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ne of the problems with selling mattresses is that a cheap one can look very much like an expensive one – a white slab of – well – anything really! I am shocked at what little information there is around.

It’s usually the bare minimum of description with no attempt to explain why a baby needs a good quality surface on which to spend most of their time. Personally I found it all a bit confusing trying to work out which is the best one to buy. “The correct choice of mattress will provide a better night’s sleep for your child and peace of mind for you” isn’t exactly informative. “Ideal as a basic mattress” means what exactly? And most of the online reviews are positive!

The importance of getting the right size mattress for the cot is rarely clearly stated which is appalling when you realise the child’s life could depend on not having a gap between mattress and cot side.

We seem to have slipped back to the days when a mattress was simply an extra cost when buying a cot and therefore the cheaper the better. Not only is this not the best option for baby, it isn’t the best for retailers either!

And when it comes to sleeping there are other little add-ons which a canny retailer can sell – note the word ‘sell’. Consumers rarely hunt for things such as sleep positioners and breathable bumpers – they don’t know they exist.

Look out for these extra profits!


NaturalStart by Harrison Spinks, a range of cot mattresses crafted by the award winning British family bed makers.

Harrison Spinks have used their 175 years in the luxury bed manufacturing industry to create a range of cot mattresses designed to deliver the best start in life for baby.

By combining their world leading spring technology with 100% natural fillings, some of which come from their own 300 acre farm in Yorkshire, NaturalStart mattresses adapt to the sleeping position of a baby to ensure perfect postural support meaning a less disturbed sleep.

NaturalStart mattresses use BabySprings ®; the world’s smallest pocket springs. Producing these in a patented sheet format; means they are flexible and supportive on the head and neck and being motion activated, they also adapt to baby’s sleeping position.

Layered within the high spring count is 100% natural fillings: Herdwick wool, cotton, mohair, hemp and extra supportive coir fibre. Super soft Herdwick wool is springy, naturally anti-bacterial and inherently fire retardant. Cotton wicks away moisture and lavish mohair has excellent temperature control properties keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer. These combined with home-grown hemp from Harrison Spinks’ own farm, which is naturally resilient to mildew, means the mattress stays fresh and hygienic for baby, providing a natural but luxurious night’s sleep.

Sleep is essential for baby’s brain development and physical growth and a NaturalStart mattress is designed with baby’s wellbeing in mind.

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SimplySwaddle, easy change – exclusive to independents via BabyBase Wholesale

Little Chick London and Babybase Wholesale, working in partnership, have launched the gorgeous new SimplySwaddle with easy change press stud fastenings for those night time nappy changes.

This kimono style wrap is both innovative and cute with unique design features – press stud fastenings for easy nappy changing and wider at the hips to allow lower body movement, so that baby’s legs can move into the ‘frog’ position rather than be held straight. This fabulous new product is available only to independent retailers via Babybase

Available in three sizes, including the unique Tiny baby size for premature babies – designed specifically for very little babies; helping to make baby feel secure and, with mums in mind, with those fiddly night-time changes

For more information about Little Chick London contact Rachelle Harel on 07976 773486 or email:

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Superior safety for all standard cribs

The Little Chick London breathable crib mattress provides the ultimate all-round safe sleep solution for babies when combined with the Little Chick London bed-side crib.

It can also be used with other brands of crib requiring a standard crib-sized mattress.

The mattress, which is 90 x 40 x 5 cm, fits many well-known branded cots and bedside cribs providing retailers with a high level of potential sales opportunities.

Using the latest technology in high performance fabrics, the three-layered cover has a breathable, air permeable surface with a 3D sandwich mesh filling and water-resistant backing. The polyester core provides superior support, is breathable, anti-allergen and unlike foam, will not yellow over time.

The removable machine washable cover is fast drying making it extremely hygienic and practical; and meeting the requirements of BS 1877-10:2011 Part 10 for the Safety of Mattresses, provides parents with the reassurance that they have chosen the safest sleep surface possible for their little one’s crib.

For more information contact Rachelle Harel on 07976 773486 or email:

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Cosy comfort from trusted brand

BreathableBaby – the trusted brand to provide safer sleep solutions for babies – recently revealed fresh new branding including a stylish new logo guaranteed to capture the already booming UK market, as well as new en-trend colours.

In addition, packaging includes clearer messaging for the consumer defining the products’ USP.

BreathableBaby’s attractive range of cot and crib liners made with breathable fabric which helps to promote airflow, reducing the risk of suffocation and helping to keep the cot from overheating, especially in the hot summer months to come. {hoping are we? - Ed}

The BreathableBaby brand offers retailers the widest choice in the industry with sizes to fit almost any crib or cot, with two-sided and four-sided versions in colours and patterns to suit every fashion and taste.

Not to be missed is the hugely popular Tiny Tatty Teddy Mesh Cot Liner featuring little boys’ and girls’ favourite grey teddy bear. Launched at Harrogate, Owl Story was a huge hit and sure to be 2018’s sell out. BreathableBaby is available direct from BreathableBaby Uk or from our nominated wholesalers, BabyBase and Ardega. Whether direct or wholesale, you still benefit from the same great margin, promotional support and good quality product images.

For more information contact

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Serenity Mattress by Merifor®

When baby is put in the cot parents need reassurance that their most precious gift is as comfortable and protected as can be as they leave them to sleep.

The cot mattress is intrinsic to a child’s wellbeing so it is important to explore options from specialist brands in this field, such as Merifor.

The award winning Merifor brand draws on 25 years of skill, expertise and knowledge to make some of the most advanced cot mattresses in the world. The Serenity mattress is designed to encompass the latest clinical research and the most advanced technology available with a supportive pocket spring mattress that adapts to baby’s changing weight and shape. The unique waterproof sealed inner core and heat regulating outer cover with anti-allergy properties, provide the best sleeping environment to protect our future dreamers. This mattress also comes with a three-year guarantee to give long lasting protection and reassurance.

The Merifor Serenity has:

  • Supportive pocket springs that adapt to baby’s changing weight and shape 
  • Crush resistant side walls for added strength and stability 
  • Three dimensional lofted fabrics which improve airflow and breathability around the child. 
  • Sealed mattress using Ellergenic® technology to protect against germs and allergens. 
  • Removable washable (60°) outer cover with heat adaptive and anti-allergy properties for the ultimate protection
  • Merifor Allergy Protection (MAP™)
  • The inner cover can still be used whilst the outer cover is in the wash
  • This product has won a Which? Best Buy 
  • Three-year guarantee

The Merifor range offers nine products and is available in cot bed, cot, travel, crib and moses sizes.

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ClevaMama® ClevaSleep® Pod & Play Arch

ClevaMama® is delighted to announce the launch of the latest addition to their luxurious baby sleep pod, the ClevaSleep Pod® Play Arch designed to promote sensory development.

ClevaSleep® Pod gives baby a safe and snug sleeping environment. Using ClevaFoam® technology to prevent Flat Head Syndrome, this soft luxurious and breathable pod supports baby’s entire body from head to toe during those early months when they are growing at their fastest rate.

The sleep pod is ideal for newborn and can be used in a crib, cot or when co-sleeping. Our portable pod is perfect for use around the home or when travelling, great for tummy time, as a changing station and now you can easily transform it into a colourful and interactive play gym with the help of the Play Arch.

The vibrant colours and textures of the detachable toys stimulate and support baby`s development while they sit in their sleep pod. It also encourages baby to explore; helps strengthen their muscles, develops their fine motor skills and stimulates their imagination.

Features include:

  • Breathable, hypoallergenic with certified filling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Removable and machine washable cover, according to the care label instructions
  • Product dimensions: 52 x 87 cm

The ClevaSleep® Pod can be used from birth and is suitable up to 6 months (this will vary from baby to baby). Replacement cover is available.

  • ClevaSleep® Pod RRP: £69.99
  • ClevaSleep® Play Arch RRP: £22.99

+353 1 8770724

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Babymoov: Pregnancy & Baby Comfort Solutions

When it comes to the ultimate sleep and comfort aids for both mother AND baby, Babymoov has it covered with a selection of must-have products including the Cosydream and the pregnancy Dream Belt.

Both products have been co-created with midwives that have taken the market by storm, winning SEVEN awards in ONE year!

Thanks to the new ‘9months of b’ product range, comprising of the Dream Belt (£39.99 RRP) and Mum & b Maternity Pillow (£34.99 RRP), not only will sleepless nights will be a thing of the past for pregnant mums but also guarantees this winning recommendation will keep happy mums-to-be coming back to you for their baby essentials, too!

The Dream Belt's unobtrusive and lightweight design is suited to each stage of pregnancy and follows the mother's natural movements during sleep, providing a superior alternative to conventional pregnancy pillows. Choose from our best-selling ‘Dotwork’ grey or gorgeous NEW ‘Rose Gold’ colour way - both are also now available in two sizes, XS/S for the more petite bump or M/XL. For warmer summer months, the brand NEW Bamboo Fresh Dream Belt is made from a super-soft breathable bamboo fabric to ensure mums-to-be stay cool as well as comfortable while they sleep. For even greater support, it can be used in conjunction with the 2-in-1 ergonomically shaped Mum & b Maternity Pillow, which doubles-up to become a nursing cushion once baby has arrived! The maternity pillow can be colour co-ordinated with the Dream Belt.

To enhance baby’s physical support and comfort in the early stages, the Cosydream (£39.99 RRP) was co-created with midwives and the Lovenest+ (£19.99 RRP) developed by a paediatrician more specifically for crucial head support as a preventative of flat head syndrome. For the perfect resting support for baby, the Cosydream creates an ergonomic and snug space to soothe and reassure baby. This cocooning leg and head support is also perfectly shaped to baby’s natural fetal position, giving them ultimate comfort. Suitable from birth.

For further information contact our team on 01823 772995 or

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B-Sensible's mission for a better night's sleep

B-Sensible is one of Europe’s leading retailers in bedding. Its mission? To ensure that families have a better night’s sleep. B-Sensible produce unique, breathable and waterproof bedding for adults, children and babies.

With products starting from just £16, B-Sensible ranges from fitted sheets in all sizes to durable pillow protectors. Coming in over 15 different colours, there is a shade to suit every style.

Made from Tencel originating from eucalyptus and beech trees, their sheets are the first 2 in 1 fitted protector that acts like a second skin and is as soft as silk and as cool as linen. As it’s both a fitted sheet and protector, parants won’t need to use another mattress protector alongside it.

B-Sensible’s bedding properties are endless. 100% natural surface, its sheets absorbs 50% faster than cotton and dry fourteen times faster! This means every B-Sensible creation is waterproof, preventing sweat and dust-mites penetrating the pillow and mattress.

Each sheet and pillow protector are completely thermo-regulating meaning it will keep sleepers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No matter how many times it's washed, the fibres of their unique combination will remain unchanged so long as parents follow their simple care guide.

One of their most popular ranges is their award-winning B-Sensible for baby. A fresh and innovative range of beautifully soft, breathable, and waterproof bedding is soft to the skin and made from 100% natural fibers. It comes in a selection of sizes from Cots to Cot Beds.

Soft to the skin, highly hygienic and natural fibers, B-Sensible is the ultimate choice for a better night’s sleep.

For more information, visit

For trade enquiries please contact

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Natural quality from The Little Green Sheep

The Little Green Sheep is dedicated to making quality mattresses the natural way, away from chemicals and using only the best quality natural ingredients.

Inspired over ten years ago by the little-known fact that chemical fire-retardant sprays are used on many baby mattresses. The Little Green Sheep set out to create the best quality baby mattresses using only four natural ingredients to create a pure and healthy sleep environment for every little one, away from toxins and harmful chemicals.

50,000 mattresses later, we still love and are proud to provide little ones with the most natural night's sleep possible and are ever expanding our product range.

What’s inside...

  • Luxurious cotton aids breathability and has been grown without the use of pesticides
  • Hypo-allergenic and temperature regulating, comfy layers of organic sheep’s wool remove the need for chemical fire retardant sprays due to its natural fire-proofing properties
  • Derived from the Hevea tree, natural latex binds the coconut fibres and acts as a comfy, supportive layer
  • Coconut fibres form a supportive core, acting as thousands of tiny springs and reducing pressure points

For more information head over to our website or email or call 01789 734022

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