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ne of the problems with selling mattresses is that a cheap one can look very much like an expensive one – a white slab of – well – anything really! I am shocked at what little information there is aro

It’s usually the bare minimum of description with no attempt to explain why a baby needs a good quality surface on which to spend most of their time. Personally I found it all a bit confusing trying to work out which is the best one to buy. “The correct choice of mattress will provide a better night’s sleep for your child and peace of mind for you” isn’t exactly informative. “Ideal as a basic mattress” means what exactly? And most of the online reviews are positive!

The importance of getting the right size mattress for the cot is rarely clearly stated which is appalling when you realise the child’s life could depend on not having a gap between mattress and cot side.

We seem to have slipped back to the days when a mattress was simply an extra cost when buying a cot and therefore the cheaper the better. Not only is this not the best option for baby, it isn’t the best for retailers either!

And when it comes to sleeping there are other little add-ons which a canny retailer can sell – note the word ‘sell’. Consumers rarely hunt for things such as sleep positioners and breathable bumpers – they don’t know they exist.

Look out for these extra profits!

ClevaMama ClevaSleep+

The ClevaMama ClevaSleep+® Positioner elevates baby to ease the discomfort caused by reflux, colic, nasal congestion as well as aiding digestion.

The newly designed positioner has adjustable straps and a three-point harness that grows with baby. The slight elevation also helps provide a more comfortable and peaceful sleep for babies.

Made using ClevaFoam® technology, which was researched and developed with the Trinity College University in Dublin. ClevaFoam® it is scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on the back of a baby’s head by 50% and increase support by 80%, thereby helping to prevent Flat Head Syndrome.

  • Elevated to help relieve the effects of colic and reflux
  • Made using ClevaFoam® technology to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome
  • Adjustable three-point harness to grow with baby
  • Promotes “Back to Sleep” resting position as recommended to help prevent SIDS

The ClevaSleep+ can be used from birth and is suitable up to 6 – 7 months (this will vary from baby to baby).

The cover is removable and machine washable according to the instructions on the care label.

RRP: £49.99

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Babymoov: Pregnancy & Baby Sleep Solutions

Babymoov has sleep covered when it comes to both mother and baby, with a selection of products designed to aid comfort and rest.

Thanks to the new ‘9-months of b’ product range, comprising the Dream Belt (£39.99 RRP) and Mum & b Maternity Pillow (£34.99 RRP), sleepless nights should be a thing of the past for mums-to-be!

The Dream Belt's unobtrusive design is suited to each stage of pregnancy and follows the mother's natural movements during sleep, providing a superior alternative to conventional pregnancy pillows. For even greater support, it can be used in conjunction with the versatile, ergonomically shaped Mum & b maternity pillow, which doubles-up to become a handy nursing cushion once baby is born.

To assist baby’s transition to dreamland, Babymoov has created the new Cosydream+ (£69.99 RRP) and Lovenest+ (£19.99 RRP).

The Cosydream+ is the first sleep positioner to include a 15-degree incline, gently elevating baby’s body to aid digestion and keep airways clear, delivering the ideal anatomical position for newborn babies. The womb-like environment helps soothe and reassure baby.

The innovative design of the Lovenest+ baby pillow offers support without restricting movement, and features a special incline to help maintain the natural curvature of the skull. Antibacterial, thermoregulating Coolmax® fabric ensures optimum comfort. Suitable from birth to 6m, it can be used in pushchairs, bouncers and cots.

For further information contact Simon Winskill on tel: 01823 772995 or email:

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Babywise Mattress Factory

For almost 30 years, Babywise has been well known throughout the trade for their high quality baby and children's mattresses, supplying the nursery, furniture, hotel, leisure, educational, childcare and health industries.

If you’re looking for any type or size of mattress, Babywise will certainly be able to help you.

A family run business, Babywise have been making nursery mattresses for many well-known high street brands throughout the UK for over 25 years. Their dedication and passion to their product and their personal service has rewarded them with many clients including: mainstream retailers, independent retailers, NHS, ecommerce sellers and many, many others.

Their mattresses are available in any size or shape from pram and crib size to the largest of cot beds. They offer a choice of foam, spring and natural fibre fillings and high quality covers: everything from their naturals range to their scented fabrics: there’s something for everybody. Everything from the budget range to the most luxurious.

Recent additions to their range of mattresses include the micro pocket springs and natural fillings which include hemp and cashmere.

In addition their huge range of mattresses, Babywise is THE place for innovative changing mats and they also have a fantastic range of nursing cushions.

Each mattress is made to order and they offer drop shipping and own branding.

For more information on any Babywise product, please contact Kathy or any of the team.

They’ll be glad to help out, or just send Kathy an email:

T: 01254 760750
F: 01254 772063

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AIRWRAP™ - Cot bumper alternative

Australian brand AIRWRAP™ are the market leader in breathable cot bumper alternatives, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment for baby.

Airwrap forms a padded, protective layer inside the cot to keep arms, legs, pacifiers and favourite toys safely inside and protects baby against bumps and knocks for improved comfort, peace of mind and a better night’s sleep for parents and babies.

Unlike traditional cot bumpers and many other alternatives, Airwrap has been engineered with vented corners and superior fit to ensure maximum airflow into the cot in addition to using breathable materials.

Each panel is made from a bouncy mesh core encased in 100% cotton muslin, so it’s completely breathable with a natural feel and finish. Along with breathability, the mesh core material has been specially selected for its squishy qualities. If stood on, it will squash down and spring back into shape afterwards, so it can’t be used by infants to climb out of their cot.

Airwrap designers measured hundreds of baby beds during development to ensure maximum adjustability and compatibility with most cots and cot beds on the market, plus secure Velcro fastenings ensure no loose, sagging fabric or dangling bumper ties!

Available in blue stars, pink stars or silver stars or white mesh (white mesh supplied without cotton muslin outer).

Find out why Airwrap is the UK and Australia’s No. 1 breathable bumper solution, call Kooltrade Sales on 0161 335 2500 or email

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The East Coast collection

East Coast Nursery offer a comprehensive range of mattresses, designed to give consumers a choice of construction and varying levels of support.

The range comprises:

  • Two foam mattresses, with either a wipe-clean or washable cover
  • Fibre mattress with a breathable, washable cover
  • Spring mattress, containing a supportive Bonnell spring unit wrapped in dent-resistant foam, with a breathable, washable cover
  • Pocket sprung mattress, offering exceptional support with individual springs, high-grade foam and a breathable, washable cover
  • All Natural mattress, made with natural coir and wool with a quilted bamboo cover

For 2017, there are three new additions, offering extra filling and cover options:

Airflow Foam Mattress, filled with layers of ‘eggbox’ shaped, dent-resistant foam, giving excellent support and allowing air to flow through the mattress. The hypo-allergenic, washable cover is topped with microfiber, for comfort and protection from allergens.

All Seasons Mattress, with a double-sided cover to keep baby comfortable all year round. In summer, the Coolplus side will wick away sweat and help fresh air flow, while in winter the quilted Warmsense side helps to retain the warmth. This mattress contains a spring unit wrapped in dent resistant foam, offering excellent support.

Cleaner Sleep Mattress, constructed with a micro pocket springs and superior-grade foam, for premium comfort and support. The quilted cover is made with Amicor luxury anti-microbial fabric, to prevent allergens and dustmites.

The full range of East Coast mattresses are proudly made in the UK.

Tel: 01692 408802

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Tranquillity Mattress by Merifor®

When baby is put in the cot parents need reassurance that their most precious gift is as comfortable and protected as can be as they leave them to sleep.

The cot mattress is intrinsic to a child’s wellbeing so it is important to explore options from specialist brands in this field, such as Merifor.

The Merifor brand draws on many years of skill, expertise and knowledge to make some of the most advanced cot mattresses in the world. The Tranquillity mattress is designed to encompass the latest clinical research and the most advanced technology available. Using Ellergenic® technology it has twin covers which actively combat germs and allergens, protecting our future dreamers.

The Merifor Tranquillity has:

  • Twin interior with adaptive springs that extends comfort and support as a child grows.
  • Sealed mattress using Ellergenic® technology to protect against germs and allergens. 
  • Merifor Allergy Protection (MAP™). 
  • Three dimensional lofted fabrics which improve airflow and breathability around the child. 
  • Twin cover so the mattress can be safely used when the outer cover is being washed.

The Merifor range is launching in September 2017 and will be available in cot bed, cot, travel, crib and moses sizes.

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