Cots, Cribs and Moses Baskets

he latest developments in the product area known as places for baby to sleep are in the area of cribs – specifically those that are designed to be next to mum’s bed.

Of course, it is so much easier to deal with baby during the night if he or she is close. I had a rocking crib for my two and a gentle kick from under the covers sending the thing rocking gently was often enough to send them back to sleep.

However, there can be problems with these cribs. The crib standard requires there to be four sides to the crib. It’s great to be able to open a side so you can slide baby across to you for feeding, but it is ESSENTIAL that the side is replaced when you turn over and go back to sleep. My feeling (try reading some of the reviews on these products) is that many parents leave the side down the whole time. And that can be dangerous!

Thankfully though there are several cribs on the market that can satisfy all mum's needs.

The world of cots carries on as normal. Branding isn't that important and styles and colours come and go. A good choice is necessary, and as has always been the case, displaying room sets appears to push sales not only of cots but also the matching furniture.

Finally, don't forget travel cots. With summer holidays on the agenda, travel cots are important, and we have seen innovation here too. Gone are the days when it took two people five minutes and a university degree in travel cot technology to open and close the thing!

Safe sleeping solutions from HALO

The HALO Bassinest swivel sleeper is perfectly designed to give parent and baby the safest sleep possible each night.

Founded in 1994 by William Schmid, who began researching sleeping environments after the loss of an infant daughter to SIDS, HALO is dedicated to developing products that set new standards for the safety and improved health of sleeping infants, bringing peace of mind to parents.

The Halo Bassinest comes with a height adjustable, swivel base, so baby can be brought up close to mum at any angle, making it easier to lift baby in and out and for safe night time sleeping. The spring-loaded drop side with auto-return means there is no need to tether the bassinest to the mattress, unlike other cribs, offering easy access in and out of bed. The permanent barrier between mum and baby also removes the danger of anything getting into baby’s sleep area, such as adult bedding.

The swivel action and drop side function allows baby to be lifted from the bassinest at a convenient angle, making the HALO bassinest ideal for C-section Mums. Featuring a control panel where you can select gentle vibrations, music, or comforting sounds to sooth baby to sleep, there is also a timer with an alarm and low intensity light for night time feeds.


  • Baby is visible at eye level for easy soothing
  • Moves away so access in and out of bed is easy
  • Mesh walls provide maximum breathability
  • Side wall lowers to tending to baby is easy
  • Swivels 360 degrees to bring baby close for safe sleep and to help mum get out of bed
  • The stable base adjusts to fit most beds and tucks under the bed to save space
  • Two generous storage pockets
  • Available in a choice of two patterns - Harmony Circles or Classic Damask

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Space-age technology in a travel cot

If you haven’t already heard the buzz surrounding Spacecot, where have you been? After the initial success of its launch with Hippychick, Spacecot have expanded their offering with a brand new Silver colour option.

Inspired by the way satellites unfurl thousands of miles above the Earth; Spacecot can be opened in one and closed in just three seconds. Its compact fold is perfect for using both at home and while away, and a handy travel bag is included. Spacecot even comes with a detachable crib layer, making it suitable from birth.

Recently launched in store and online at John Lewis, and online at Mothercare, SpaceCot have currently got an exciting opportunity for all fans – they are inviting customers to invest in their future for as little as £10! SpaceCot have just launched another round of Crowdfunding, a success throughout its development stage.

For more information about Spacecot, please visit or call 01278 434440

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The new Oyster Snuggle Bed

New from BabyStyle and available from September is the multi-functional Oyster Snuggle Bed, available in three colours, silver, beige and tungsten with an RRP of £149.

The Oyster Snuggle Bed can be used as a stand-alone cot or as a safe co-sleeper when its large window enables the parents to see the baby.

The Snuggle Bed is adjustable to five different heights and can be tilted to aid with reflux and other conditions.

An optional carry bag makes it ideal for overnight visits, weekends away and holidays and an insect net is also available as an optional extra.

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Cot options brought to you by NSA

Available through NSA, is the award winning BabyBay Bedside Cot widely recommended by midwives and HCPs.

It is compatible with most different styles of bed and is sturdy, fully height adjustable and provides all the benefits of a co-sleeping environment without any of the associated risks.

The full BabyBay collection includes: BabyBay Convertible which adapts and grows with the child to meet their changing needs, BabyBay Maxi for Twins, BabyBay Boxspring for high divan beds and Trend. Find out more here.

Contact NSA full information on both brands or 01483 527799 or

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Dream and Play with hauck

Sweet dreams wherever they are, hauck offer a range of easy to assemble lightweight travel cots which are the perfect solution for holidays, trips to grandparents or for use at home.

For little dreamers, the Dreamer is a bassinet, cradle, or travel bed in one, with soft, plush edging and mattress cover. There is a pocket for storing essentials and a large viewing window. As a cradle, it rocks gently or can be kept static by twisting the base of the legs. The Dreamer has a unique one hand fold mechanism, folding mattress and frame exactly in half using a loop in the middle of the mattress. The loop acts as a carrying handle and weighing in at 6.5 kg this is a ‘must have’ travel item.

Next, we have the Sleep’n Play Sq: At 96 x 96 cm this can be used either as a bed or a play area. With two full mesh sides and two half mesh sides you can see what little one is doing and they can see what’s going on around them. The solid half sides feature a cute ‘Jungle Fun’ design.

Finally, we have the Sleep’n Play Centre II: A traditional travel cot with two solid end panels and two large mesh window panels. Added features are a bassinette for newborns and a changing station, both can be removed when not in use. Sits on a stylish curved aluminium frame.

Tel: 01978 664362

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Shnuggle launches the new Dreami

Dreami by Shnuggle is a clever baby sleeper that is ideal for baby’s first bed.

With a ventilated base and soft cotton facing breathable 3D mesh fabric, the Dreami is designed to promote airflow into baby’s sleeping space and offer complete comfort.

With a modern outer shell, Dreami can also be completely cleaned and sterilised and is perfect for storing ready for baby number 2! Also, in using whisper quiet materials, there is less disturbance to baby during night feeds and changing and also if baby moves during sleep. Being portable, the Shnuggle Dreami offers great flexibility and no need to buy multiple items. It’s light and easy to move – keeping baby close twenty-four hours a day.

Dreami comes with a Curve Stand which has three functions – firstly a fixed raised level which is great for placing beside the parent bed, then flip the stand to create a low-level rocker – great for day napping and soothing and finally the folded position for storage and travel.

New for 2017 is the ‘Slate Grey’ Dreami - a move away from the softer shades of nursery interiors and features a darker shade shell which is more in line with interior and design led trends coming through into the nursery space. The Slate Grey Dreami also comes with premium white leather handles for greater durability.

The Dreami has been designed with design, safety and functionality in mind and is the perfect choice for baby’s first bed.

For enquiries, please email

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AIRWRAP™ - Cot bumper alternative

Australian brand AIRWRAP™ are the market leader in breathable cot bumper alternatives, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment for baby.

Airwrap forms a padded, protective layer inside the cot to keep arms, legs, pacifiers and favourite toys safely inside and protects baby against bumps and knocks for improved comfort, peace of mind and a better night’s sleep for parents and babies.

Unlike traditional cot bumpers and many other alternatives, Airwrap has been engineered with vented corners and superior fit to ensure maximum airflow into the cot in addition to using breathable materials.

Each panel is made from a bouncy mesh core encased in 100% cotton muslin, so it’s completely breathable with a natural feel and finish. Along with breathability, the mesh core material has been specially selected for its squishy qualities. If stood on, it will squash down and spring back into shape afterwards, so it can’t be used by infants to climb out of their cot.

Airwrap designers measured hundreds of baby beds during development to ensure maximum adjustability and compatibility with most cots and cot beds on the market, plus secure Velcro fastenings ensure no loose, sagging fabric or dangling bumper ties!

Available in blue stars, pink stars or silver stars or white mesh (white mesh supplied without cotton muslin outer).

Find out why Airwrap is the UK and Australia’s No. 1 breathable bumper solution, call Kooltrade Sales on 0161 335 2500 or email

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Inovi Cocoon Bassinet/Crib

Compact and lightweight for use at home as an alternative to a moses basket or when travelling, the Inovi Cocoon provides a safe and secure sleeping environment for baby.

Suitable from birth up to approximately six months old, and weighing just 3.7kg, this stand-alone crib/bassinet makes a stylish, contemporary alternative to a moses basket whilst also functioning as a travel crib. It features a removable mesh canopy that protects from mosquitos, wasps and other flying insects plus lightweight falling objects. It also acts as a deterrent to curious pets.

Transparent and breathable, the mesh panels encourage air circulation to the crib whilst allowing an eye to be kept on baby. Suitable for overnight sleeping, the Cocoon has a cosy mattress with washable covers, providing baby with maximum support and comfort. Its four locking joints, safety catch and stabilising mattress base ensure it stands firmly on the ground.

The stylish Cocoon folds compact and complies with international aviation standards (IATA) so that it can be carried onto a plane as hand luggage or stowed in overhead locker compartments.

The Inovi Cocoon is available in three colourways: Beige and our new colourway Grey.

Please contact our sales team on 0161 335 2500 or email

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SnüzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib

The SnüzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib, is the multi award-winning product from innovative sleep brand Snüz.

With multiple awards to its name including a Mother & Baby Gold accolade and two wins from the Babycentre’s ‘Mum Picks’ awards, celebrity fans including Giovanna Fletcher, Samia Ghadie and Sam Faiers, and faultless reviews from the UK’s leading parenting and lifestyle bloggers, it is no surprise the SnüzPod remains at the forefront of the bedside crib market.

The innovative bedside crib is suitable from birth to six months and has been designed with lots of clever features to make the first six months easier. SnüzPod attaches to the parents' bed allowing them to be close to baby to feed, comfort and settle without leaving the bed. The unique zip-down mesh wall provides parents with easy access to baby without having to leave the bed, and can then be simply zipped back up to create a safe sleeping space for baby.

Not just a bedside crib, the 3 in 1 product can also be used as a rockable stand-alone crib, and during the day the lift-off bassinet can be removed so baby can nap around the house in their own sleep environment.

The team recently unveiled three new colours, including Putty, Sherbet and Blush, a stylish collection of shades, which are sure to be hugely popular with parents and retailers alike, and will complement Snüz’s signature style and current collection perfectly. There is now a SnüzPod colour to complement every décor style.

To find out more email or call 01386 791049

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The East Coast collection

Offering outstanding quality and thoughtful features, the East Coast collection of cribs, cots and cot beds – along with matching room set pieces – are available in a range of traditional and contemporary styles.

With most babies spending their first six months sleeping in their parents’ room, a baby’s first bed needs to be stylish and practical enough to fit neatly into an adult bedroom. Swinging cribs, such as the East Coast Vienna, make beautiful first beds for new babies. The swinging motion is soothing and the crib features a simple locking device for safety and ease of use.

Once baby moves into their own room, East Coast offer a range of room sets for parents to create the look they want, with the storage solutions they need. By ensuring that their white and antique furniture colour-matches perfectly, customers have the freedom to put together their own room set according to style, space and budget.

For those wanting a complete room set at exceptional value, the Fontana collection is a bestselling range offering quality and style, with its washed-wood appearance.

In a light oak finish with a choice of two handle colours, the Dorset collection is stylish and modern. The cot converts to a toddler bed and becomes a day bed, for a long-lasting product as the child grows.

For a little vintage flair, the Toulouse collection is finished in a soft grey with moulded details and metal handles. The cot bed becomes a dreamy-looking day bed, perfect for when the child outgrows their toddler bed.

Tel: 01692 408802

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