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athtime is one of the nicest times of the day with a small baby. However, all too often the things that make this so easy and enjoyable are stuck in the back of the shop or hidden away. This is a shame as there is a lot of innovation in this sector.

Not only is there a trend to making these products attractive there are also a number of technological advances. Technology? In a baby bath? I hear you say. But read the entries and see how a baby bath can be more of a thing to put water in!

As baby is removed from the bath a towel is needed, for somewhat obvious reasons. A baby towel is another ideal present, especially one which comes with a hood to keep baby’s head warm or even one that can be worn by mum or dad! These baby towels give the additional bonus that as they dry baby they cuddle him, thus improving the bond between parent and child. Again the choice of this sort of towel is growing, with the introduction of new fabrics such as bamboo.

As all retailers know, add on sales can make a big difference and there are a number of extras which can be useful – thermometers to ensure the water is at the right temperature, sponges, wash mitts as well as nail scissors, nasal aspirators and protectors for the taps.

With careful choice of product, baby isn’t the only thing that can clean up!!

2017 to see expansion of Cuddledry range

This year will see some exciting new developments from leading international bathtime brand, Cuddledry. Best known for their multi award-winning ‘Handsfree’ Cuddledry® baby bath towel – the Cuddledry range has expanded in recent years to incl

In 2017 the Original ‘Handsfree’ towel is seeing a revamp, with beautiful new gift packaging being introduced and stylish colourways – as it is such a strong seller for gift buyers as well as a nursery ‘must-have’ for new parents. The Original Cuddledry baby towel attaches to mum or dad with an easy-release neckpiece, so that baby can be bathed and lifted from the water safely and confidently, and then snuggled quickly dry without anybody getting soaked in the process! The Cuddledry® is now a timeless classic – known and sold globally – which makes baby bathtime safe, simple and snug, not a stressful juggling act! Winner of the Mumsnet Best gift for a newborn for the last nine years running, the Cuddledry towel is a bathtime section staple.

Joining the classic Original in 2017 will be some exciting new products for babies, toddlers and parents – watch this space as they are gradually revealed!

To be one of the first to hear the updates please email us on to be added to the ‘insiders’ list. And for more details about the full range available from leading bathtime brand Cuddledry call us on 01823 323363

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Making tub time special

The bathroom—a place to savour the soap ’staches, splish splashes, and stories from the day. It’s about removing the dirt from a day well-lived, bonding over bath toys and silly games and taking a moment to cherish the damp mop-head snuggling f

For the things floating in the tub, use the Prince Lionheart bathHAMMOCK to get tub toys up and out of the way. With stretchy material expanding to 4ft with three suction cups, the bathHAMMOCK holds up to 10 lbs (4.5kg) of toys. #4106 | RRP £8.99.

Prince Lionheart has been wanting to make bath time a little safer, but not wanting children sharing the same water with a germ magnet. The Prince Lionheart puzzle-like bathmat, with its non-slip grip and five suction cups keeping each piece securely in place, is easy to clean and anti-microbial. #7451-18 PCS | RRP £14.99

Encourage interaction between parent and child at bath time with the Prince Lionheart bathPUZZLE. A lightweight waterproof puzzle that floats on water and sticks to walls helps develop fine motor and problem solving skills. #7463 Ocean/Dino 2 pk, #7464 Zoo/Farm 2 pk | RRP £8.99.

Make tub time special with Prince Lionheart.

For more information contact us at or call us on 0208 9977054.

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ClevaMama® Baby Changing Bag

Whether parents want to carry everything their baby owns or just the bare essentials, ClevaMama's Baby Changing Bag offers plenty of interior and exterior compartments.

Take the stress out of nappy changing at home with ClevaMama’s stylish Alessia Caddy. A simple daily refill or check ensures everything needed during a nappy change is only an arm’s reach away.

The features include:

  • Perfect for storing and organising all baby's nappy changing needs in one easy-to-access place
  • Holds at least 15 nappies, wipes, lotions, ointments and much more in multiple storage pockets
  • Easily portable for around the home or on the go

Available in Grey and Navy with a RRP of just £19.99 they are sure to be a hit with your customers.

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Shnuggle Bath - loved by consumers and celebs!

The multi award-winning Shnuggle bath is the bath of choice when it comes to consumers and celebrities!

The gorgeous bath is designed to grow with baby and has been carefully crafted to be a safe and secure place to bath baby, providing comfort and less stress for parents!

As well as winning expert panel and consumer choice awards, Izzy Judd was recently seen with one on Twitter!

Stage 1 - Supported: Baby feels safe and secure, and after a few months giving both hands free to wash and play with baby. This makes bath time an enjoyable bonding experience.

Stage 2 - Sitting: As baby starts to sit forwards, the Bum Bump makes them feel secure while giving them a feeling of independence.

The bath is also an excellent aid for babies who may have additional needs and need more support during bath time. This support makes bath time safer and less stressful, while helping baby to continue to develop important motor skills and core strength.

Simple, safe and oh so stylish!

For further information, contact:

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Aqua Scale Digital Baby Bath

New parents and paediatricians agree that healthy weight gain is crucial in the first few months of a child's life. This 3-in-1 digital baby bath features patented technology that enables it to weigh baby in the tub, with or without water!

The innovative software calculates baby's precise weight on the backlit LCD display screen. The bath's built-in thermometer provides a fast and accurate reading of the bath water temperature.

The unique ergonomic shape and anti-slip panel provides extra peace of mind at bath time, with a large plughole for drainage and space for soaps and baby wash.

  • Suitable to use from birth up to two years old (or can sit up unassisted)
  • Converts from newborn to toddler tub by removing insert
  • Anti-slip pad for added safety and comfort
  • Digital scale function measures in ounces or kilograms – with or without water 
  • Scale adjusts to compensate for the weight and the movement of water
  • Memory functions store baby's previous weight for simple tracking
  • Thermometer continuously monitors water temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

For sales contact Kooltrade on 0161 335 2500 or at

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Beautiful bathtime essentials from OK Baby

OK Baby have been designing and manufacturing high quality, stylish, practical bathing and baby care products in Italy for over 30 years.

OK Baby’s Opla range offers a variety of baths to suit any home including the classic Opla Baby Bath; a spacious bath with integral, ergonomic support for little ones and plenty of sitting space for older babies, plus storage space for toiletries or rubber ducks! All OK Baby baths are supplied with an integral liquid crystal thermometer.

Onda Evolution features an added injection moulded anti-slip surface to the interior, whilst the Opla Baby Shower Bath is a compact bath, perfect for use in showers or homes short on space and a reassuring space for smaller babies.

To see the full range of OK Baby products visit where you also find bath rings and supports, rinsing cups plus a wide selection of excellent toilet training aids.

For sales, contact Kooltrade on 0161 335 2500 or at

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