Morrganic Baby Hoodie

The Morrganic™ Baby Hoodie from Morrck. The ultimate travel wrap made from natural colour organic cotton

The Morrck Morrganic™ Baby Hoodie is the solution all parents have been searching for when travelling with baby, whether it’s a trip to the shops or a trek round the Lakes, doing away with the time consuming and often frustrating business of getting wriggling arms and legs into coats and snowsuits and then having to take them off again, sometimes trying not to wake baby.

Available in 2 sizes and suitable from birth the Morrck Morrganic™ Baby Hoodie is a stylish, hooded travel wrap that is simply placed in a child safety seat or pushchair and baby is then easily wrapped up and tucked in. And it’s just as easy to unwrap them once the car warms up and when you reach your destination. With all seams concealed the Baby Hoodie is soft and cuddly on both sides and is fully reversible.

The size 2 hoodie fits stage 1 car seats extending its use in a car seat to around 18 months and even longer when used simply as a car seat liner.

Made in the UK from two layers of natural colour organic cotton filled with light hypo allergenic polyester wadding the Morrganic™ Hoodie is warm and snug, keeping body heat in and allowing baby’s skin to breathe. The large, stitched button holes make feeding through and three or five point harness easy, and its deer stalker style hood ensures that baby’s forehead, ears and neck are fully protected.

Natural colour cotton is the benchmark of quality assurance for naturally pigmented cotton fibre that grows in shades of brown, green and beige. Organically grown it leaves no environmental footprint. The whole process, from planting through growing and spinning uses no dyes or toxic or harmful substances, making it 100% pure and natural, creating a beautiful, breathable fabric with a soft delicate feel.

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