Supporting children with BeltUpp

A fantastic, affordable and practical addition to any car seat, BeltUpp keeps children supported and seated upright at all times while in the car.

At about four years old, children will be in a group 2 or 3 car seat, also known as a high back booster. At this stage they lose the comfort and support of a 5-point harness and a simple seatbelt is considered sufficient.

As many parents have spotted, this causes children to fall sideways and slump forwards once asleep. BeltUpp is an easy to use belt and buckle set, fully tested to ECE R44/04 and TRL car-seat regulations. Designed to prevent children falling forwards or leaning to the side whilst in the car, parents can rest assured that with BeltUpp, little ones are comfortable, safe and upright at all times. With everything you need included in the handy pack, BeltUpp takes no longer than a minute to attach to any existing car seat, and even better, requires no tools!

BeltUpp is the ideal accessory for any car journey, from a quick trip to the supermarket through to a two-hour trip to the seaside – a truly revolutionary product tackling an everyday and all too common worry.
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