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Every day of the year, 22 children (aged 1-4) are admitted to UK hospitals to have a decayed tooth removed, which equates to 26,111 children per year*.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to look after children’s gums and teeth as soon as possible and Brush-Baby, widely recognised as a leader in children’s oral hygiene products and advice can help.

Brush Baby have now introduced Transitional Teethers for babies from three months. Launching this autumn, this range of unique Transitional Teethers are designed to help babies (and parents) to transition from soother to teether, replacing the sucking action and encouraging chewing, soothing gums and keeping new teeth clean. Front Ease Teethers are for gums and front teeth; Molar Munch for gums, side and back teeth and Cool & Calm for gums and all teeth.

Flossing is essential for cleaning places that a normal toothbrush cannot reach, and yes, baby teeth need to be flossed too! The First FlossBrush for babies and children aged 0-3 years, is the first of its kind on the dental market as it caters for tiny baby mouths and the dexterity of a parent’s hand.

SmileStones Club
Passionate about helping parents provide the best care for little ones’ gums and teeth, Brush-Baby has recently introduced its SmileStones Club. The free-to-join Club, ( sends money-off coupons, expert timely advice at the important stages of a child’s dental development - from pre-teething, through the tricky teething stage and onto a full set of adult teeth.

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Source: *NHS Digital September 2018

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