High and Low chairs

here’s a huge variety of highchairs on the market and a wide number of suppliers. How do you choose what to stock and what will your customers be looking for?

Price is always a big factor in deciding what to buy. There are a number around that will retail at under £50 which will fold relatively flat.

Moving up the price bands are a number of folding highchairs, the higher price reflecting a few extra features. So what features are worth pointing out?

  • Removable tray – it’s so much easier to take the tray to the sink for cleaning, especially if it can be done one-handed!
  • More than one tray position – small babies need the tray nearer to them than larger babies
  • Padded seats – although virtually every highchair has a padded seat some have more padding and more luxurious styling in the seat.
  • Stands when folded – it’s amazing that many, fairly bulky chairs don’t stand when folded and Mums often only find this out when they have taken it home. And it’s a feature that is not often mentioned on supplier websites, but for many Mums, it’s essential!
  • Wheels – a highchair with wheels is more convenient but it could also be a safety issue. Wheels need to be lockable somehow - some have little catches. Other highchairs have only two wheels. You lift one side to move and once on the ground it is held by the legs, so no forgetting to 'lock'.

Further up the price ladder, are the highchairs that convert into a toddler chair. This is always a popular selling point though some can be very bulky as a low chair. The latest highchairs have an additional feature. Rather like a bouncing chair, these chairs offer the ability for a new baby to lie comfortably – but much higher. More convenient for Mum (less temptation to put the low chair on a work surface!) and provides a better view for baby.

A footrest is something that you don’t always appreciate unless you’ve had a chair with something that gives tiny feet some support. Sitting with your legs dangling is uncomfortable (try it sometime!) as your body tends to slide round and down. Mind you, to work properly, the height of the footrest must be adjustable as babies vary in height – and few highchairs have this feature!

Looking through reviews on highchairs, one point crops up time and time again – the highchair must be easy to clean. Until the thing is caked in baby mush, it’s not always easy to see where the food might congregate, but it’s worth pointing out removable trays, and those that have a smooth shape to the rim. Large trays that surround baby mean less muck gets down the side of the chair. Cushions that come off and have few or no places to catch crumbs are always a good idea.

Then there is the styling. Mums will always choose one they like so a variety of styles and colours is essential, not just primary versus pastel, plain versus patterned, but also wood in its various colours.

An inspirational highchair

The iCandy MiChair is a highchair inspired by designer furniture and grows with the child. The iCandy MiChair transforms into a nursery or rocking chair once its life as a highchair has ended.

The highchair is also suitable from birth when used with the iCandy Pod.

The functionality of the iCandy MiChair ensures that it becomes the perfect companion to accompany the growth and development of a child, especially in the crucial formative years which are most important for both parent and baby. The longevity of the iCandy MiChair provides a special sense of ownership and becomes a constant feature of their childhood.

With its modern and sleek design, iCandy’s team of British designers have once more managed to capture the essence of the brand. The iCandy MiChair features subtle and sophisticated synergy with the existing range by utilising their signature high chrome finish, as seen on the chassis of their flagship pushchair, The Peach. The iCandy MiChair has been designed to have an impact on each and every aspect of a child’s early life, complementing their development and helping teach a child about ownership and sentimentality. It is without doubt an impressive addition to iCandy’s portfolio of luxury products, and a welcome extension to the iCandy family.

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Take a Siesta with Peg Perego

The Siesta high chair from Peg Perego is stylish and practical while being multifunctional, comfortable and ultra-compact.

Suitable from birth, it can be used as a recliner, a highchair, and the removable tray creates a chair for older children to sit at the table.

A five-point safety harness keeps baby safe. As the backrest is tilted by up to 150 degrees, the spacious eco-leather padded anatomic seat moves forward at the same time ensuring a smooth comfortable recline for a sleeping baby. The height can be adjusted in nine positions, five reclining positions and the footrest has three-positions.

A practical rubber storage net is located on the back of the seat, while non-scratch wheels mean it can be easily moved around the home using the innovative stop & go braking system. When folded the Siesta is compact and freestanding, making it easy to store away.

For contemporary living the Siesta comes in a choice of five block colours: Mela (Green), Arancia (Orange), Cacao (Brown), Liquorice (Black) and Berry (Wine); a colour to suit every family kitchen.

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From birth to teenage years – the Nomi from DCUK

The Nomi Highchair stands out from the crowd with its unique ergonomic design and its ability to meet a child's needs from birth to teenage years.

The product is designed to be used in any home for years to come so the aesthetic and finish leans more to stylish home interiors than the nursery.

The concept is all about children being part of the family at mealtimes. Babies are lifted off the floor with the baby accessory and lie at a convenient height for parents to enjoy meals and keep a watchful eye on baby. With the Nomi Mini fitted, it becomes a highchair and older babies and toddlers are at a perfect height for the table and can reach and turn, developing their own independence. The highchair easily adjusts without tools to give the perfect relationship between seat and back, maintaining good posture always and allowing active sitting.

Remove the Mini and parents have a chair for life for their child. The open design allows independent children to climb to the table on their own.

We all know that young children's mealtimes can be messy and there are times when only a highchair tray will do the job. The Nomi Tray is spacious, easily fitted to the Mini and easily removed. Want to clean up afterwards? The Nomi highchair is designed to hang on the table top on two soft rubber pads leaving the floor free to be cleaned. Every part of the Nomi cleans easily and the tray is safe to use in a dishwasher.

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The NEW Koodi Duo Wooden High Chair

Available from July, the new Koo-di Duo Wooden High Chair is perfect for the modern home. It has modern styling in light grey with lovely beech wood legs and a wipe clean faux leather seat.

Not only is the highchair stylish it is also practical. It converts simply and easily from a High Chair to a Toddler Chair and the removable tray insert can be popped into the dishwasher making it a doodle for mum to clean up after mealtime. The tray has three positions to accommodate growing toddlers and is removable.

For safety, there is a five-point over-shoulder safety harness to ensure even the most adventurous little ones are safety strapped in.

The Koo-di Duo Wooden High Chair will have an RRP of just £99.99 and will be available in July.

For more information contact WHL on 0845 6809276 or email enquiries@weybury-hildreth.com

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