Clever and convenient stroller accessories from Clippasafe

Every parent knows the struggle of battling with shopping bags and a pushchair. Clippasafe’s new Big Bag Clip is a fully enclosed loop-style bag holder made from strong but light aluminium.

They open and close and provide a sturdier option to traditional plastic bag hooks. Once attached to the stroller handle, you can simply leave it there and if kept closed, will not come off or be misplaced.

For drinks on the go, the Stroller Cup Holder is perfect for storing a bottle for baby or a can of soft drink or takeaway cup of coffee for parents while walking with the buggy. Easily attached and removed, parents can keep their hands free and concentrate on steering the stroller and keeping an eye on their little one. What’s more, the clever, self-levelling design swings freely with gravity to keep drinks upright.

Roger Cheetham, Managing Director of Clippasafe, says: “We’re always responding to a need for not only safety products, but also those aimed at making parents’ lives easier and less stressful. We see our range as a one-stop shop for child safety and parental convenience.”

Clippasafe’s Big Bag Clip retails at £5.49
Clippasafe’s Stroller Cup Holder retails at £6.99

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