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e are all guilty of taking the safety for granted but our homes are extremely dangerous places, especially for under fives. Luckily there are many gadgets to help but mums won’t buy unless they know about them!

Parents often come looking for safety gates and can easily get confused as the the pros and cons of the various types. Clear information is essential whether online or in the shop. They are an essential piece of equipment for every family with stairs and a useful thing for many others. A good range is an important facet of every nursery store.

Customers looking for safety gates also create the opportunity to create add-on sales. There are many useful gadgets out there which won't strain the bank balance but could prevent many an accident.

Apart from safety gates, many retailers think in terms of cupboard locks but there are many other useful items. The newest products are designed to keep little ones safe from slamming doors, something many parents don't think about until they spend the day in A&E with crushed fingers.

Safety gives many opportunities for cross selling. Someone buying a cot? Remind them of nightlights. A baby bath? What about a thermometer?

Too many children are injured each year in situations that often could have been avoided if only...

It’s worth broaching the subject of safety whenever customers come to look at equipment. It’s more important than simply making another sale – though every little helps!!

How ‘small’ is ‘small’?

You’ll have toddlers in store every day, but did you know that even our biggest coin (£2) represents a choke hazard to the under 2’s? The next time someone drops some change, even more reason to pick it up immediately!

It’s well known that small things can be dangerous for young children, but how small is ‘small’? This week we are sending all Cheeky Rascals trade customers a free Choke Tester. You’ll be able to show your customers exactly how small a choke hazard is and start encouraging them to ‘think safe’.

For parents who want a Choke Tester of their own, it’s part of the Fred Home Safety Check Tools. This kit also includes a finger probe, to help parents understand what is and isn’t a finger-trap, and warning stickers to position in hazardous areas of their home. The Choke Tester and Finger Probe have been made to the dimensions specified in European Safety Standards and are the best possible guide for these hazards. Once parents start thinking safe, then baby proofing their home is the next logical step. Next stop, the Fred range of home safety products, see www.fredsafety.co.uk for more information.

Help us to increase awareness of home safety to reduce child accident rates; right now over half of all our under 5’s attend A&E every year as a result of an accident, and most of these occur in the home.

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Safety protection for children: the Prince Lionheart Guard Range

Suitable for children learning to walk, or toddlers keen for adventure protection for little ones running around the home. Life isn’t cushioned, but hard corners and edges can be with the Prince Lionheart GUARD range.

The range includes…

Table Edge Guard

  • Gives hard surfaces a softer side so they don't leave a mark
  • 12ft/3.7m for square or circular tables (trim to desired length) and four cushiony corner Guards
  • Specially formulated 3M® double-sided tape included
  • Super simple to install
  • NO NASTIES™: fire-retardant, non-toxic, and latex free

Corner Guard

  • Gives hard surfaces a softer side so they don't leave a mark
  • Includes Four 2 x 2 inch cushiony GuardsS for corners
  • Specially formulated 3M® double-sided tape included
  • Super simple to install
  • NO NASTIES™: fire-retardant, non-toxic, and latex free

Jumbo Guard

  • Extra-large pieces for those bigger problem areas.
  • Specially formulated 3M® double-sided tape included
  • Super simple to install
  • NO NASTIES™: fire-retardant, non-toxic, and latex free

Fire Place Guard

  • Gives hard surfaces a softer side so they don't leave a mark
  • Includes five 18in sections of impact-absorbing foam and two Jumbo corner GUARDS. Can trim to desired length.
  • Specially formulated 3M® double-sided tape included
  • Super simple to install
  • NO NASTIES™: fire-retardant, non-toxic, and latex free

Cooker Guard

  • Curiosity is awesome, but can be dangerous. Avoid mishaps in the kitchen by keeping little fingers away from stovetop hazards.
  • Helps protect a child against scalds and burns
  • Adjustable to fit all stoves and surfaces
  • Easy installation
  • Adjusts to fit stoves 24" to 36" (61cm to 91 cm)
  • Specially formulated 3M® double-sided tape included

For all enquiries on Prince Lionheart products visit www.princelionheart.com or telephone: 0208 9977054

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ClevaSafe™ Home Safety Starter Pack

When a baby becomes a toddler, it's time for them to explore their surroundings and home safety becomes a priority. This ClevaMama® Home Safety Pack gives parents everything needed to begin baby proofing the home.

This kit contains 30 essential pieces that are easy to install for use throughout any home.

Features include:

  • 30 pieces that are quick and easy to install
  • Minimize hazards and baby proof the home
  • Creates a safer home for any little explorer and peace of mind for parents
  • The starter pack includes: twelve socket covers, eight deluxe corner cushions, six cupboard/drawer locks, one multi-purpose lock, one blind cord wind up, one toilet seat lock and one door stop cushion

Suitable from 0 months+

RRP: £16.49

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Jamm spreads its wings…

After launching the award-winning Jamm doorstop into the nursery market, Jamm are now extending into new retail markets at home and abroad.

Made in the UK, the Jamm doorstop is the only doorstop in the world to comply to the EU General Product Safety Regulation, making it not only the safest doorstop on the market but also the most useful. Whether it is protecting little fingers from injury, stopping the door slamming in the breeze or holding the door while it is being painted or fitted - no other doorstop works as well.

The Jamm doorstop is available in five colours, and as a single pack or double pack. If you would like to become a stockist, please contact:

01736 793442

Low MOQ’s, free UK, EU and Worldwide delivery is available.

"By far the best doorstop on the market."
- GadgetBay.co.uk

"Often the simplest ideas are the best and that is certainly the case for the all-new JAMM doorstop..."
- www.madeformums.com

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Home Safety from hauck

A comprehensive Home Safety Set to child-proof any home, hotel room or grandparents’ house. We have thought of everything, making safe sharp edges, as well as plug sockets and doors is easy.

Corner me - Round corner guards that fit tables, cupboards and other edges using the sticky dots supplied.

Secure cupboards and door handles with the Close Me 1, 2 and 3 to protect children's delicate, little hands.

Door me – Secures doors and windows against finger entrapment.

Plug me - This socket cover plugs into the socket like a normal plug, stopping little fingers from getting stuck.

Stop me – A flexible doorstop made from high-quality plastic. Its soft surface protects parquet and laminate floors, but still keeps doors (including glass doors) and windows securely in place.

Tel: 01978 664362
Email: info@hauckuk.com
Web: www.hauckuk.com

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Safe exploring with Adventure Belt

The distress of being separated from a child in a busy location is an experience many parents can relate to, and the dangers are clear to see. Think car parks, shopping centres, country walks, holidays and busy crowd-filled airports.

Adventure Belt, from More-2-Explore, is designed to keep children aged 2+ close and connected when risk exists.

Winner of the BPA’s Innovation Award at Harrogate International Nursery Fair in 2017, Adventure Belt is fast becoming the go to product for safety savvy parents.

“Both my toddler and I love it! It allows him to have some room to move about whilst being close enough to me. I'm much more confident taking him out to busy places now” said one mother, whilst another said: “We love our adventure belt, can't recommend it enough! Makes life so much easier with our non-stop toddler.”

Launched in response to increasing demand for customers wanting to keep their children safe in busy or challenging situations, More-2-Explore works by physically connecting parent and child belt-to-belt. For parents, there is hands-free peace of mind and for children a sense of independence.
A RRP of £15.99 means Adventure Belt is an accessible safety product, which is loved by parents and children alike.

To become a stockist, contact retail@more-2-explore.com. Starter packs available.


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Growing safely with Dreambaby®

Dreambaby® is one of the world’s most trusted child safety brands with nearly 20 years’ experience dedicated to helping parents and carers keep their littles ones safe in and around the home.

Dreambaby®’s product line-up includes many must-haves including child Safety Gates and array of Locks and Latches, Stove Guards, Blind Cord Wind-Ups, Playpens and Bedrails, designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and throughout the home. Dreambaby® also recently introduced a wide range of products to make days ‘out and about’ with baby easier than ever with Drink Holders, Stroller Clips, Stroller Hooks and new on-trend Stroller Bags too.

Dreambaby® is also a market leader in innovation, bringing new products to the market on a regular basis to help with the evolving needs of modern parents and contemporary living. Launching soon will be patented StrollAway®, an ingenious space-saving device that hangs neatly over doors to store and hang strollers when not in use. Perfect for young families living in flats or smaller spaces or indeed anyone trying to make life with small children a little easier and less cluttered!

Dreambaby®’s packaging is modern and attractive with clear instructions, so your customers can easily choose what is required and then install quickly. With a fabulous UK based team behind the brand, they are there to help you order the items most appropriate for your client base. Don’t hesitate to call the team on 0844 800 9445.

For more on Dreambaby®’s full range visit www.dreambaby.co.uk

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