Nappies, Wipes and Changing Mats

appy changing is what motherhood is about – or so it seems at times. The trend to using washable nappies is continuing and the good news is that these are sold in nursery shops, bringing in more customers and more ££ into the till.

For many parents it's no longer the case of 'shall I use washable' but 'which washable'. A good choice is becoming more important. Selling a full set of washable nappies should be as important as selling a buggy or a cot!

The use of nappies is one thing that distinguishes humans from other animals. In ancient times they used leaves or animal skins. Swaddling bands were strips of linen or wool that were tightly wrapped around baby. By the 1500s, the nappy was changed around once every three days! By the 19th century, babies were wearing nappies similar to modern ones, but boiling nappies to clean them and reduce nappy rash didn’t become commonplace until the beginning of the 20th century. Goodness know what our ancestors’ bums looked like – undoubtedly red and raw!!! Waterproof covers made their appearance in the late 1940’s with the first disposable being launched onto the market in 1956. Progress was rapid with absorbency and fit being improved, with absorbent polymers being added in 1987. Around this time, the vast majority of babies were in disposable nappies.

Disposable nappies are highly advertised with the large amounts of space given over to them on the supermarket shelves but media interest in global warming, and all things environmental is pushing up the awareness that disposable nappies form a significant percentage of landfill rubbish. There still appears to be a need, however, to convince some parents that overall, using washables IS cheaper than buying disposables. A significant number of mums to be are put off by spending it in one go rather than spreading it out over two years.

Cotton nappies are now mainstream and fast becoming fashion items! It's not only about how well they work but how pretty baby can look. We have bright prints, block colours, even fluffy bums! It's all a very long way from the ugly plastic pants my kids were in!

Keep a lid on bad smells with our hands-free nappy bin

Products designed to fit seamlessly within the family home are becoming more popular than ever. Simple, discreet and understated Scandinavian style is on the rise.

Neutral decor with pops of colour is more fashionable than ever so it is no surprise to see the pastel shades of Korbell Nappy Bins; Soft Pink, Mint Green and Pastel Blue, a hit with consumers and retailers nationwide. Interior design has undoubtedly become more important when it comes to parents planning nurseries. Not only are parents looking for practical, helpful products, but style and aesthetics are almost as significant in today’s market.

Korbell Nappy Bins continue to sell well. Easy and convenient to use, Korbell nappy bins are the only 100% hands-free nappy bins on the market. Super hygienic, Korbell nappy bins operate with an easy to use foot-pedal and double-seal mechanism, keeping nasty odours at bay. Simply use the foot pedal to open the unit's lid (your hands never touch the unit) and wrap the nappy using biodegradable disposable bags which are dispensed via an easy-to-load cartridge. The bin includes a built-in, door-mounted safety liner cutter for easy removal, tying and disposal.

The Korbell system eliminates the need for frequent emptying of the unit by storing more nappies than most disposal units on the market. Disposal is quick and easy, as is installation of refill cartridges.

Available in three sizes, the Mini, Standard and Plus, this unique nappy bin is ideal for small families, parents of multiples or even nurseries and thanks to its bio-degradable bin liners, it is eco-friendly too. A free long-lasting roll of biodegradable bin liners is supplied with each purchase.

RRP Starting from £27.50

Find out more from

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The changing bag that’s as efficient as a personal assistant

If parents are looking for a changing bag that functions as efficiently as a personal assistant, then Hippychick’s new range of changing bags by Zellie are the answer to their prayers.

The award-winning bags have been genuinely developed with the input from busy parents who are looking for a changing bag that will take them seamlessly on their entire parenting journey - from the hospital delivery ward, to the nursery, to a visit to the grandparents through to weekends away. And the result is attention to detail, organisation and structure never before seen in a changing bag.

The carefully thought out designs mean parents can have a birds-eye view of everything inside the bag, negating the need for a frustrating lucky dip when they’re in a hurry. Each bag even comes with a whole host of extras as standard.

Last but by no mean least, the attention to detail flows through to the bag’s designer styling. Made from Vegan Leather (Stella McCartney style) the bags are lightweight and have ample capacity, making them an ideal accessory for parents with twins or with a toddler in tow.

“Brilliant baby changing bag, they’ve thought of everything!! Part for baby, part for adult. Hangs beautiful on the pram. Would recommend to any new Mum.” – happy customer

For more information visit or contact Mike Bird on 01278 437179

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Take the plunge with Splash About’s award-winning reusable swim nappy range

For well over a decade, Splash About has been the leading innovator at the forefront of the baby swim nappy market.

Its multi-award winning neoprene Happy Nappy is considered a best practice requirement by British Standards Guidelines for Baby Swimming, due to its effectiveness at preventing unwelcome faecal leaks in the pool. For this reason, it’s also the de facto swim nappy for swimming schools in the UK and internationally.

Innovation unpins the Splash About brand and it’s the unique ergonomic shape of the Happy Nappy which is key. Two contoured neoprene panels cup baby’s bottom whilst specialist-pressured fabric ribbing at the waist and legs provides a secure but comfortable seal to prevent leaks.

Reliable, reusable and fully tested by swim schools, who agree that this design, combined with a unique fitted but flexible gusset ensures that there’s no gaping and so any faecal matter stays securely inside this swim nappy - regardless of how hard baby kicks and twists in the water.

“Over the years we have seen many imitations of our Happy Nappy,” said Splash About’s Managing Director, Bernadette Spofforth.

“Our Happy Nappy range is synonymous with the most effective leak-prevention and the cleanest swim possible. The Happy Nappy is integrated into baby wetsuits, swimming costumes and board shorts, and is the no1 choice for stress-free baby swimming for swim teachers, swim-schools and parents alike.”

This neoprene swim nappy is effective worn alone, but for those swim schools that insist on a double layer of protection, Splash About has the Nappy Wrap; a machine washable inner nappy worn underneath the Happy Nappy.

The new Happy Nappy is available from birth to 36 months in a range of beautiful chlorine resistant designs.

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All change – new products in the Muslinz washable nappy range

Consumer demand sees more products added to the popular Reusable Nappy Range for MuslinZ; perfect for parents looking to make an environmentally friendly choice.

At MuslinZ, we have seen a huge increase in demand across our Reusable Range over the past 12 months. The general public are becoming increasingly eco-aware and this is reaching every area of our lives; from plastic carrier bags to plastic straws, so it is no surprise that baby products are being considered too.

As a result, this year there will be new print launches MuslinZ Washable Nappy Wrap which can be used with its Muslin Squares, Prefolds and Terry Squares.

The wrap, manufactured from USA PUL, also known as a cover or shell, is the waterproof element of a two-part nappy system and can be worn over the top of either a folded muslin square, a pre-fold or a terry square. It is the perfect accompaniment to the existing MuslinZ washable nappy range. The MuslinZ Washable Nappy Wrap is available in two sizes – for newborns up to the age of six /nine months (Size One) and six months up to potty training (Size Two). Both sizes have double gussets which are ideal for Terry Squares and are available in pure White and print to match the MuslinZ range. Prices start from £7.50 so it is an economical choice.

MuslinZ Prefolds are ideal used as an wrap insert and are extra easy as there is no complicated folding, simply lay into the MuslinZ cover. They are also very useful for potty training to give a little extra protection in training pants. Prefolds are available in White or Unbleached Organic Cotton and also come in two sizes.

All MuslinZ 70cms Muslin Squares can also be folded and used in the Nappy Wrap and this is a popular choice for newborns as it is trim, simple and very cost effective. The more traditional Terry Squares are white or unbleached 50% Cotton and 50% Bamboo Rayon with a choice of sizes for newborns to toddlers. Terry squares are soft and absorbent so work perfectly as an economical reusable.

The soft and silky Bamboo Cotton Terry Wipes are available in white or unbleached bamboo cotton. They have so many uses and make for an easy ‘just change one thing’ choice for people looking to reduce their single use plastics.

The MuslinZ range also includes washable breast pads, muslin swaddles, dribble bibs and hooded towels.

For more information please contact MuslinZ on 01295 810008, by email at or visit

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Kit & Kin launch size 6 nappies and nappy pants – plus gorgeous new animal designs!

Co-founded by Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Kit & Kin offers families a range of natural and sustainable everyday essentials that are better for baby, better for our world, and give back.

Since the brand launched in 2017, Kit & Kin’s multi-award winning eco nappies have been a huge hit with parents. And now, with the launch of the expanded range including size 6 nappies and nappy pants in sizes 5 & 6, little ones can wear them for even longer! Not only that, but with twelve adorable new animal prints across the range, you can now enjoy two set designs in each pack, making baby’s bottom cuter than ever.

Hypoallergenic and clinically tested, Kin & Kin nappies use sustainable, plant-based materials and are gentle on delicate skin. Baby stays dry and comfy for up to 12 hours thanks to the super absorbent core made from chlorine-free fluff pulp, and the front panel, tapes, anti-leak barriers and packaging are all made from an oxo-biodegradable material.

When little one is starting to become more active, it’s time to switch to Kit & Kin’s nappy pants with premium performance. With a soft stretchy waistband and tear away sides, the pants are perfect for quick and easy changing, and as with all of the brand’s nappies, they provide high absorbency with securely fitting moisture barrier cuffs to ensure no leaks.

Every purchase of a Kit & Kin product gives back. Through their partnership with the World Land Trust they’re helping to raise awareness of rainforest deforestation and for every 10 nappy subscriptions, will purchase and protect 1 acre of threatened tropical rainforest. Thanks to your support, Kit & Kin can continue efforts to protect the planet for generations to come.


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Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

Let’s be honest: with babies, those stinky moments and dirty nappies are bound to happen! And finding the balance between form and function needn’t be difficult with Angelcare®’s Nappy Disposal System.

That’s why Angelcare has worked tirelessly to create the perfect Nappy Bin. It not only solves those whiffy diaper dilemmas, it also looks great and complements any beautiful nursery setup. Angelcare®’s award-winning Nappy Disposal System is loved and trusted by parents the world over.

It’s so easy to use: simply open the lid, push the nappy through the odour-locking clamp and nappies fall conveniently into the multi-layer film down below. What’s more, the film used in our refills is long-lasting and hygienic, also proven to keep odours trapped inside.

The Angelcare® Nappy Disposal System remains a nursery essential for timesaving parents, conveniently storing up to 38, size 1 nappies. Emptying the bag is quick and easy – just lift the lid, pull out a little extra film, cut and tie. And to make life even simpler, Angelcare also offers a range of Refill Cassettes in packs of 3, 6 and 12.

Features & Benefits

  • Holds up to 38 nappies (Size 1) - Trips to the bin are drastically reduced, meaning more time to enjoy with baby
  • Refill with OdourSeal Technology – proven to keep odours trapped inside keeping baby’s nursery smelling fresh and clean
  • Hygienic – keeps germs and smells at bay
  • Practical and easy to use - Open the lid and push the nappy through the clamp system to lock the smell inside the multi-layer bag
  • Easy to empty - Simply push the button to access the bag. Cut the bag, using the internal childproof cutter, then tie the bag at the top. Lift the bag out of the nappy bin and dispose of it

Keep baby’s nursery smelling fresh and clean!

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Comfortable and cosy changing with the Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat

The Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat is a super soft changing mat made from warm-to-touch premium foam for the most comfortable and cosy nappy changes.

It features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface with no nooks for dirt and the clever design features an elevated head to comfort babies with colic and reflux.

Continuing to add to its award success with Best Baby & Toddler Gear (Silver) and Made for Mums Award in 2018, Squishy continues to be a firm favourite with new parents, and the perfect partner to the Shnuggle Bath.

Squishy MRP of £44.95 - please contact

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Introducing the Pop-in Endangered Print Collection for 2019

2019 sees the next phase of Pop-in’s hidden print collections, with the focus on endangered animals and giving back to the environment.

As a company, Close are passionate about global environmental causes such as reducing plastic consumption and deforestation, producing considered products which offer consumers options to reduce their environmental impact in different ways.

We will be launching new prints across our core, swim and AW collections, all featuring creatures that have become critically endangered in their natural habitats.

Tying the whole collection together is our commitment as a new member of 1% for the Planet which will see us partner with both WWF and the Marine Conservation Society, giving back 1% of the proceeds from the sale of our endangered print collection to these two charities.

Our Pop-in reusable nappy collection will be released in April and features our award-winning Pop-in New gen V2 nappy (£18.75), Newborn nappy (£9.99), All-Popper nappy (£19.75), Wrap (£13.50), Popper Wrap (£13.50), Change and Go mat (£19.99), Stuff Sack (£11.99)and Tote bags (small £9.99/medium £11.99), which will all be available in our Parrot and Red Panda prints.

For further information, please contact

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