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ore and more of our lives are spent in and around the car. Babies are popped in the car for the journey to the nursery and home again; back again for a short trip to the shops. Bricks and mortar shops are vital as fitting is still an issue.

i-Size is slowly making its presence known with the number of conforming car seats increasing but customers still need the explanations. They also need guidance on the fitting of car seats as too many are still not fitted correctly.

i-Size will also keep babies rearward facing for longer - an important safety issue as well address issues such as side impact and fitting.

Of course, the sale of a car seat is not the end of the matter. In this Spotlight we have highlighted a number of extras that can be bought - most of which a parent will never have thought of, unless you sell them the idea. And they are not only lucrative but also make life easier for the parent!

Such things include:

Extra supportsespecially for a prem baby for whom being slumped in a car seat is definitely not a good idea! Recent research has shown that the baby’s blood oxygen levels can fall to alarmingly low levels after relatively short times. Sometimes these extra supports are not an optional extra but vital for baby’s wellbeing.

Car seat protectors - to preserve the fabric of the car seat not only from the weight of the child's car seat but also from dirty shoes and dropped food

Sunscreens - the sun can be quite fierce, and baby's skin is very delicate so a shade is essential

Toys - let's face it: long journeys are boring, so something to entertain baby is important. The toys need to be attached as you can't play 'pick up' on the motorway, and safe - anything even slightly sharp can be a killer in an accident.

Footmuffs and Sleeping bags - baby needs to be kept warm in the car and even warmer when taken out of the car. It can be difficult to keep a blanket in place and other items of clothing can cause the baby to overheat or prevent the use of the shoulder straps. However, there are a number of wraps which can simply, easily and safely be used in the car. A raincover is important to stop them getting wet while out of the car.

Mirrors - the safest place for a car seat is in the middle of the back seat of the car. However, if a parent cannot see baby, then they can be distracted and cause the accident! Some mirrors reflect baby in a rear facing seat into the normal car mirror. Other types can be angled so that the driver can see a toddler in the back seat without having to turn around.

Red Castle’s Babynomade - the must-have multi-use baby blanket

Red Castle’s Babynomade is an essential travel accessory for parents with babies 0-12 months. This super soft, multi-use baby blanket will keep little one snug as a bug, whether in a car seat, carrycot, stroller or simply in their parent’s arms.

Its sleeveless, enveloping design features a hood to keep baby’s head warm and its Velcro side-flaps wrap over the body to prevent it coming undone, whilst keeping baby completely comfortable and secure. This leaves two little ‘pockets’ that are perfect for tiny feet.

The rear-harness slots also provide the added safety of fitting a harness snugly, so it’s perfect for parents taking their newborn home straight from hospital, because it can be used with in a car seat or stroller and also prevents the need for a coat or additional layer of clothing.

PLUS, its inner waist belt and Velcro closing means that it won’t keep coming undone. Available in rain resistant fabric and including the warmth of synthetic fur lining, Red Castle’s Babynomade is a must have for any season.

Available in four ranges (Fleur de Coton Lightweight, Single Fleece, Double Fleece and waterproof) and two sizes; 0-6 months and 6-12 months (RRP: £35- £55) this perfectly practical blanket makes it super easy for parents to wrap their baby up quickly and easily.

Features and benefits:

  • Enveloping hood allows bay to be swaddled easily.
  • Rear harness slots making it car seat and stroller compatible.
  • Inner waist band
  • Velcro closure
  • Reversable zip closure
  • Two side flaps to open wide

Trade Enquiries contact: Natalie Jackson

For more information, please visit

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The evolution of a classic! Britax Römer unveils striking new design for the DUALFIX² R

Following the popularity of the classic rotating car seat DUALFIX, Britax Römer are proud to introduce one of their latest innovations, with the DUALFIX² R.

Britax Römer are renowned for providing unprecedented safety standards, offering optimum comfort, quality and a sleek and sophisticated design, the DUALFIX² R rotating car seat is no exception.

Keeping precious cargo safe

Suitable from birth to 18 kg, DUALFIX² R delivers proven safety features including the robust 5-point harness with soft chest pads. Furthermore the patented Pivot Link ISOFIX System protects the child’s delicate head and neck. Like all Britax Römer car seats, DUALFIX² R is equipped with deep, softly padded sidewings to protect the child from side impact collisions by acting as a protective cocoon.

The DUALFIX² R has been developed in Germany and tested according to Britax Römer’s own strict internal testing protocols.

Providing comfort and quality to parents and children alike

Placing and harnessing an energetic child into a car seat can be a tiresome and strenuous job for parents. That’s where Britax Römer rotating car seats can provide assistance in reducing physical effort and enabling easy entry when placing a child in their seat. The new DUALFIX² R from Britax Römer, has received an update in both design and usability from the classic DUALFIX.

The shorter rebound bar enables DUALFIX² R to be rotated by parents in every recline position. Furthermore, with the press of one button, the car seat rotating function unlocks and can be turned toward the open vehicle door.

Approved to ECE R44/04 DUALFIX² R is installed with ISOFIX and support leg. The DUALFIX² R comes in a sleek black shell and is available in a variety of colour options from June 2019.

For more information please speak with your Britax Römer Representative.

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My Buggy Buddy award-winning sunshade

This multi award winning sunshade is a perfect add on sales accessory for retailers whilst selling car seats or prams.

This unique shade has won a top Baby and Nursery award as the best travel product and is pretty ingenious.

A must have multi-functional accessory for all parents

This sunshade can be used in the car or on a pram and folds down nicely to be carried in a bag and for holidays.

With a sun protection factor of UPF 50+ (the best you can get) it can be clipped on to the hood or frame of the pram to offer shade baby or toddler where it’s needed.

Alternatively, it can offer protection in the car window if clipped on the grab handle inside the car.

This is one of our most popular sellers and a genuinely useful product. Independently safety tested.

For more information visit or email or call 01702 481220

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5 Point Plus celebrates 10 years

A big THANK YOU is in order for the hundreds of people within the nursery industry from the UK, Europe and the Far East that have helped make 5 Point Plus Anti Escape System a success.

In particular, I would like to remember the late Paul van Wetten, a giant in the industry. Their support has helped improve the safety of children and reduce driver distraction arising from escaping toddlers.

The child car seat industry has changed significantly over the past 10 years. One change for the good is the wider recognition that child car seat misuse is not just a parenting problem, but one that can be reduced by better designed child car seats.

Our key milestones can be summarised as follows:

  • Demonstrated prototype at Olympia and Cologne in 2010
  • Winner, Baby Product Association Innovation Award 2010
  • Launched 5 Point Plus in 2011
  • Winner, Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2011
  • Generated attention on the misuse of child car seats with regulators, car seat manufacturers and research institutions
  • Listings in Independent and National retailers around the world, including China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Russia
  • Worked with F1 team to identify technology transfer opportunities from race track to child car seats
  • Patents granted
  • Cosatto licence 5 Point Plus Anti Escape System for their child car seats

Kind + Jugend 2019 will see the launch of a range safety products to complement the Anti Escape System.

If you would like to know more then please contact Richard Knight on either Tel: 0121 286 8004 or by email for further information

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Versatile car seats from Hauck

First the ‘iPro Series’ car seats – ‘iPro Baby’ and ‘iPro Kids’ – both are tested to i‘Size safety standards combining years of safe, comfortable travel for every child.

The ‘iPro Baby’ seat is one of the few iSize seats on the market that can be used as a travel system. For babies 40-85 cm in height it has excellent side impact protection along with adjustable side pads and a removable newborn insert. It can be used with a standard car safety belt.

The ‘iPro Kids’ seat has a height range of 40-105 cm. With a one-hand recline mechanism and seven adjustable headrest positions it also includes a removable newborn insert. When a child reaches approx. 75 cm in height the ‘iPro Kids’ can be used as a forward-facing seat.

For a ‘mix + match’ system, both fit the ISOFIX ‘iPro Base’ with its easy click system, height adjustable support leg and locking indicators for a correct fit

Our ‘Comfort Fix’ car seat is the best value isofix seat there is. Suitable for 0-13 kg it can be used with a standard car safety belt or with the ‘Comfort Fix isofix base’.

The ‘iPro Baby’ and ‘Comfort Fix’ car seats fit most Hauck strollers without adapters. However using the ‘iPro universal adapter’ these car seats will fit on any stroller which uses ‘MaxiCosi’ attachments.

Tel: 01978 664362

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Award-winning Seat Back Organiser from Clippasafe keeps car journeys stress-free

The Seat Back Organiser from Clippasafe is a must-have for parents that take their children on car journeys and want to keep them entertained. Parents agree as it has scooped a Gold Award from parent testing organisation, Bizziebaby.

Great for short commutes and perfect for helping to keep kids occupied on longer trips; the organiser features straps that attach it easily to the front seat. It has pouches to keep items like toys, books and snacks in, plus an iPad viewing compartment so children can have their very own seat back TV!

One tester who tested the Seat Back Organiser praised the usability and convenience of the product: “This is a brilliant product, especially for long trips! My daughter really enjoys watching films when we have to do long haul trips to family, so this is perfect and also fits her drinking bottles in. Well worth the money!”

Another tester went on to say: “It’s very good quality and made the car a much tidier place which put a huge smile on my fiance’s face. A place to store car toys, snack, drink and spare nappies and wipes. The tablet pocket makes longer journeys more bearable. This was great value for money!”

Roger Cheetham, Managing Director of Clippasafe, says - “We’re always responding to a need for not only safety products, but also those aimed at making parents’ lives easier and less stressful. We see our range as a one-stop shop for child safety and parental convenience.”

Clippasafe’s Seat Back Organiser retails at £11.99

0115 9211 899

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