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e are all guilty of taking the safety for granted but our homes are extremely dangerous places, especially for under fives. Luckily there are many gadgets to help but mums won’t buy unless they know about them!

Parents often come looking for safety gates and can easily get confused as the the pros and cons of the various types. Clear information is essential whether online or in the shop. They are an essential piece of equipment for every family with stairs and a useful thing for many others. A good range is an important facet of every nursery store.

Customers looking for safety gates also create the opportunity to create add-on sales. There are many useful gadgets out there which won't strain the bank balance but could prevent many an accident.

Apart from safety gates, many retailers think in terms of cupboard locks but there are many other useful items. The newest products are designed to keep little ones safe from slamming doors, something many parents don't think about until they spend the day in A&E with crushed fingers.

Safety gives many opportunities for cross selling. Someone buying a cot? Remind them of nightlights. A baby bath? What about a thermometer?

Too many children are injured each year in situations that often could have been avoided if only...

It’s worth broaching the subject of safety whenever customers come to look at equipment. It’s more important than simply making another sale – though every little helps!!

Jamm spreads its wings…

After launching the award-winning Jamm doorstop into the nursery market, Jamm are now extending into new retail markets at home and abroad.

Made in the UK, the Jamm doorstop is the only doorstop in the World to comply to the EU General Product Safety Regulation, making it not only the safest doorstop on the market but also the most useful. Whether it is protecting little fingers from injury, stopping the door slamming in the breeze or holding the door while it is being painted or fitted - no other doorstop works as well.

We are happy to announce that the Jamm doorstop is available at Toys R Us, Albert Heijn, Lee Valley Tools plus many independent retailers, and that we will be available in store at Sainsburys and Lakeland in time for Christmas!

The Jamm doorstop is available in five colours, and as a single pack or double pack. If you would like to become a stockist, please contact:

01736 793442

Low MOQ’s, free UK, EU and Worldwide delivery is available.

"By far the best doorstop on the market."
- GadgetBay.co.uk

"Often the simplest ideas are the best and that is certainly the case for the all-new JAMM doorstop..."
- www.madeformums.com

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Securing tall and heavy furniture is a priority, says Clippasafe

Tall and heavy items like wardrobes, can pose a significant threat to children, in particular to young toddlers who like to explore and climb.

The effects of furniture falling on toddlers can be fatal and tragic, but it’s a risk that needn’t be taken with the right precautions in place to support heavy, unstable items. They can be secured with simple-to-fit anchor straps, that help stabilise tall and heavy pieces of furniture, fixing them firmly to the wall so they are less likely to fall.

Anti-Tip Furniture Straps and Anti-Tip TV Straps from Clippasafe are easy to fit and cause minimal damage to walls and the hidden, rear sides of furniture. It’s a simple measure that could save the lives of curious toddlers who are innocently exploring their surroundings, unaware of potential hazards.

Roger Cheetham, Managing Director of child safety specialist Clippasafe, said: “If parents have a heavy piece of furniture that’s taller than it is wide or deep, they shouldn’t just assume it will be ok. Children are relentless in their quest for adventure and they don’t see danger.”

“These types of items can topple easily and even a modern, slim TV is heavy enough to kill. The message is, don’t wait until an injury or worse happens, to regret not putting an easy precaution in place. We want parents to act today and put preventative measures in place that could save a life.”

www.clippasafe.co.uk Tel. 0115 9211 899

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Putting the child 1st

Safety 1st is an established provider of excellent products creating smart ways to help children discover life safely in the home and outdoors.

Constantly innovating and known for being experts in home safety, Safety 1st’s commitment to quality is unsurpassed. All products are rigorously tested at European laboratories to ensure the highest quality and a dedicated team of stylists offer contemporary designs to match a family’s lifestyle.

New this year, the SecurTech® Simply Close Metal Gate combines simplicity, design and quality for a strong, U-shaped pressure fit gate. The SecurTech® indicator is an exclusive system and ensures the gate is securely installed, clearly showing parents it is locked with a green indicator and showing red when it is unlocked. Recommended for children aged from 6 to 24 months; it is suitable to be used in doorways and on staircases, fitting openings from 73 to 80cm and can be extended up to 136cm by installing additional extensions, (sold separately).

Due to its four-point pressure system, the gate is easy to install and pressure is created to hold it in place without needing to drill into a wall. Featuring a newly designed handle with a SecurTech® colour indicator to clearly show parents when the gate is open or closed, the new handle also allows one-handed opening and closing, as well as making it difficult for children to open the gate by themselves.

With Safety 1st, parents can let children discover life safely!

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6-in-1 Thermometer

The Brother Max 6-in-1 Projection thermometer is non-contact, silent and easy to use, making it perfect and suitable for the whole family.

It can be used to measure a child’s temperature at first sight without contact as it projects the illuminated temperature reading from the thermometer onto their forehead. The illuminated projection function also makes taking an accurate reading simple, with its unique built in ‘aiming’ system.

Simply ensure the projection is pointing onto the desired reading surface, directly centered in the outer cradle. This will guarantee the right distance is achieved to give the most accuracy and reliable reading. The 6-in-1 Projection thermometer can also be used to measure bath water, liquid, room, food or skin (body) temperature, measuring from 1-80oC. The handy memory function also stores the last nine previous readings.

Instructions on how to use the product:

  • Press the FACE button to take a forehead temperature reading. 
  • Press the HOME button to take bath water, liquid, room, food or skin temperature readings. 
  • Press the MEM button to access the memory function and read up to nine previous temperature readings.

To calibrate the thermometer:

  • Point the thermometer towards an internal wall surface. 
  • Press the FACE and HOME button simultaneously. 
  • Once the word CAL is in-between the guide-marker, release the buttons. 
  • The projection then will flash slowly showing the room temperature.

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Danish high quality safety from BabyDan

BabyDan makes some of the world’s finest safety equipment for children in the 0-5 years age group. They are well-known for top quality safety gates and other home safety products.

Whether it’s a BabyDan Barrier To Go, a travel cot or a bedrail parents can be 100% comfortable with their choice in terms of design, quality and high standards for materials and production. BabyDan is ISO 14001 environmentally certified, a member of the Global Safety Cooperation and has won numerous prizes and awards for its products.

Having both safety and functionality as top priorities, BabyDan has chosen to take control of every step of the process from design and development, to production, controlling and testing and then finally to sales. The majority of BabyDan safety gates are made in their own factory in Denmark including the Guard Me™ auto retractable safety barrier and the famous original Configure range by BabyDan. The Flex Configure range is a flexible safety gate solution for almost every purpose.

Should you wish to contact BabyDan or have any questions about the range please contact our UK customer service centre on 01704 895777 or info@babydan.dk

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New inflatable Bed Bolster for home or away from Little Chick London

Little Chick London’s new Bed Bolster is the first inflatable bed guard that is safe to fit in a cot bed and works with slatted bases.

It fits neatly under a standard fitted sheet, in cot bed and single bed sizes and gives confidence when moving from a cot to an open sided cot bed or single bed.

Special grip strips help keep it in place and it is soft and rounded if rolled into. For use at home or when travelling it is quick and easy to inflate by mouth or by using the handy pump included, and when deflated folds away in its own travel bag. A good night’s sleep is essential for toddlers and their parents, and being able to use the Bed Bolster in any cot bed or single bed, helps keep the familiar routine of bedtime wherever they are staying.

Another advantage of the inflatable Bed Bolster is that when first used it can be fully inflated, and then as the toddler gets used to the reassurance of having the Bed Bolster, over time it can be slowly deflated while the toddler sleeps confidently and safely in their ‘big bed’.

One of a range of essential sleep accessories from Little Chick London. For more details, contact hello@littlechick.london or, 07976 773486.

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Dream Tubes

Ask any parent for the most stressful ‘growing up moments’ and they’re bound to mention the transition from cot to bed which can result in restless, disrupted nights for everyone.

The truly revolutionary Dream Tubes inflatable bed guard was invented by two mums who between them have seen four children go through the stressful transition and decided there had to be a simpler way!

After yet another night of energy zapping disruptions due to a combination of their children banging against the solid bed guard or getting various limbs caught in the gap between the bed & board, an idea was born! Why can’t bed protection be inflatable? This simple, yet ground breaking idea has changed the face of bed protection which for years had revolved around hard, cumbersome wood and metal framed bed guards.

In place of the traditional hard bed guard is a luxuriously soft fitted sheet with integrated zipped channels into which you insert inflatable tubes for flexible double bumper protection.

The first time any parent tries Dream Tubes they won’t believe how easy the set is to use! Ingenious tubes that inflate in a matter of seconds are simply inserted into zipped channels in the sheet, to create flexible single or double bumper protection.

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ClevaSafe™ Home Safety Starter Pack

When a baby becomes a toddler, it's time for them to explore their surroundings and home safety becomes a priority. This ClevaMama® Home Safety Pack gives parents everything needed to begin baby proofing the home.

This kit contains 30 essential pieces that are easy to install for use throughout any home.

Features include:

  • 30 pieces that are quick and easy to install
  • Minimize hazards and baby proof the home
  • Creates a safer home for any little explorer and peace of mind for parents

The starter pack includes: twelve socket covers, eight deluxe corner cushions, six cupboard/drawer locks, one multi-purpose lock, one blind cord wind up, one toilet seat lock and one door stop cushion

Suitable from 0 months+

RRP: £15.99

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