Bibetta UltraBibs™- still the ultimate feeding bibs!

Neoprene has it all! Stretchy, springy, easy clean and super-durable! 10 years on Bibetta’s UltraBibs™ are still regarded as the best all-round feeding bibs by our customers.

  • Using surfer’s wetsuit material, neoprene, makes perfect sense!
  • It is waterproof, so kids stay completely clean and dry.
  • It is stretchy; children love the soft, friendly feel.
  • Neoprene is very durable, so parents get a long lasting bib.

  • Our cool, contemporary animal prints are in fun, bright colours which never fade and are almost stain proof, so will look fabulous for years!

    All our neoprene bibs have a clever, flip-out, squashy pocket which always springs back into shape. Kids love to eat food out of the soft, friendly feel pocket; great for baby led weaning.

    Bibetta’s Sleeved UltraBibs™ have a unique body shape which fits young children perfectly and has triple layer, waterproof sleeves for ultimate protection.

    Our Super Soft Dribble Bibs™ are unbeatable for smart style and truly effective dribble busting! They have a pleated front to catch lots of liquid, a micro-fibre fabric for super-fast absorption and a PUL backing for real protection from wetness.

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