Safety from Dreambaby®

Dreambaby® has a trio of products to make baby's - and parents' - life in the home just that little bit safer.

Breeze-Guard Keyless Window Restrictor (code F928)
In the UK, falls are the most common type of accident in the home, accounting for 44% of all childhood injuries. About 10 children in the UK die each year as a result of falling from balconies, windows and stairs. (2015 In response to the sad reality, Dreambaby® has expanded its range of window safety products to include the Breezz-Safe® Window Restrictor. Ideal for wood, aluminium, plastic framed, sliding, sash or inward/outward opening windows, the Breezz-Safe® Window Restrictor is designed to limit the opening of a window, whilst still allowing fresh air to flow through. Patent Pending. RRP £7.99

Dreambaby® Hinged Furniture Anchor (code F1428)
This heavy-duty anchor is just the thing to help stop a range of tall and heavy furniture from tipping over including bookcases and display cabinets and can even be used in earthquake and cyclone conditions. Furniture these days is made with all the detailing at the front while the back can be quite flimsy so its simple physics that heavy furniture can fall over. Remember to install the Hinged Furniture Anchors precisely as per the instructions into a solid part of the furniture and a solid part of the wall. Patent Pending. RRP £8.99

Twist ’N Lock Multi-Purpose Latch™ (code F1432)
This newly-launched Patent Pending latch comes is both flexible and adjustable. It has a two phase opening. First you turn the dial to unlocked and then you squeeze the side buttons together to open. It can be used on a huge variety of appliances including refrigerators, microwaves and toilets as well as on cupboards and drawers throughout the home making it a versatile must-have. Designed in white and white/grey it blends perfectly with contemporary decor. RRP £5.49

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