Car accessory essentials from Prince Lionheart

Stylish – Functional – Practical – Durable. Protect car upholstery and keep everything in its place with the comprehensive range of car accessories from Prince Lionheart: Family Owned Since 1973.

Be organised on-the-go with the Prince Lionheart Travel Organiser: easy adjustable inner compartments, insulated drink holders and six side pockets with rear anchors to prevent sliding. The Travel Organiser holds all the bits and pieces which children like to have near on long journeys.

Snack and play on-the-go with the Prince Lionheart Travel Tray: for planes, trains automobiles (and pushchairs too!).

Protect baby from direct sunlight and UV rays with the Prince Lionheart rolled SUNSHADE Kit. Clings to any window to provide an instant tinting with the added benefit of being able to open/close window whilst sunshade is in place!

The long-standing favourites live on: 2 stage® seatSAVER® (protects from every day litter and crumbs and also from the compression damage caused by infant and booster seats). Baby viewMIRROR, is a must for parents to safely keep an eye on what’s going on in the back without having to turn around whilst driving; the Backseat kickMAT: protects back of seats from muddy shoes.

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