Keeping Baby Happy

ven from quite an early age, babies like to explore and discover things and toys are an important part of learning about the world and having fun. And once they grow into toddlers, toys that can keep them active are needed.

Children get bored quickly so need toys to occupy them. Many toys, however, mean that the child just sits around. With obesity on the rise, it’s important that children are kept active from an early age.

Baby walkers have lost a lot of their popularity. Since the late 1990’s there have been various reports on them not being safe with stories of toddlers falling down stairs or being burned in a fire. Of course, one has to ask the question: why were the stairs or the fire unprotected? Any child running around in that environment would have been injured.

When I did tried and tested features on baby walkers, it soon became apparent that the attraction was not the movement but the fact that there was plenty on the walker to keep them interested. So why have the movement at all? The result has been a number of different activity toys – some suited for the baby who can just about sit up with others for an older age group. Activity toys are a stroke of genius by whoever thought them up. Simple little things with spinners, rattles and flaps – anything that could be moved or would make a noise. We found these fascinating, and modern babies are no less inclined to be just as intrigued. Toys like these which are geared for certain times in a child’s development are designed to be interesting and fun to play with, and yet allow the child to learn basic things like shape and colour. These can have some movement – up and down so baby can jump is a favourite – but baby remains in the same place which makes it safer than a traditional baby walker. Check out the Rest & Play Walker/Jumper from East Coast.

Ride on toys are a favourite with slightly older children – my favourite has to be the Hippychick Wheelybug but then there is the HappyHopperz – oh dear, what a choice!

Hippychick’s got Christmas all wrapped up

Hippychick has a whole parcel of great products for keeping babies and toddlers entertained.

Gifts you don’t need to assemble
Hand-carved from sustainable wood, a Moover Pram is a Christmas gift to cherish for a lifetime. Available in either cherry red wood with yellow wheels, natural wood with red wheels or baby pink with natural wheels, the icing on the cake is the cute heart carved out of the hood.
PS - Parents will be relieved to know that you can deliver the Moover Pram ready assembled so no need to reach for your specs or a screwdriver. Phew!
RRP - £69.99

Getting the balance right
A retro vintage steel balance bike in a choice of either red or green which converts from a tricycle into a bicycle and is easy for kids to use with its expertly engineered small turning circle. These beautifully crafted bikes are the kind of gift you dreamed of as child and are available in a choice of vintage red or green, matt black or silver.
RRP - £129.99

Keeping christmas classic
Keep Christmas classic this year with beautifully designed wooden toys from Classic World. This wooden retro kitchen set, complete with wooden cooking utensils and play food will give children the chance to indulge their imaginations (and taste buds) as they set about creating a delightful menu for family and friends.
RRP - £44.99

Children love pretending to cook as well as cooking with Mum and Dad. What could be more fun than watching children play in their own wooden toy kitchens? Our wooden kitchen set, complete with wooden cooking utensils and play food will give kids the chance to indulge their imaginations (and taste buds!) as they set about creating a delightful menu for family and friends. These toys are ideal for playing alone or with friends and will help with coordination as well as providing hours of fun.

For more information please contact Mike Bird on 01278 434440 or

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Dolce, Kidsme and BBGG making ground

These three new brands are making great ground across the UK within the independent trade.

With reps covering the UK, with these three new brands, we have put together the best collection baby products that can offer a point difference and better alternative to the mainstream.

We offer UK distribution, free delivery is available, and exclusive lines for the independent trade.

Dolce Toys, Kidsme and BBGG

Dolce plush toys, understand the importance of learning as a child plays. Starting from the essence of fun, observation, touch and education, every one of our products has been designed and manufactured using the highest quality fabrics and materials. Our characters are fun and timeless! Dolce = Develop, Observe, Learn, Create and Educate.

Kidsme is an extensive feeding, weaning and toy range including international award winning products such as the patented Kidsme Food Feeder. Our commitment is to develop safe, innovative products that empower children to actively participate in the discoveries of mealtime and beyond via self-feeding.

BBGG is an award-winning range of “pop up” baby products. BBGG is a fresh new design of baby and toddler accessories to provide convenience and comfort on the move and at home. Each item has been developed using unique 100% pop up technology. From play to sleep there’s a BBGG product that’s safe and sound indoors and outdoors with UV protection. The BBGG brand’s core beliefs are quality, safe and fun for baby.

Please drop us a line for more details

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Personalised wooden gifts

Personalised products are a treasured gift for any new parent. Nothing compares to seeing a baby’s name on a beautifully crafted wooden product from Stuck On You.

Recognising the letters in their name is a special milestone for young children. With Stuck On You Wooden Name Puzzles and Personalised Wooden Name Blocks you’ll watch the learning unfold before your eyes.

There are two timeless colour palettes to choose from and each product comes in its own felt bag, which you can also choose to personalise. Puzzles and blocks are wonderful tools for improving fine motor skills. When playtime is over these gifts become stylish display pieces on a shelf or bookcase.

New wooden jigsaw puzzles come in two sizes (large and small). There are ten exquisite designs, with something to suit every personality. Personalise the puzzle with the name of a special person, and they’ll spend hours putting it together and tipping it over to start again. Made from high quality laser cut plywood, you can choose from 12 or 24 pieces.

All Stuck On You wooden gifts are made from sustainably grown birch wood and lovingly hand-painted using lead-free paint.

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“Say Hello” toys, created with Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory classes are attended by first- and second-time parents, grandparents, and over 35,000 babies each year.

The classes are a magical world of sensory learning, and a great way for babies and parents to have fun and learn together, and the programme has won multiple awards in the UK and worldwide since 2008.

In 2015 East Coast Nursery formed a unique partnership with Baby Sensory, and worked with its Director Dr Lin Day to create a range of intelligent developmental toys. With her input at every stage – the colours, shapes and features that her 25 years of research had shown were most appealing and beneficial – they created the “Say Hello” toy collection.

Every Baby Sensory class starts with the ‘Say Hello To The Sun’ song, complete with simple handsigns that babies learn to copy. In the song, everyone says ‘Hello!’ to the sun, moon, corn, stars, rain, flowers, and friends. This beautiful song was the inspiration for the toy collection, and the seven colourful characters can be found throughout the range. Some products even play the ‘Say Hello’ tune.

For 2019, the range includes the “Say Hello” Patchwork Activity Mat, which features a colourful print packed with sensory activities for baby top explore. The mat measures 145 x 95cm, so it’s perfect for two babies to play together and the backing is suitable for outdoor use.

The bestselling “Say Hello” Activity Spiral is a multi-sensory toy that encourages baby to look, touch and explore. Designed to fit pushchairs and infant carrier handles, it features bright colours, fascinating patterns, crinkles, peek-a-boo flaps, a squeaker, bell, mirror, pull-and-stick activities and a textured teether.

A perfect impulse-buy, the “Say Hello” Cloud Stroller Toy is an irresistible little cloud with hanging plush raindrops that shimmy when baby pulls the jitter cord.

Tel: 01692 408802

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The innovative Whisbear

Over 100 000 worldwide parents cannot be wrong! Multi-award winning Whisbear® - the Humming Bear is a perfect sleep aid choice.

Whisbear, the Kind + Jugend 2016 Innovation Award Winner, features revolutionary and innovative sound device with CrySensor function, which activates automatically when baby starts crying. How does it work?

After an initial 40 minutes of shushing, when the baby is fast asleep, the shushing sound gently fades away and the device switches to a standby mode. During the standby mode, the device analysis the surrounding sounds and as soon as it recognises baby's cry it switches on automatically for additional 20 minutes. The CRYSensor function can also be switch on omitting the initial 40 minutes of shushing.

The Soft Start function gently switches the device on gradually adjusting the volume to the level it was switched off the last time. The volume can also be manually adjusted to suit the baby's needs.

Whisbear helps with:

  • Smooth transition from pre- to postnatal life 
  • Improving baby’s bedtime routine 
  • Extending sleep time
  • Feeling more rested

Whisbear is:

  • Suitable from birth
  • Washable
  • TUV Rheinland certified
  • OEKO-TEX certified 
  • Filled with hypoallergenic stuffing
  • Available worldwide in 16 countries including USA and Australia 
  • Approved by the Mother and Baby Institute
  • Recommended by the Sleep experts and by the paediatricians
  • Used on maternity wards and recommended by the midwives
  • It is more than just a sleep aid!

Whisbear has been designed to encourage sensory and fine motor development by the use of the three different fabric textures and rustling elements inside paws and ears.

Whisbear design follows safe sleep guidelines, and for that there are magnets sewn in to the Bear paws to safely attach it to the side of the cot, Moses basket, car seat, pram handle or a changing bag.

For more information please contact
and visit

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