales have reached the same success as the original purple ewan®. With the demand steadily growing for ‘ewan the grey’ SweetDreamers® are delighted by the increasing popularity of their sleep time brand.

For more information visit ring 02392 262332 or email

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Comforters and Soothers from Baby & More

As all of their products are dedicated to mum-inspired solutions, Baby & More know a thing or two about products to comfort baby.

The team at Baby & More are always on the look-out for new innovations and have added to their Mum 2 Mum range with the brand new Mum 2 Mum Teething Bandana Bib.

Made from the same high-quality fabric of the Mum 2 Mum bib range, the teething bib also features a lightweight silicone teether attached to the bib. What’s more, thanks to the 100% cotton upper and a waterproof nylon backing, the bib can be worn all day to a teething baby’s neckline dry and the teether will always be close at hand.

The original PaciGrip is part of the cool BooginHead offering and allows parents to hold teethers and soothers in place with a strong clasp that won’t pull off but is gentle on clothing. It fits all soother types and the PaciGrip collection features an array of colourways to stand out from the crowd. Compliant with all UK & EU safety guidelines the durable product is also washable. This popular product has been one of Baby & More’s best sellers since 2009.

Parents are always on the look-out for products that are not only functional but that have the added wow factor and the lightweight EZ Grip Fruit Teether range certainly tick both boxes. As well as looking good enough to eat in brightly coloured fruits including grapes, and strawberries, the EZ Grip Fruit Teethers allow babies to reach all parts of the mouth, massaging the gums. The unique design also stimulates the lip muscles, tongue and cheeks to develop a child’s essential oral motor skills. All teethers in the range are BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead free.

For further information, please contact Baby & More on 0333 014 4242

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Back to Sleep® Slumber Bear® / Bunny range from Prince Lionheart

In 1975 Dr. William Eller, a physician at Holy Cross Hospital, inserted a microphone into the womb of a pregnant woman and recorded the actual womb sounds a baby hears during pregnancy.

Dr. Eller thought that playing these familiar sounds would calm and reassure a newborn baby confronting his new environment outside the womb.

Dr. Eller’s findings were used exclusively by Prince Lionheart in the creation of Back to Sleep® Slumber Bear® / Bunny range, the ORIGINAL NATURAL AUDIO PACIFIER.

Since then, the Bear has been used by parents, doctors and midwives to help settle Babies so they get the sleep necessary for growth and good health. The “secret” is in our Soundbox with the use of ACTUAL womb sounds recorded moments before birth, INSIDE a pregnant woman’s womb. That secret is the key to the Bear’s success! A happy, sleeping Baby means parents get the sleep they need too!

No need for bear, just the science? Look no further with the Prince Lionheart eyeSLEEP. The original and authentic womb sounds encased in a friendly space guy with super suction cup feet to keep eyeSLEEP upright and alert! Sound and motion activated with 6-minute auto-shut off timer.
Authentic womb sounds = ZZZs!

Contact us on 020 8997 7054 or at or for further information.

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Pabobo, smart solutions for peaceful nights

Pabobo creates children’s sleep solutions for an “Easy Bedtime” and a “Good Sleep” all night long: portable night lights, luminous companions, stars projectors…

Pabobo has recently launched two brand new products on the UK market: the ambiance projector Calm Ocean and the magical lantern LumiBlo.

Calm Ocean projects a beautiful submarine environment, mixing underwater effects and swimming fishes, with a soft musical ambiance. Thanks to its sleep programs, Calm Ocean is efficient to soothe children. It contains two programs using various parameters (different rhythms and lights effects) to help children to fall asleep.

Last but not least, there is an optional “baby cry sensor” that turns-on automatically the ambiance projector if the baby cries during the night. With a relaxing womb sound, this program calms down the child and parents don’t have to wake-up!

LumiBlo is the second new product of Pabobo. Inspired by the traditional lantern, LumiBlo is magic… It turns-on and off with a simple breath!

Perfect to reassure children at bedtime and during the night, LumiBlo also help children finding their way in the dark.

This magical lantern is useful for parents too, helping them to watch over their kids or to feed their babies during the night. Lumiblo’s handle is practical to grab the night light or clip it anywhere.

UK & Ireland Distribution:
Clever Clogs
UK -, free phone: 0800 0518080
Ireland -, phone: +353 1 828 4823

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Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

The multi-award winning Milton Mini Soother Steriliser has been designed to deal with that everyday mum dilemma – how to safely clean a dropped soother.

BPA-free, small and watertight, the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser has been created to sterilise soothers on-the-go, and can be popped into a changing bag. The new improved design includes a more tactile attachment strap, a wider base opening for larger soothers, and advanced water bottle closure technology (instead of a silicone rim) for easier cleaning.

The Mini uses the tried and trusted Milton Method to sterilise soothers; simply add cold water and a Mini Sterilising Tablet and the Mini will kill bacteria and viruses in just fifteen minutes.

A soother will remain sterile for 24 hours in the solution so parents can always have a clean one to hand. Remember there is no need to rinse! The Milton method leaves no taste or odour and it is SAFE to use the soother immediately.

The Milton Mini is available in three vibrant colours – blue, green and purple. It is stylish, lightweight and watertight, making it the safe home for a child’s soother.

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Cuski for full term and prems

Along with the Original Cuski comforters/bamboo muslin Swandoodles for full term babies and toddlers, Cuski also have award-winning, NHS-approved ‘Cuski Miniboo’ which are helping premature babies and parents in the UK, and all over the world.

Cuski create a range of unique award winning products to help the 88,000+ premature babies born annually in the UK alone, who spend their first days and weeks and sometimes months inside an incubator rather than skin to skin with their mother.

Their range of Cuski Miniboos (a small soft anti-bacterial bamboo bonding aid) was immediately embraced by the whole neonatal team at the RVI, Newcastle. They noticed benefits straight away for babies and parents. They discovered it helped with breastfeeding, milk flow, soothing babies when lines are being put in, lowering blood pressure and helping parents and siblings/ twins cope with the separation and keeping the bond. For this reason Miniboos have their own NHS protocol/guidelines for use with the neonatal units.

As Suzy Cannizzo, founder of Cuski, explains: “The mother keeps one Cuski Miniboo on her person to pick up all those lovely mummy smells and then – in an ongoing process - places it next to baby in the incubator, swapping it for the second Cuski Miniboo which the baby has had with them.”

Sister Claire Ellerby who works on the Special Care Baby Unit at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary, introduced the Cuski Miniboo bonding aid initiative and guidelines to her unit and found it helped provide a connection between babies and their families via the powerful sense of smell. She also confirmed it helped greatly with their milk supply when expressing at home or breastfeeding. It can also be used with twins that have been separated.

Cuski Miniboo has won countless awards. It was chosen as one of the best eight practice initiatives in the UK by UNICEF and was also a finalist down to five nationally in the UK, for the Child Health Category with the RCNI awards. Cuski Miniboo is also NHS approved, made of washable bamboo rayon fibre with temperature regulating and antibacterial properties. Cuski Miniboos retail at £25 for a twin pack in a range of colours. After the age of three months, babies graduate to full-size Cuskis/Cuskiboos, £17.99. Miniboos are available in stores nationwide, but we are always looking to take on new retail accounts as parents always need spare Miniboos/Cuskis!

Please email to open an account.

Recently Cuski has taken premature care to another level with Claire’s Nest & Claire’s Clinical Nest, a small nest with wide straps, which goes inside the incubator and prevents flailing and gives a swaddling effect when babies cannot be swaddled. Cuski spent a lot of time with the Neonatal team at the RVI, Newcastle designing the perfect nest for babies in incubators. Claire’s Clinical Nest has boundaries that can be folded up or down to facilitate procedures, tubing and nappy changes.

“Claire’s Nest has safe soft boundaries to keep the baby stable and help provide a secure, cuddled and comfortable environment to sleep and grow in,” explains Sister Claire Ellerby, who helped to design the nest, which is named after her.

Available in four sizes, Claire’s Nest is made of ultra soft-combed cotton, and can be washed at temperatures up to 90 degrees C, dries on cool. Claire’s Nest is available to hospitals at £22.50 plus VAT, and retail at £39.99 from If you are a member of the medical team on NICU or SCBU and wish to purchase for your units, please contact and they will send you all the relevant information.

Cuski are now a part of developmental care undertaken in more and more units across the country and international with Claire’s Nest and Cuski Miniboo making a valuable contribution to the health and wellbeing of parents and babies born prematurely.

Just a handful of units using Miniboos & Cuski Claire’s Nests: The Royal Free, London, Alder Hey Children’s, Birmingham Children’s, Liverpool Women’s, The Royal London, Birmingham Women’s, Lister Hospital, GOSH, London, Glasgow Children’s Hospital, JCUH, Middlesbrough, The Portland, London plus 155 more units, along with children’s hospitals in Portugal, Israel, NZ, Bulgaria, India

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