Bathtime & Toiletries

athtime is one of the nicest times of the day with a small baby. However, all too often the things that make this so easy and enjoyable are stuck in the back of the shop or hidden away. This is a shame as there is a lot of innovation in this sector.

Not only is there a trend to making these products attractive there are also a number of technological advances. Technology? In a baby bath? I hear you say. But read the entries and see how a baby bath can be more of a thing to put water in!

As baby is removed from the bath a towel is needed, for somewhat obvious reasons. A baby towel is another ideal present, especially one which comes with a hood to keep baby’s head warm or even one that can be worn by mum or dad! These baby towels give the additional bonus that as they dry baby they cuddle him, thus improving the bond between parent and child. Again the choice of this sort of towel is growing, with the introduction of new fabrics such as bamboo.

As all retailers know, add on sales can make a big difference and there are a number of extras which can be useful – thermometers to ensure the water is at the right temperature, sponges, wash mitts as well as nail scissors, nasal aspirators and protectors for the taps.

With careful choice of product, baby isn’t the only thing that can clean up!!

Multi award-winning must-have for baby bathtime – plus ‘lifecycle’ of accessories

The multi award-winning ‘Handsfree’ Cuddledry® baby bath towel has maintained its position as Mumsnet’s ‘Best Gift for Newborn’ for the last nine years, and now this nursery staple has a range of accessories for perfect baby bathtimes.

Every new parent faces a stressful juggling act with towel and slippery wet baby, and bathtime can be a daunting prospect for any mum or dad. The Original ‘Handsfree’ baby towel attaches to mum or dad with an easy-release neckpiece, so that baby can be bathed and lifted from the water safely and confidently, and then snuggled quickly dry without anybody getting soaked in the process! The Cuddledry® is now a timeless classic – known and sold globally – which makes baby bathtime safe, simple and snug. It come beautifully boxed, and is made with luxuriously soft double layers of bamboo/cotton top quality towelling – snag-free and very long lasting.

The Cuddledry towel now forms the centrepiece of the Cuddledry ‘lifecycle’ of products for baby, toddler, and child bathtime and swim. Accessories for bathtime include natural sponges, super cute natural rubber ducks, the ‘Baby&Me’ clever travel washbag, sets of bamboo washcloths, bamboo washmitts, and more items being revealed during 2018. Brand new ‘dress up’ toddler and child towel designs will be launched this year – trending on Instagram each time – all making amazing gifts and something little ones truly love.

To be one of the first to hear the updates please email us on to be added to the ‘insiders’ list. And for more details about the full range available from leading bathtime brand Cuddledry call us on 01823 323363

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Bath-time bonding

Little Chick London’s gorgeous Bath Swaddle Robe for new-borns is a cross between a swaddle, a towel and a dressing gown.

This unique design allows important skin-to-skin contact with the parent – which stabilises the baby’s heart rate and body temperature; baby is 12 times less likely to cry, and in turn reduces anxiety in parents.

The New Born Bath Swaddle Robe – which won Highly Commended in the Baby Products Association’s 2017 BANTA Awards – is made from super soft bamboo towelling and is gentle on a baby’s skin but quick drying for warmth. The soft hooded towel has swaddle wings to wrap baby and a tie belt to help snuggle them dry.

The unique design keeps baby’s head, back and feet covered, but allows important skin to skin contact with the parent’s torso – creating the ultimate bonding experience which is so important in the early days and weeks of life.

For more information contact Rachelle Harel on: +44 7976 773486 or email:

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Keeping little nails trimmed

Trimming babies' nails is a universal problem and a daily struggle for parents but Stylfile's Nipper Clipper provides a much-needed solution.

The Nipper Clipper, by inventor Tom Pellereau, is the world's first baby nail clipper with a safety spy hole, baby nail file and distraction app that allows parents to trim nails safely and correctly. The innovative safety spy hole allows parents to see exactly what they are doing, while using a clipper that is sharp enough to trim and cut nails.

Cutting babies nails is often a daunting and traumatic experience which can result in injuries to both baby and parent. The scissor like action of the Nipper Clipper is smooth, sharp and almost silent, the baby file softens sharp edges, and the unique spy hole means painful accidents will be a thing of the past.

RRP: £9.99
Available from

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Babycare & bathtime products from Clippasafe

Bath safety is a priority for all parents, and Clippasafe have a range of baby care and bathtime products to help make parents life that bit easier.

Whether children love or loathe their splash in the bath, extra care and attention needs to be taken to make sure they're safe and comfortable and Clippasafe have a full range of products to make this experience enjoyable.

As hot bath water is a major cause of scalding injuries, testing the water is vital in finding the correct bathing temperature. There's a lot of uncertainty in this area, especially as a child's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's. Using our Floating Dolphin Bath Temperature Indicator instead of just a hand or elbow, is a much safer method.

Clippasafe products include eye guard to save shampoo getting into little one’s eyes and a slip mats to save them slipping in the bath.

Visit and check out our other useful products to keep the bathroom a safe and a happy environment.

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ClevaMama Apron Baby Bath Towel

Our multi-award winning towel is the safest baby towel on the market and is suitable for use from newborn to toddler. The towel also acts as a splash guard for parents, keeping their clothes dry, during baby’s “playtime at bathtime”.

X-large apron towel designed to fasten around the neck like an apron, giving parents two free hands to lift baby out of the bath. This super soft towel is large enough to completely wrap around baby and cover their head with the hood to keep the heat.

Features include:

  • 100% cotton towel that is gentle on baby’s soft and delicate skin
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Double pile for extra absorbency
  • Special weave for drying between fingers and toes

Presented in a beautiful box the ClevaMama Apron Baby Bath Towel makes the perfect gift and is sure to drive high volume sales in store.

Available colours: Cream, White, Pink and Blue

RRP: £15.49

+353 1 8770724

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Charli Chair: THE shower chair for babies

BPM International, who own and distribute Isoki, a fabulous range of award winning baby change bags and Silly Billyz bibs – an amazing range of bibs and related products - are now the UK Distributor for the new 2in1 Charli Chair.

Charli Chair is THE shower chair for babies.

New features and design

  • 2 in 1: bath & shower chair
  • Easy access to release water & refill
  • Sleek, light weight aluminium frame design


  • No sore knees or backache from bending, kneeling or lifting
  • Ideal if mum's had back problems or a c-section
  • Easier to bathe reluctant toddlers and children with disabilities
  • Great for asthmatic babies who benefit from shower steam
  • Perfect for infant bathing in places with no bath tub
  • Encourages kids to love showers right from birth
  • Quicker and uses less water - so parents save time, money, and the environment


  • Portable at just 3kg, you can take CharliChair everywhere
  • Suitable for ages/sizes from newborn up to 17kg
  • Three-level height adjustment between 83cm and 93cm
  • Multi-position recline
  • Works with adjustable and fixed shower heads
  • Comfortably fits shower bases as small as the size of 90cmx 90cm


  • Fully safety-tested meets all Australian, European and US safety standards
  • Five-point adjustable safety harness keeps baby safe while still letting parents wash backs and bums

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Shnuggle have bathtime all wrapped up!

Shnuggle, the clever award-winning baby products company are certainly no strangers when it comes to Bath time with the Shnuggle Bath continuing to be a firm favourite with consumers, celebrities and award judges alike.

Bathing is a big category expansion for Shnuggle in 2018 with new innovative launches all helping to make bath time an enjoyable experience for parent and baby.

The new Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand has been complements the Shnuggle bath perfectly and is a popular choice with new parents. Designed to raise baby to waist height makes it easier to bath baby especially for anyone who has had a caesarean section or suffers with back pain.
The SQUISHY Changing Mat which launched late 2017 is made from a warm foam, ensuring a room temperature surface, meaning baby is more comfortable during changing. Squishy has a very slight incline which helps not only with reflux, but also as a way of directing ‘little accidents’ away from baby.

The Shnuggle Towel is a clever design, keeping the towel in place on parent’s shoulder meaning hands are free to lift baby and snuggle them dry. The larger size towel offers great value for money and uses beautifully soft, luxury cotton which partners perfectly with the soft bamboo Shnuggle Washcloths.

Coming soon is brand new modern sensory bath toy – Wishy – will add to bath time fun with LED lights and easy to hold star design. And to finish the collection is Washy – the clever little jug that has a soft rim for tear free, fuss free hair washing.

For sales information:

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