t would be a safe bet that the majority of the customers in nursery retailers are pregnant, so don't ignore the opportunities to sell the new mum some things for herself!

As anyone who has been pregnant will tell you getting comfortable is one of the biggest problems in pregnancy. Tossing and turning isn't so easy with that huge bump in front. And in recent years there has been an explosion of pillows which are just the job. Some are designed specifically for supporting the bump; others have a dual role supporting baby when feeding, and other pillows are designed specifically to support baby both during feeding and afterwards. These products often need to have their use explained to potential customers - and I would bet that this is one product that mum will thank you for talking her into!!!!

Underwear is another potential goldmine. At this time, many women feel decidedly ugly, so pretty underwear can be a great morale booster. But to get the right fit a bra needs expert advice and fitting so while this isn't the easiest product to sell online, it is a great little earner for bricks and mortar shops.

Maybe selling a range of fashionable maternity wear is beyond many nursery retailers - it's more often to be found in a corner of the fashion shops - it doesn't mean that you can't sell a range of basics. These are important to mums who cannot afford to completely revamp their wardrobe at this time but basics are often overlooked by the fashion houses.

Although many retailers consider themselves to be shops full of things for baby, it would be folly to miss out on this lucrative sector.

Introducing Momsense

Momsense is the Smart Breastfeeding Meter, a revolutionary system that measures in real-time the amount of breast milk a baby consumes.

After years of extensive scientific research, begun in 2008, Momsense present their ground-breaking technology to the UK market. The patented Momsense technology is designed to provide mum with real-time knowledge of their baby's milk intake and nursing habits. After rigorous research and development as well as extensive tests with hundreds of mothers, Momsense launched the Smart Breastfeeding Meter in the US in June 2016 and are now bringing their revolutionary product to the UK nursery market.

Whilst the NHS “Baby Friendly Initiative” has proved successful in increasing uptake rates of breastfeeding in hospitals to over 80%, just two months after returning home, only 20% of these mums are still breastfeeding. Mums face many challenges with breastfeeding but one of their main concerns is whether their baby is feeding enough. Momsense is designed to help prolong the breastfeeding experience for Mums by keeping them fully informed about how much their baby is feeding and confident in the knowledge their baby is satisfied.

Momsense is based on a cutting-edge technology, designed and developed by CEO Dr. Osnat Emanuel, a physician and a graduate of INSEAD Business School. The technology allow the Momsense monitor to accurately interpret the complex physiology of a baby’s swallowing measuring the amount a baby feeds. The monitor works in conjunction with a smartphone app delivering a real time log of feeding events and amounts baby has fed. Listening via the Momsense earphones (included) to baby’s feeding can also help in the bonding process for Mums, Dads and siblings.

Distributed in the UK & Ireland by Clever Clogs Trading. RRP £79.99

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Mums-to-be set for improved sleep with ‘9-months of b’ from Babymoov

According to research, 92 per cent of pregnant mum’s experience symptoms of insomnia, which increase in the third-trimester.

Rapid changes in a pregnant mother’s body shape can result in several common symptoms such as discomfort during sleep, back pain and restlessness.

Thanks to the new ‘9-months of b’ product range, comprising the Dream Belt (£39.99 RRP) and Mum & b Maternity Pillow (£34.99 RRP), sleepless nights should be a thing of the past for mums-to-be!

The Dream Belt's unobtrusive design is suited to each stage of pregnancy and follows the mother's natural movements during sleep, providing a superior alternative to conventional pregnancy pillows. The design consists a central panel made using soft, elastic fabric which supports the tummy, whilst two memory foam panels fill the natural gap between the hips and the mattress for greater comfort when resting and sleeping.

For even greater support, the Dream Belt can be used in conjunction with the versatile, ergonomically shaped Mum & b maternity pillow. This multi-functional pillow serves as a pregnancy sleep pillow, a nursing pillow (for breast or bottle feeding) and a support for baby. The ergonomic, peanut shape design and microbead filling provides optimum comfort during pregnancy.

Both the Dream Belt and Mum & b Maternity Pillow come with a lifetime warranty as standard.

For further information contact Babymoov on 01823 772995 or email:

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Award-winning products and gorgeous gifts

The Motherlylove award-winning range includes beautiful fragrances to lift one's spirits, carrier oils to hydrate and sooth, and constituents to pamper, energise and promote restful sleep for every stage of a pregnancy.

High quality omega rich oils that absorb into the skin without leaving the skin feeling greasy, every product made has been carefully developed with the baby’s health and wellbeing in mind.

Motherlylove specially selected blends:

  • Help prevent stretch marks stopping that itchy feeling
  • Reduce cramping and restless legs, swollen ankles and tired legs
  • Help reduce perineal trauma and tears during birth
  • Giving active emotional support during late pregnancy and labour
  • Products and fragrances to reduce anxiety and stress

Three Gift sets are available - Just Pregnant, Pregnancy Essentials and Prepare for Birth

“Beautiful products that realy work. Leaving your skin feeling and smeling great. Will definitely be using these products again in my next pregnancy. Would recommend to any expectant mum.”
- Charlie Hickin

Motherlylove blends. Created by Jan Bastard a midwife, mother and aromatherapist.

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This bra is a game changer for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, taking support to another level

Nominated for the second year in a row for the Best Breastfeeding Product in the Mother and Baby Awards, the Mumba Bra® continues to be a hit with breastfeeding mums.

With an outstanding 100% of mums saying that they would recommend the Mumba Bra® to another mum, this bra is loved when tried and tested.

Made using luxuriously soft advance 4-way stretch fabric, the Mumba Bra® takes mums from pregnancy to nursing and provides maximum comfort throughout pregnancy as it adjusts with a mums’ changing body.

This unique bra takes support to another level, by incorporating three unique features to aid successful breastfeeding. These include:

  • The unique Mumba® clasp, which helps mums simply track which breast to feed baby from next. 
  • The BabyFocus® print, which uses an original black and white pattern to stimulate, calm and focus baby at every feed.
  • The drop cup opening which is easy to use with one hand, provides mums with discreet feeding when open, giving her the confidence to breastfeed in public.

The Mumba Bra® seamlessly transitions from an everyday support bra to a comfortable sleep bra and a breastfeeding aid bra to support mums when they need it most.

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Zip Us In

The Zip Us In award-winning jacket expander panels are the perfect solution to turn a parent's own jacket into a maternity or baby-wearing jacket in one simple step!

The waterproof softshell panel can be zipped straight in to the jacket they already love to give them lots of extra room for a growing belly, or to allow them to fasten the jacket around baby when using a sling or carrier.

Not only does this unique product save the expense of a maternity jacket, but it remains useful long after baby arrives. Being able to zip the jacket around baby in a carrier has a long list of benefits. Zipped inside the jacket, a little one gets to stay nice and close to their parent, while remaining warm and dry and parents can still remove their coat without disturbing a sleeping baby.

Visit for more information

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Love Your Bump

Love Your Bump makes practical and stylish essentials for modern mums and expectant mums-to-be, supporting women through the all-important stages of pregnancy.

Combining unique designs and comfort, the range includes the iconic Love Your Bump BellyBelt which cleverly adds inches to every mum-to-be’s favourite jeans. The stretchy, adjustable BellyBelt kit is really simple and works with any button or slide fly fastening. The handy kit even includes a fabric cover up in three different colours (blue, black and white) to fill the gap created by the open zip.

Also included in the range is a Bando band, a super soft, stretchy maternity support band for growing bumps, a SuperBra for both nursing and maternity to support sensitive, growing breasts and must-have staple, Black Maternity SoftTights.

With something for every mum-to-be, Love Your Bump really is a one-stop shop for maternity essentials!
01730 895 761

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Dreamgenii creates a magical night’s sleep

The multi-award winning Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow was relaunched in Autumn 2017 with a fresh new look.

Mums-to-be can now get a restful, comfortable night’s sleep with a pillow that is not just functional but super-stylish and will co-ordinate with their bedlinen or nursery theme, so complementing any interior.

Unlike other pregnancy pillows on the market, the unique Dreamgenii moulds around the bump, supporting the back and knees as pregnancy progresses and sleeping becomes more difficult. The comfortable pillow encourages mother-to-be to sleep on her left side which helps optimise foetal positioning for baby. What’s more, the Dreamgenii can also be used as a feeding pillow once baby arrives – so cost effective too!

There are now five new designs in the range including a sumptuously soft white cotton jersey Dreamgenii. This new comfortable cool fabric makes the Dreamgenii a must-have from the second trimester onwards.

The other new fashion-led designs include a grey and white floral motif and an abstract nature design in both grey/green and grey/coral. There is also a cool geo cotton pattern in neutral grey/aqua.

For more information contact Central Medical Supplies Ltd on 01538 399541

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