Nappies, Wipes and Changing Mats

appy changing is what motherhood is about – or so it seems at times. The trend to using washable nappies is continuing and the good news is that these are sold in nursery shops, bringing in more customers and more ££ into the till.

For many parents it's no longer the case of 'shall I use washable' but 'which washable'. A good choice is becoming more important. Selling a full set of washable nappies should be as important as selling a buggy or a cot!

The use of nappies is one thing that distinguishes humans from other animals. In ancient times they used leaves or animal skins. Swaddling bands were strips of linen or wool that were tightly wrapped around baby. By the 1500s, the nappy was changed around once every three days! By the 19th century, babies were wearing nappies similar to modern ones, but boiling nappies to clean them and reduce nappy rash didn’t become commonplace until the beginning of the 20th century. Goodness know what our ancestors’ bums looked like – undoubtedly red and raw!!! Waterproof covers made their appearance in the late 1940’s with the first disposable being launched onto the market in 1956. Progress was rapid with absorbency and fit being improved, with absorbent polymers being added in 1987. Around this time, the vast majority of babies were in disposable nappies.

Disposable nappies are highly advertised with the large amounts of space given over to them on the supermarket shelves but media interest in global warming, and all things environmental is pushing up the awareness that disposable nappies form a significant percentage of landfill rubbish. There still appears to be a need, however, to convince some parents that overall, using washables IS cheaper than buying disposables. A significant number of mums to be are put off by spending it in one go rather than spreading it out over two years.

Cotton nappies are now mainstream and fast becoming fashion items! It's not only about how well they work but how pretty baby can look. We have bright prints, block colours, even fluffy bums! It's all a very long way from the ugly plastic pants my kids were in!

Babymoov launches new changing bags collections!

Working closely with parents, Babymoov has produced a new collection of changing bags that enable parents to fuel their inner fashionista without sacrificing the practicalities of a conventional changing bag.

Parents can now choose between two new original designs that combine flair and functionality: Trendy and Urban.

These new bags will complete a wide selection of colours and patterns available in each style (Style, Baby Style, Essential, Traveller, Glitter, and City), guaranteeing a match to any outfit, pushchair or occasion!

The inspired unisex styling of the new Trendy and Urban bags means that Dads can also enjoy the practicality and style of a Babymoov changing bag when out and about.

Mums can be ahead of the trend by choosing between the glamorous Style bag, designed for day outings. Fashionista’s may prefer the uber-chic Glitter bag which is sure to turn heads, whilst the elegance of the City bag adds a little ‘oh-la-la’ to any outfit.

Designed to last, the bags are multifunctional and can be used before, during and after babyhood. The expansive Traveller can be used as airline cabin baggage (complies with IATA rules), makes a perfect hospital bag and is great for overnight stays. And the Essential is the ideal bag for a week-end excursion.

With a generous selection of accessories and plenty of storage to stow away the baby gear and more, parents can feel confident in the knowledge their needs are accommodated.

Prices start at just £34.99. All bags come with a lifetime warranty as standard.

For more information on the new Babymoov changing bags, or to reserve a new catalogue, please contact: Simon Winskill, 01823 772995 -

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Shnuggle - changing the way we change bums!

The clever folks at Shnuggle have been working to develop a brilliant new changing solution -

New for Q4, BumGo is a brilliant changing wrap and mat in one with an ‘always ready’ wipes dispenser - perfect for mums and dads on the run!

Less rummaging for essentials means less worry for parents during nappy changes or when sorting out spills or spit up. In a gorgeous and practical grey with a chevron designed mat, the BumGo can be used as a standalone product or can easily fit into a larger changing bag of parent’s choice.

Simply open out BumGo to access baby’s essentials in the handy pockets and unfold the included changing mat. Or simply pull a wipe when needed from the top when BumGo is folded.

Simple and oh so stylish.

For more information, contact

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Reusable nappies for everyone!

The Belgian brand Bambinex now has a full range of products, that will suit all babies’ needs.

Bambinex enjoys a very strong reputation as an honest manufacturer and guarantees flawless service to its customers. Our smooth, simple and unlimited transport arrangements ensure that working with Bambinex is an attractive and profitable business.

As a manufacturer, Bambinex focuses very clearly on the quality control applied to all of its merchandise. All products are designed for maximum comfort for both babies and parents.

The Bambinex assortment exists of two types of baby nappies, swim nappies, training pants, accessories and adult nappies.

The Soft-Line is the classic bamboo nappy that comes in two sizes (3.5 kg-10 kg and 10 kg-20 kg). The Basic-Line is simple and very thin, using a bamboo or microfiber booster. Both lines use the same adjustable one-size wrap. This wrap provides a perfect fit, avoids leaks and is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

If you are interested in the Bambinex range, the way we operate and our promotions, please contact us!

Lar C 25
8930 Rekkem
T: 0032 56 430 114

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Wonderoos seasonal prints

With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, Wonderoos V3 has three delightful seasonal prints to celebrate the season.

The three gender-neutral designs – Elf Magic, Polar Life, and Monsters – have been created by an exciting young British designer. Elf Magic is a limited edition print, while the other two designs have been added to the long-term design portfolio.

Christine McRitchie, Wonderoos brand owner, comments: “Our autumn and winter prints really add to the playful fun and magic of the season. Many parents seek unique designs that are themed around specific celebrations and the Wonderoos prints meet that demand.”

Wonderoos V3 are the original single-sized pocket nappy and have been awarded a gold Prima baby award 2016 and Mumsnet Best Award for the third consecutive year.

01865 407 574

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Maguari ‘bags’ two new brands!

With years of invaluable experience in the changing bag sector, Maguari is delighted to have added not just one, but two top quality baby changing bag brands to its portfolio over the summer.

Just last month, the company announced its acquisition of Pink Lining, a brand that Maguari had always admired and considered ‘one to watch’. With a collection of popular bags such as the pretty but functional Yummy Mummy, a ‘hands-free’ rucksack-style Wonderbag and the chic and sophisticated looking Notting Hill Tote, Maguari has great plans for Pink Lining, both here in the UK and further afield.

Earlier in the summer, Maguari secured the distribution rights for the MELOBABY brand. Proud to have the super stylish and extremely practical MELOTOTE changing bag now within its portfolio, Maguari is confident this is a changing bag that parents will become smitten with, and its award-winning design guarantees it will be used long after baby is out of nappies! Also in the range is the DELUXE Nappy Wallet and Change Mat, providing all the changing essentials in a stylish, neat wallet that fits easily into a handbag.

Maguari will be supporting both the Pink Lining and MELOBABY brands with a strong PR and marketing programme, including print and online media placements, as well as digital marketing through social media and a host of key influencers. Retailers can be assured that new mums will be hearing great things about these two brands, and actively seeking out these stylish and practical changing bags.

For more details visit Maguari at or telephone 01293 592170

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Take the plunge and save with Splash About’s new baby swim bundle!

An award-winning combination; mix n’ match Splash About’s anti-bacterial changing mat with its swim-school approved neoprene swim nappy, the Happy Nappy, and baby is all set for the pool!

Toilets and baby change areas are a breeding-ground for germs; Splash About’s changing mat with anti-bacterial foam and non-slip backing provides a clean, safe surface for babies, wherever they are.

Longer than regular changing mats and made from soft, heat-reflecting foam that keeps babies insulated from cold, this mat is perfect for poolside changing, easing the transition from chilly water to changing mat. Ideal for holidays or every day use, this changing mat is lightweight, rolls up easily and has a carry handle, plus it’s wipe clean and dries instantly.

Over 100,000 babies swim weekly in a Happy Nappy. British Standard guidelines for baby swimming recommend all children under three years wear a neoprene swim nappy to protect against leaks in the pool and keep the water safe, which is why 95% of UK swim schools recommend the Happy Nappy.

The Happy Nappy works effectively without a disposable swim nappy underneath so it’s cost effective and eco-friendly too.

Changing mats available in pink, navy and turquoise, bundle with a Happy Nappy and save 15%!

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A design visionary

OiOi products continue to evolve. With new product launches every six months, this front foot approach to design is a key differentiator for the OiOi brand in the ever-growing baby bag market.

OiOi prides itself on maintaining products that are practical for parents, yet takes lead on high-end fashion trends that define the look of the moment. This results in stylish, sophisticated designs that fit the look of a parent's life for the now. Their product design and function is unsurpassed, inspiring parents with a fun, competitive edge.

OiOi have been recognised for outstanding design and function in over 20 global awards:

  • Junior Design Awards UK
  • Baby & Pregnancy Fashion Awards
  • Loved By Parents Awards
  • Kids Fashion Review Style Awards
  • Mother & Baby Awards
  • Essential Baby Awards
  • Mom Trends Must Haves
  • Best Baby & Toddler Gear Nursery Trader Awards
  • OH Baby Awards

Pure Integrity
OiOi holds integrity in all aspects of business with customers, retailers and distributors. Business owners are accessible, honest and passionate about creating and delivering a high quality, value for money product. OiOi stands by their Products with a money back guarantee.

Contact: OiOi UK
Facebook: /oioiuk Instagram: oioibabybags

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Making changing easier yet stylish

It’s by no means a secret that lots of things change once baby comes along. A quick trip to the café for a coffee or a Sunday brunch at a moment’s notice may seem like an impossible task with a newborn. At Il Tutto – we get it!

Our gorgeous, designer changing bags not only make life with a newborn just that little bit easier, they make parents feel special too!

Stylish and ever so functional, our changing bags feature signature zip out lining that’s loaded with pockets for both baby’s much needed gear along with whatever their parent needs. There’s even a change mat, bottle warmer and wet pack neatly packed into every one of our baby bags.

The Il Tutto range boasts the award-winning Mia luxury leather bag in Black, Tan and Red, the stylish Nico in Black, Navy and Red and for that perfect mummy spoil, our After Baby Bag in buttery, soft leather is available in Cream and Navy.

Parents can have everything you need (and more) packed into an Il Tutto bag, without sacrificing their look – ever!

For further information, email us

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‘Being Good’ with Charlie Banana

Our philosophy is "Be Good" and "Do Good" and this is certainly the way it makes you feel when you reuse.

Charlie Banana® is an international, luxury brand of modern cloth diapers and eco-friendly baby products. They include the innovative, patented award winning 2-in-1 Hybrid Reusable Cloth Diapering System, its latest addition being a Hybrid All-in-One Reusable Diaper, 2-in-1 Swim Diapers and Training Pants, Reusable Swim Diapers with TENCEL® fabric, Rash Guards and Jumpsuits, Reusable Wipes, Change Pads, Baby Blanket, Tote Bags, Diaper Laundry Bags, Leg Warmers, Reusable Feminine Pads and Nursing Pads.

Our latest design Charlie Banana Reusable diaper is a Hybrid All-in-One (AIO) and comes as a comfortable, trim fit diaper lined with a soft layer of fleece with two microfiber inserts included. The new inserts are lined with an upper layer made out of a deluxe soft fleece, so now you can lay the insert on top of the diaper shell with a fleece layer against the baby's skin, or use both inserts inside the diaper pocket. You also have an option to use a biodegradable disposable insert. Finally, a total All in ONE!

For heavy wetters we offer Packs of 6 One-Size diapers with Organic Cotton Lining and Hemp inserts.

Our One-Size reusable diapers can be used from newborn through potty training and the snaps around the waist with the leg elastic can be adjusted as the baby grows. This is a great alternative to disposable diapers!

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Spoilt for choice with Babywise

Although we are mattress manufacturers, Babywise also make a variety of styles of changing mats. Our entire range is made in the UK at our Lancashire factory. We guess that we will have you spoilt for choice with our vast selection of changing mats.

Choose from plain ones or different colourful themed ones. We have them in every colour under the sun! Popular designs such as “Wacky Alphabets”, trending designs such as “Christmas Elf”, “Meerkats” or “Campervans & Mopeds”, not forgetting traditional designs for Princes & Princesses. Don’t miss out on our also having changing mats with Towel Liners. We have our own in house design team along with digital and screen printing.

Having your very own original design or brand made need not cost the earth! We offer a quick delivery time and no order is too large or too small for us!

For more information, please take a look on our website or give Kathy or one of the Babywise Team a call.

T: 01254 760750
F: 01254 772063

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Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Changing Backpack

Skip Hop, a much loved global lifestyle brand devoted to designing innovative products for parents, babies and kids comes bearing a variety of stylish, yet functional changing bags to suit all tastes and fashions!

Combining effortless city style with hands-free convenience, the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Changing Backpack is a chic choice for mums on the run. Featuring an array of handy compartments and zippers this backpack is everything mum will ever need in a changing bag! Two lightly insulated pockets either side means that baby bottles, cups and snacks are easily accessible at all times. This Chelsea Backpack also boasts a roomy front zipper pocket conveniently placed to hold essential items such as keys, phones, pens and of course dummies!

The interior holds a folded changing mat with its own dedicated compartment (which is also suitably sized to fit most laptops) and two interior pockets with elastic edged tops – again contributing to the convenience factor. Clip onto a stroller using the dedicated stroller straps or simply wear as a backpack! Offering endless ways to organise in a fashion-forward shape, this changing bag is definitely a favourite amongst parents!

To place an order, please contact us on 01582 434250 or email

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