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ore and more of our lives are spent in and around the car. Babies are popped in the car for the journey to the nursery and home again; back again for a short trip to the shops. Bricks and mortar shops are vital as fitting is still an issue.

i-Size is slowly making its presence known with the number of conforming car seats increasing but customers still need the explanations. They also need guidance on the fitting of car seats as too many are still not fitted correctly.

i-Size will also keep babies rearward facing for longer - an important safety issue as well address issues such as side impact and fitting.

Of course, the sale of a car seat is not the end of the matter. In this Spotlight we have highlighted a number of extras that can be bought - most of which a parent will never have thought of, unless you sell them the idea. And they are not only lucrative but also make life easier for the parent!

Such things include:

Extra supportsespecially for a prem baby for whom being slumped in a car seat is definitely not a good idea! Recent research has shown that the baby’s blood oxygen levels can fall to alarmingly low levels after relatively short times. Sometimes these extra supports are not an optional extra but vital for baby’s wellbeing.

Car seat protectors - to preserve the fabric of the car seat not only from the weight of the child's car seat but also from dirty shoes and dropped food

Sunscreens - the sun can be quite fierce, and baby's skin is very delicate so a shade is essential

Toys - let's face it: long journeys are boring, so something to entertain baby is important. The toys need to be attached as you can't play 'pick up' on the motorway, and safe - anything even slightly sharp can be a killer in an accident.

Footmuffs and Sleeping bags - baby needs to be kept warm in the car and even warmer when taken out of the car. It can be difficult to keep a blanket in place and other items of clothing can cause the baby to overheat or prevent the use of the shoulder straps. However, there are a number of wraps which can simply, easily and safely be used in the car. A raincover is important to stop them getting wet while out of the car.

Mirrors - the safest place for a car seat is in the middle of the back seat of the car. However, if a parent cannot see baby, then they can be distracted and cause the accident! Some mirrors reflect baby in a rear facing seat into the normal car mirror. Other types can be angled so that the driver can see a toddler in the back seat without having to turn around.

Supporting children with BeltUpp

A fantastic, affordable and practical addition to any car seat, BeltUpp keeps children supported and seated upright at all times while in the car.

At about four years old, children will be in a group 2 or 3 car seat, also known as a high back booster. At this stage they lose the comfort and support of a 5-point harness and a simple seatbelt is considered sufficient.

As many parents have spotted, this causes children to fall sideways and slump forwards once asleep. BeltUpp is an easy to use belt and buckle set, fully tested to ECE R44/04 and TRL car-seat regulations. Designed to prevent children falling forwards or leaning to the side whilst in the car, parents can rest assured that with BeltUpp, little ones are comfortable, safe and upright at all times. With everything you need included in the handy pack, BeltUpp takes no longer than a minute to attach to any existing car seat, and even better, requires no tools!

Belt Upp is the ideal accessory for any car journey, from a quick trip to the supermarket through to a two-hour trip to the seaside – a truly revolutionary product tackling an everyday and all too common worry.
01730 895761

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Award-winning Seat Back Organiser from Clippasafe keeps car journeys stress-free

The Seat Back Organiser from Clippasafe is a must-have for parents that take their children on car journeys and want to keep them entertained. Parents agree as it has scooped a Gold Award from parent testing organisation, Bizziebaby.

Great for short commutes and perfect for helping to keep kids occupied on longer trips; the organiser features straps that attach it easily to the front seat. It has pouches to keep items like toys, books and snacks in, plus an iPad viewing compartment so children can have their very own seat back TV!

One tester who tested the Seat Back Organiser praised the usability and convenience of the product: “This is a brilliant product, especially for long trips! My daughter really enjoys watching films when we have to do long haul trips to family, so this is perfect and also fits her drinking bottles in. Well worth the money!”

Another tester went on to say: “It’s very good quality and made the car a much tidier place which put a huge smile on my fiance’s face. A place to store car toys, snack, drink and spare nappies and wipes. The tablet pocket makes longer journeys more bearable. This was great value for money!”

Roger Cheetham, Managing Director of Clippasafe, says - “We’re always responding to a need for not only safety products, but also those aimed at making parents’ lives easier and less stressful. We see our range as a one-stop shop for child safety and parental convenience.”

Clippasafe’s Seat Back Organiser retails at £11.99

0115 9211 899

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Discover the growing i-Size family from Britax Römer

Britax Römer has a range of award-winning products to ensure safety in the car all through a baby’s growth.

Start safely with the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE

The BABY-SAFE i-SIZE conforms to the car seat regulation ECE R129 (i-Size) and is suitable from birth to 83cm. The BABY-SAFE i-SIZE has a newborn insert for extra support offering energy absorption in case of an impact. The insert can be removed and the height of the headrest adjusted, allowing for more space as baby grows.

  • Room to grow – suitable from birth to 15 months
  • Unique lie-flat technology 
  • Adjustable for newborn safety and comfort

The journey continues with the TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE

Made in Germany and designed with Britax Römer’s renowned crash testing capabilities, it is based on the award-winning TRIFIX platform. The seat conforms to the ECE R129/01 car seat regulation (i-Size) and is suitable from 76-105cm (15 months to approx. 4 years), making it the perfect follow up to the popular BABY-SAFE i-SIZE.

  • Safe and easy installation every time 
  • All-round protection for children
  • Comfort uncompromised 
  • Made with care

Premium safety and comfort from birth to 4 years with the DUALFIX i-SIZE

Providing the ultimate luxury of comfort to both parents and children alike, the new 360 degree rotatable car seat with ISOFIX is suitable from birth cm to 105 cm (birth – 4 years). Featuring major advancements in comfort, safety and design, the car seat is Made in Germany and is Britax Römer’s most premium product to date.

The DUALFIX i-SIZE was designed with Britax Römer’s renowned crash testing capabilities and adheres to the ECE R129 (i-Size) regulation, as well as the company’s stricter, internal safety standards.

The stylish product comes in a sleek black shell with a shape reminiscent of Britax Römer’s popular, multi-award winning DUALFIX.

  • Superior Quality
  • Four Years, 200 Weeks and 1,500 Days of Comfort
  • All-around safety

For more information please speak with your Britax Representative.

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mifold, the Grab-and-Go child restraint is seeing a greater understanding by retailers and consumers alike, of the uses and functions this highly portable car safety restraint has to offer parents and their kids on-the-go.

Together with its unique features of being mighty small and mighty strong, mifold acts as a seat belt adjuster, pulling the adult seat belt down to fit the child correctly on the collar bones and hip bones. Using mifold is now recognised as the only alternative to strapping an adult seat belt on a child when their regular car seat is unavailable, and is even being used as an everyday car seat for those older kids who no longer want to look babyish in their regular car seat.

mifold is rapidly becoming a part of the family of car seats in households across the UK, with more and more retailers successfully offering a mifold or two to their customers with children aged 4 to 12.

Approved in accordance with ECE R44.04 regulations for child restraints, mifold is engineered with Super Tough™ plastic polymers and aircraft grade aluminium for unrivalled durability.

Advanced, compact and portable, mifold is for every child, in every car, on every journey, every time!

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Car accessory essentials from Prince Lionheart

Stylish – Functional – Practical – Durable. Protect car upholstery and keep everything in its place with the comprehensive range of car accessories from Prince Lionheart: Family Owned Since 1973.

Be organised on-the-go with the Prince Lionheart Travel Organiser: easy adjustable inner compartments, insulated drink holders and six side pockets with rear anchors to prevent sliding. The Travel Organiser holds all the bits and pieces which children like to have near on long journeys.

Snack and play on-the-go with the Prince Lionheart Travel Tray: for planes, trains automobiles (and pushchairs too!).

Protect baby from direct sunlight and UV rays with the Prince Lionheart rolled SUNSHADE Kit. Clings to any window to provide an instant tinting with the added benefit of being able to open/close window whilst sunshade is in place!

The long-standing favourites live on: 2 stage® seatSAVER® (protects from every day litter and crumbs and also from the compression damage caused by infant and booster seats). Baby viewMIRROR, is a must for parents to safely keep an eye on what’s going on in the back without having to turn around whilst driving; the Backseat kickMAT: protects back of seats from muddy shoes.

Contact us on 020 8997 7054 or at, for further information.

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Make journeys easier with Taf Toys stylish car toys

As part of the Easier Parenting collection at Taf Toys we aim to take the stress out of travelling and believe that the key to a smooth car journey is a calm and happy baby.

This is why our range of car toys offer plenty of easy-to-reach play activities and beautifully composed music that will help keep baby entertained throughout the ride.

Alongside trusted favourites such as the Car Wheel Toy, Taf Toys are proud to introduce two new adjustable rear facing car seat toys: a Penguin themed take on the popular Play & Kick which comes with a unique remote control allowing parents to switch between soothing and playtime light & sound modes, and a brand new Feet Fun Car Toy. With its high-contrast, stimulating roller pad, the Taf Toys Feet Fun Car Toy provides a soothing sensation against the soles of baby’s feet whilst the dangling toys and baby-safe mirror entertain and provide companionship throughout the journey.

With the new i-size regulations now in force, there has never been a better time to offer parents the gift of a calm, stress free journey through Taf Toys’ specially designed car toys.

Please contact Halilit on 01254 872454 or

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Wow! That's clever!

Mum ‘SparklewithKerry’ says "This amazing 3 in 1 All Weather Protector by Travel Essentials is a fabulous bit of kit.

It’s a foldaway and pop up cover for the car seat attachment on the pram. It’s super easy to assemble and fit – essential when bad weather strikes."

There are small windows on all sides so parents can see baby and they can see their parents. It’s also great for babies to be able to have a look around whilst on the move. These windows also double up as mosquito nets – perfect for travelling.

There’s a velcroed top opening so the car seat handle can easily be grasped, without having to remove the cover.

When the weather improves, the window at the front can be opened. This is especially handy if there’s a break in rain, or baby needs attending to. The 3-in-1 All Weather Protector also has a brilliant splash proof rain cover. This just zips away when not required.

This ingenious product is neatly packaged and will sell like hot cakes in your store. Feature it as a ‘must have’ essential at a great price point of £20.00 RRP!

Fits over most infant car seats, UV protection ensures 50% of the sun’s harmful rays are blocked.

Contact NSAuk for trade prices on minimum and quantity orders on 01483 527799 or

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